John McCain Blames A Snowstorm For His Treasonous Decision To Sign Iran Letter


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) offered up the lamest Republican excuse possible for the GOP’s treasonous letter to Iran. McCain admitted that he didn’t read the letter carefully because he was in a hurry to leave Washington before a snowstorm arrived.

Politico reported:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Republicans — many of whom blessed the missive during a brisk signing session at a Senate lunch a week ago, as senators prepared to flee a Washington snowstorm — should have given it closer consideration.

“It was kind of a very rapid process. Everybody was looking forward to getting out of town because of the snowstorm,” McCain said. “I think we probably should have had more discussion about it, given the blowback that there is.”

John McCain wants the American people to believe that the 47 senators who signed this letter were more worried about getting out of D.C. ahead of a snowstorm than doing their jobs.

The Arizona Republic was blunt in condemning McCain, “A letter to Iran, signed in part by Arizona Sen. John McCain, irresponsibly undermines our commander in chief.”

If McCain is more worried about the weather than doing his job, he shouldn’t be a United States Senator. If what McCain said is true, the Republicans who signed the letter didn’t read it carefully, those 47 Republicans don’t deserve to be United States Senators.

There is no excuse that Sen. McCain could offer that would excuse an act of sabotage. Instead of blaming the weather, it would have been refreshing to hear Sen. “Straight Talk” admit that he screwed up and apologize. If there is one thing that the American people know about Republicans, it is that they never apologize. Since Republicans have decided to stand behind their act of sabotage, voters should put their “Country First” when they cast their ballots in 2016.

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  1. Aha, funny isn’t it, Tehran Tom was hand picked by Bill Kristol for the senate and paid about 1 million before he wrote the letter.
    Don’t we remember something about Kristol handpicking someone else – Sarah Palin?

  2. No president in history has been treated with such contempt, disrespect and disdain. What;s different about this president? Oh, wait…now I get it. By putting a Black man in the White House we brought the racists our of their holes.

  3. John “Crash” McCain- demonstrating yet again why he’s unfit for the Presidency.

    But then, I don’t recall McCain EVER admitting to wrong doing.

    From all of the planes he crashed, to his involvement in currying favor from his captors, to the Keating Five scandal.

    A leopard cannot change his spots.

  4. He was such a hurry to get out of town that he didn’t read it…

    Of course he didn’t read it, he’s been the biggest damn war monger for years.

  5. The GOP Shit for brains who chose Sarah Pea-Brain from Alaska (it”snows”there also) is blaming “Snow” for his decision making? And we allow this man to remain in and hold a position of authority and power in our GOVT. (U.S.A.)??? KEEP THIS SHIT HEAD AWAY FROM ANY FORMS OF ICE!!! HE MAY LOSE TOTAL CONTROL AND ACTUALLY HURT SOMEONE. In my opinion.

  6. So much for the Republicans “didn’t read the bill” outrage over the ACA when they failed to read this single page document.

  7. So McCain says he should’ve thought more carefully about signing that letter “considering the blowback?” So, if there wasn’t this massive blowback, everything would’ve been just great? What a freaking tool. Republicans are so fully ensconced inside their little hate bubble that they have completely detatched themselves from reality. They continue to think that the entire country and the rest of the world hates President Obama as much as they do, and are shocked when their dumbass stunts end up biting them in the ass. It’s the same behavior we saw prior to the 2012 election where they all thought that Romney would win in a landslide. I certainly hope that demographics overtake the Republican party before they can destroy our nation altogether and they take the rest of the world along with them.

  8. So Traitor John gets caught with his pants around his ankles yet again. What a fucking idiot.
    He read the damned thing all the way through and because it was disruptive to the an who beat his ass in 2008, he signed it. He wanted to be with the “cool kids” and show he still has some relevance. Well sorry you stupid old, white, fuck, you have nothing now.

  9. ok don’t u think that REPUBLICANS are just using unnecessary oxygen on this planet???…i mean a letter 2 Ayatollah in Iran?? and 47? interesting #…didn’t romony have a problem w/47% #…SO ummm i think mccain has 2 answer more … you were trying to get out of town…ok …i give u one plane ride to Arizona & u give the effn server u want from HILLARY U EFFN SNAKE…when u arrived in Arizona u should have stayed and gone in2 the Desert 2 get more venom to hit my President with…U sob…like my 93 year old father would say JON JU SOB….!!!!!!

  10. The gopers just shit in their own hat. Sure, they’ll be able to hold the tea morons, but they just lost a significant number of independents in a presidential election year.

    Arrogance = stupidity and it’s going to catch them come November.

  11. Whoever wants to go Nucelar (as Bush would say) JUST SAYING if anyone wants to go NUCLEAR go ahead & vote Republican…there has to be a special place in Hell for people that suffer this kind of STUPIDITY… No i take it back isn’t stupid …it’s STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPIIIIIID!!!! Letter 2 Iran???…didn’t McLOCO sing about bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb IRAN??? no he wasn’t in a rush to get home to the little woman in AREEZOONA … rethuglicans want another war & if they can get in middle of negotiations W/BOMB BOMB IRAN so they leave the table….hahahahah BOOM!! THEY GET ANOTHER EFFN WAR….

