Democratic Boycott Grows As Patrick Leahy Is the 2nd Senator To Skip Netanyahu Speech

leahy and sanders boycott netanyahu speech

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) announced today that he would not be attending Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. Leahy referred to the speech as an embarrassment to Israel and the Congress.

In a statement, Sen. Leahy said, “The unfortunate way that House leaders have unilaterally arranged this, and then heavily politicized it, has demolished the potential constructive value of this Joint Meeting. They have orchestrated a tawdry and high-handed stunt that has embarrassed not only Israel but the Congress itself. It has long been an unwritten rule and practice through the decades that when it comes to American foreign policy, we speak and act thoughtfully, with one voice when we can, with the national interests of the United States as our uppermost consideration, and with caution about the unintended consequences of unilateral actions like this. They have diminished that valuable precedent.”

Leahy and Bernie Sanders are the first two senators to announce that they would be skipping Netanyahu’s speech. Sen. Leahy has been in the Senate since 1975 and is the nation’s longest-serving senator. The boycott of Netanyahu’s speech is growing among congressional Democrats.

The speech is a scam, a farce, and a total waste of time. Sen. Bernie Sanders explained on CNN why it was wrong for Republicans to give a foreign leader a platform to rip the President Of The United States. Sen. Leahy was correct. Americans should speak with one voice when they can on foreign policy.

Republicans are projecting an image of disrespect and hatred for the sitting president to the entire world. Republicans are engaging in an unprecedented campaign to undermine President Obama. What John Boehner is doing is wrong. Netanyahu was wrong to accept the invitation to speak. The Netanyahu speech is a combination campaign stop/publicity stunt.

Real patriots are speaking out against the Netanyahu speech because servants of the people should not be actively working to undermine the nation’s Commander in Chief.

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11 Replies to “Democratic Boycott Grows As Patrick Leahy Is the 2nd Senator To Skip Netanyahu Speech”

  1. Total agree with Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy!! Disgusted with this I believe act from the Republicans!!! So not The American way!!! Outraged is putting it mildly!

  2. While the RW thinks it can outwit the President, they don’t see how they have destroyed the rather reflexive support for Israel that has been present for decades. By disrespecting the protocols and the President, they just ended huge amounts of support for Israel from Jews, from Democrats, from Americans. Now people will be watching why it is that Israel links itself to the most extremist RW faux Christians and secular zealots. They did not take the long view – they just killed both the good will and the fearful kowtowing from Dems everywhere. AIPAC is dead – you can’t threaten reprisals when US Jews overall are disgusted, too. Very poor planning, and it’s about time that the phonies were outed. They did it to themselves.

  3. And for those Democrats and Republicans who don’t boycott the speech we know they are on Israel’s pay roll. The only way that this war monger country is going to be stopped is to stop supporting them. Maybe they can get Romney to fill in for the people who boycott the speech.

  4. As one of those disgusted US Jews, I wish you were right. But newspapers are now reporting that a vast majority of Jewish Congressmen, no doubt fearful of Republican/Netanyahu/Adelson smear campaigns, have announced that they will attend Netanyahu’s speech.
    The Jewish public, unfortunately, doesn’t matter. This is a litmus test to see whether the Republicans can control Congressional Dems through Adelson/Netanyahu even when openly announcing their intent to do so… and tragically, it looks like the answer is yes.

  5. Well, Sens. Brian Schatz and Bernie Sanders are going to skip Netanyahu.

    So that’s almost 20% of all the Jewish senators in the 114th Congress.

  6. Any member of the House or Senate who attends this address to Congress where a foreigner is to tell Americans what their foreign policy must be to suit that foreign country is a traitor to the USA. This is about the sovereignty of this nation to determine its foreign policy without foreign intervention and it is about whether Members of Congress are loyal to the best interests of the United States or more loyal to a foreign country. We have too many dual citizens of Israel in our government as it is. To have Members of Congress publicly display that they have more allegiance to a foreign country’s interests than they do to our own country’s best interests is proof of their treason.

  7. A Independent Investigation into Boehner
    and the Republican Congress who have conspired to bring this President..Obama and our Country USA is a treasonous act and those who are involved should be held accountable.

  8. Boehner has violated the Logan Act and if I were a legislator, Republican or Democrat, I’d be distancing myself quickly from this disastrous event. I personally think it’s treasonous! America stands together. This is act is the proverbial “stabbing in the back” of the President of the United states, Boehner’s Commander-in-Chief!

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