Conservative Hero Netanyahu Crumbles As President Obama Turns Up The Heat

President Obama is keeping the pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as the conservative hero is backpedaling away from his previously tough talk.

The Hill reported:

The White House is escalating its feud with reelected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, suggesting the United States might make a significant change in its stance at the United Nations.


“I think they’re trying to send a very specific and tough message to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which is, ‘We’ve paid attention to the words you’ve used during the campaign and if they are in fact going to be your policy, they will have an impact on our relationship,'” said Daniel Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel under George W. Bush who is now a professor of Middle Eastern policy studies at Princeton University.

“It’s a shot across the bow,” added Kurtzer, who said the White House’s warnings “should be taken quite seriously.”

President Obama’s message to Netanyahu is that he is representing the junior partner in the U.S./Israel relationship. The White House isn’t going to let Netanyahu off of the hook so easily. The Israeli Prime Minister gave Obama the opening he needed with his desperate 12th hour pandering opposition to the two-state solution. Netanyahu can try to walk back his words in as many interviews as he wants, but there have to be some in the White House who is still angry over his speech to Congress.

As the White House has made clear over the last few days, they aren’t to let Netanyahu disrespect them anymore. The next Republican act of sabotage will be John Boehner’s visit to Israel that is scheduled for the same time as when the agreement on Iran’s nuclear deal is expected to be announced. Netanyahu needs the U.S. for both aid and to have his back in the UN.

Conservative hero Netanyahu quickly backtracked when the White House asserted their power. Netanyahu is going to pay for his disrespect, and the White House isn’t about to let the Israeli Prime Minister off easy.

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48 Replies to “Conservative Hero Netanyahu Crumbles As President Obama Turns Up The Heat”

  1. That’s why boner and bibi are so stupid. Everybody knows the President would have the last word.

    Boner might think about getting a 1 way ticket. Repugs need to realize Israel is the junior partner here.

    I think there are a lot of European countries who are watching this closely, because they, too, are tired of Netanyahu’s crap.

  2. Israel is not Yahu but they are going to have to pay a price having this warmonger in charge of their government; this dog bit the hand that fed them and if he keeps bitting they are going to have to put him down or suffer the consequences.

  3. The conservatives keep underestimating Obama’s knowledge, they just dont learn. Netandouchebag lacked forethought in regards to President Obama’s resolve in the face of disrespectful and damaging allegiances with Boehner. Paybacks a bitch. A 300 billion dollar bitch. Dont send anymore $ to Netanyahu.

  4. I am now a ‘Pro-Pressure’ Jew
    Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has obliterated what it means to be ‘pro-Israel,’ setting Israel on a course towards national suicide which mainstream American Jewish organizations seem intent on enabling.

    However, I and many others refuse to stand idly by as Israel self-destructs, understanding that to truly be ‘pro-Israel’ now means to be ‘pro-pressure’ – to champion nonviolent measures capable of forcing Israel to change from without, including those initiated by the Obama administration.
    Read More

  5. Cut off all aid to Israel…..enough is enough. They want to keep rattling the swords with their version of George Bush running the country? Fuck them in plain English and let them go it alone.

  6. Bibi has damaged the relatioship with the only friend his country has Its cost our taxpayer over TEN BILLIONS a year counting all the money we give Egypt ,Jordan and the PLO And don’t forget all the weapons and technology transfers to Isreal

    The war in Iraq and Sirya were failed attempts to protect his country
    Bibi you have damaged the soul of Isreal
    Shame on you

  7. Stand tall, President Obama! Call Netanyahu and the seditious Republicans on the carpet and protect our government, our country, and our citizens from those who disrespect our President and our government! America stands with you, Sir, not the GOP and Israel.
    If polled, I believe Americans would vote by the widest of margins to stop sending Israel our money. America NEEDS that money for our own situation. Let Israel send US money to pay us back for all that we have sent them. AMERICA is the priority, not Israel, or any other country!!!

