Racist Frat Booted From OU Campus Hires Oklahoma City Bomber’s Lawyer To Represent Them

Stephen Jones

The board for the Oklahoma University Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) voted on Thursday to hire Attorney Stephen Jones to represent them, and to “protect the integrity” of the chapter and its members, according to KOKH TV (Fox 25) in Oklahoma City.

Jones served as Timothy McVeigh’s lead attorney during the Oklahoma City Bombing trial. The bombing killed 168 people. McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to death for killing eight federal officers. The state of Oklahoma did not file charges for the remaining 160 murders since McVeigh had already received a death sentence on the federal charges.

As of Friday morning,  Attorney Stephen Jones had not outlined what specific action the fraternity chapter intended to take against Oklahoma University, but he was reviewing paperwork.

Interestingly, Jones challenged OU President David Boren in a U.S. Senate race in 1990. In that contest, Boren, who was the incumbent Democratic Senator, trounced Stephen Jones, running as the Republican candidate, by a crushing 83.2 to 16.8 percent margin.

In 1964, Jones worked as an Assistant to Richard Nixon, prior to Nixon’s service in the White House. Although he ran as a Republican for Senate against David Boren, and although he worked for Richard Nixon, Jones has also defended free speech for left-wing activists. Most notably, in 1970, he defended a student who was arrested for displaying a Vietcong flag on the OU campus, during an anti-war protest. That case was ultimately dismissed.

There is no question that Stephen Jones is an accomplished attorney with a reputation for taking on unpopular cases. The problem for SAE, however, is that the optics of hiring the lawyer who defended Timothy McVeigh are dubious at best. McVeigh was a killer who read The Turner Diaries, a racist novel popular in Neo-Nazi circles. The protagonist in the book blows up an FBI building. McVeigh joined the Ku Klux Klan at one time, but left because he didn’t think the KKK spent enough energy defending the 2nd Amendment.

SAE’s choice to hire Jones to represent them sends a strange message for an organization that is trying to soften its racist image. There are good reasons for attorneys to defend unpopular defendants. However, a fraternity that is already under fire for appearing racist isn’t doing itself any favors by hiring an attorney who’s most recognized case was serving as lead counsel for a racist mass murderer. Not just a murderer, but one who killed 168 people, just 25 miles up the road from the OU campus.

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  1. to “protect the integrity” of the chapter and its members,

    Talk about being out of touch with what happened.

  2. Since there’s conceivably bad blood between Boren and Jones, he’s probably doing it pro bono as a thumb in the eye of his old nemesis. He don’t come cheap.

  3. Lol….what a joke!! They just did more harm to their so called imagine!!!!
    They need to repent, by doing something good for POC…..I have a idea, create a new mission statement and rules to live by.

  4. So a video of racist drunk singing is out there; these young men are guilty as heck; and the fraternity is worried about ‘integrity?’ maybe they should have thought of that before they ran houses full of beer parties and taught pledges racist songs? Seems a bit late to worry about integrity. Or could it be, they are just worried that no one will pledge this stupid fraternity, and they will lose money and their jobs? I am so glad my kids stayed far far away from the Greek system at their colleges. There are far better things to learn in college than how to drink yourself silly, how to rape young women, and how to reinforce the racism you were taught at home.

  5. Timothy McVeigh is as dead as a doornail. So is the SAE. They better go and join the fraternal order of the KKK. That’s where they belong.

  6. this is time and finances wasted. Sure, allow them back in ,but, please don’t offer any special security for them. Justice WILL Be Served!

    time to stop allowing politics and money be the protector of peoples ignorance.

    Occasionally ” we the People” have a way of dealing with “Them the Idiots”

  7. Arrogant, unrepentant, entitled, and proudly racist to the core — yep, sounds like your typical Bible Belt frat boy all right.

  8. He is also a GOP donor and an all around scumbag who loves the limelight. He cannot hold a candle to Pres David Boren, former OK Governor, Senator, President of OU, lawyer and responsible for the OU Law School moving into a brand new building which has a district court as part of the law school.

    The people surrounding him are experts while the McVeigh lawyer Jones comes from one of many areas of OK known for racism — Tea Party, militia and and hard right social conservatives filled with hate against anyone who doesn’t think like them.

    National SAE are not happy from the comments I read last night. This is the local board and if they had read and could comprehend university rules, they would know Pres Boren had the right to expell the kids. Nationals closed the fraternity on OU within hours of seeing the video. Then the House Mom using the “N” word singing along with SAE surfaced and Jones thinks he has a case? GOP ambulance chaser at its finest.

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