  12. How can McCain even THINK he can save face by coming up with this ridiculous excuse: “I didn’t look at the content, I just signed it, I was in a hurry to get outta town because of the impending D.C. snowstorm”.
    Shameful. They got caught with their pants down following Freshman (WET behind his ears)Tom Cotton’s poison letter.
    It looks bad, smells bad and will stink up their reputations for decades…ALL 47, especial Tom Cotton. Let’s see how far he gets in the Senate world.

  13. He also said “given the blowback” meaning that if nobody had complained, it would have been just fine with him? He will NEVER get over the fact that the American people voted for President Obama rather than him. He continues to try to make life miserable for the President. Creepy little toady.

  14. McCain excuse is laughable. I bet most members of Congress don’t read letters, like the Cotton letter, or bills that are being considered by Congress, because they rely on their staff to give them summaries or synopsis and whether to be for or against a particular item.

    Members of Congress should spend more time reading proposed legislation, letters and working for the people, instead of spending time playing up to the MSM via tv appearances and giving interviews.

  15. Isn’t is just soooo nice to know that Congress has the ability to leave work early ahead of a snowstorm. Try living in the real world guys.

  16. They all live in DC….

    Is he trying to claim they all needed to fly home on a Tuesday ?


  17. Snow storm causing mental lapses; Reminds one of Jack Nicholson in the SHINNING ;”Herrrrre…s Johnny” ; thats what we say here in AZ. a lot.

  18. This is the new chair of the Armed Service committee, John McCain. The new majority whip, John Cornyn. Majority leader, Mitch McConnell all of them abdicated their authority to CottonTop 6 week idiot senator.
    They been hiding behind stupid until the high school MSM lose interest.
    Not one media outlet confront McConnell on why did he let a 6 week senator take on highly delicate foreign negotiation uncheck? Do any of these doofus know about International law/constitutional law/ Government structure?

    IMO, the U.S. media is just as incompetent as these imbeciles in the senate leadership.

  19. McCain’s statement is simply unbelievable…can you or anyone imagine signing anything without reading it first? This is a long time member of the U.S. Congress we’re talking about folks. Our Country is in his/their hands. All I can say is thank G-d the man never became President. As for the remaining 46 who signed that letter…it’s time to agree that they’re all incompetent.

  20. If they actuly read the bills and letters they sign and vote on that would mean they would have to do some real WORK. Heaven forbid they do that now!!

  21. McCain tried to further explain why he signed the letter by saying that President Obama has not been nice enough to the GOP in Congress and that he gets a lot of letters to sign and that he looks them over and, if they look okay, he signs. John McCain “signs lots of letters.”

    I cannot even remotely imagine the state this country and the world would be in today had John McCain and his dimwitted running mate been elected in 2008. It is just too horrible to contemplate.

  22. look at congress and add johnny to the mix; we could put a fence around washington and re identify it as an Insane asylum.

  23. I think all John McCain does every time he comes up with lame crap like this is: he reinforces the fact that we dodged a hollow-point bullet in 2008.

    The petition is at almost a quarter of a million signatures. If you haven’t signed already, please do!

    (Criminal charges would be difficult to prove, but I want those a**holes to realize what they’ve done to not only our country, but also to our reputation in the world.)

    Thank GOD Barack Obama is our President!

  24. Since McCain admits that he does not read what he signs, somebody needs to put an: ”
    Since he will not know what it is, he will sign it and we will get rid of him.

    He needs to go away…

  25. Thank you for your comments. You nailed the songbird pretty good.
    Here’s another tidbit, his record regarding Native Americans is sickening.
    Google ” black mesa” john mccain.
    In the last cromnibus deal, he slipped in another assault on Natives.
    McCain has to feed his gambling habit so he sells himself out to coal, mining, etc,.

  26. Al Jazeera is the main site that I get my news from. I do not trust any other source as much as them.
    I never watch network news, not even local.

  27. Just think that dangerous warmongering McCain’s hand on the trigger? That old war dog would of destroyed the world with his nuclear bombs

  28. McCain is an idiot. There was nothing wrong with a letter explaining our Constitution, both to Iran and to American low information voters.

  29. Thank you! that “blowback” comment was another non-apology. Gods, how I wish he’d go mavericky-up his retirement home already!

  30. “There was nothing wrong with a letter explaining our Constitution”
    What letter was that? The letter sent by the 47 senate morons did not correctly explain our constitution or our government, and exhibited an inexcusable ignorance of international law.

    It appears that the letter was written by “low-information” Americans.

  31. Imagine – this guy McCain wanted to be president, and selecting Sara Palin saved us all from a great decision-maker like John with winking Sarah behind him if his health faltered…

    And we all thought it couldn’t get worse…!*!*!*

  32. This must be how TARP and the Patriot Act got passed too. Bad weather and everybody trying to get out of town.

  33. From this non American. I love America and Americans but abhor their politics. If 47 citizens drafted, signed and sent this letter to Iran would they not be rounded up and tried for treason? Oh I forgot, senators are above the law, particularly those that control the house and senate. There is nobody left to charge them I guess.

  34. Wouldnt it be hilarious if they released HJillary’s emails and the majority of them were about how stupid the gop and bags are. How they are unable to even get along together. On display for all to see. Backfire!

  35. It happens to all of us, right? I’ll bet everyone has a story about being in such a hurry that he accidentally commits sedition and treason!

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