  8. First and foremost, all the Senators who sign that stupid letter to the Iranian leaders need to be brought up on charges of treason. BIBI needs to be taught a lesson. You do not tell the President of the United States to kiss your ass. This is not about Israel, but about BIBI. He will feel the wrath of President Obama, and there will be nothing the radical Republicans can do about it.

  9. Steve King (R DUMBFUKISTAN) shared his thoughts on the matter. And I use that term loosely

    “Here is what I don’t understand, I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their President.”

    You’ve got to love that. A congressional representative of a party which fetishizes the flag is saying that some citizens are being traitors by “following their president” instead of supporting the leader of a foreign country. Indeed, he’s really saying that Republicans support this foreign country over their own president. Now that’s exceptional.

  10. It is time the international community start treating Israel like they did with South Africa

    Israel chooses the path to apartheid

    It was once possible to argue that Israel’s policies were not the same as apartheid because their stated goal, however imperfectly pursued, was to end the occupation. After Netanyahu’s reelection, this is no longer the case.

  11. If bibi were smart, and as he senses this pressure from the White House, he’d come up with some excuse to not have the tan man visit Israel in a couple of weeks. But he’s not that smart in this situation.

  12. Your clever name calling does little to improve your argument. Israel has always been the junior partner in American/Israeli negotiations. Netanyahu is well aware of this. This is why he has always speaks respectfully and appreciative of the relationship between President Obama and himself. As to who of these two is “junior” in stature, the petty responses from the white house makes that question very clear.

  13. I don’t know if Obama and any other leaders in the world can trust what Netanyahu says, going forward. Flip-flopers get a lot of scrutiny. The handshakes are just symbolic with Bibi now, not sincere coming from Obama I suspect going forward. But he will get a lot of ring kissing from the Republicans, who I think, most of them are phonies and really don’t like Netanyahu, but he represents a thorn in the side of our President, and they are okay with that. What a bunch of phony patriots.

  14. Prez Obama: Smartest, most intelligent thinking Prez on foreign affairs I’ve seen in my lifetime. by the way, when the roaches wrote that letter to Iran. Did they not notice they were colored but, not dumbassed as they think? Like our smartassed “Cotton Scholars” in congress.[wink]

  15. obama wa wa wa wa, obama is not the president of israel and he is not king, obama is acting like a two year old, its time for obama to grow up and stop sucking on the pacifier

  16. I thought you left to defend the country you owe your allegiance to. And its President Obama you racist asshole

  17. Obama with Drama: Translating his comments on Israel’s Netanyahu from the Vulcan

    In an interview with The Huffington Post on Saturday, Obama reacted to the Israeli election campaign, the victory of far right wing Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu, and his electoral rhetoric pledging no Palestinian state. What exactly he said, however, is a little obscured by Vulcan-speak, and here I offer a translation into plain, blunt English:

  18. The question is can bibi form a coalition?

    Netanyahu the Liar runs head on into Aryeh Deri the Felon (and holder of 7 votes in the Knesset)

    Bibi has more problems than seeing a very unstable 61 votes as his target. The big, big problem now is that nobody trusts him. Overall, political Israelis trust Bibi less than they trust the felon, Aryeh Deri.

    If anything it looks like Bibi/Likud are as likely to lose Kulanu as they are to pick up Yisrael Beytenu (the Russians.) Losing Kulanu would leave the process deadlocked. Likud has no route to 61 votes in a government that it controls.

  19. @Jason Easley, where is your evidence that Netanyahu has backed down? He was firm in his stance and his party won re-election. Your article provides nothing to substantiate your headline.

    Israel has the only democratically elected government in the region. It is a sliver of dirt surrounded by much larger Muslim-controlled countries, some of whom are openly hostile to Israel. Why are the commenters here also hostile toward Israel?

    Most seem to want all aid to Israel cut because they are upset that Netanyahu isn’t kissing Obama’s feet. Well, that’s not his job. His responsibility is to protect Israel, not Obama’s fragile ego.

    With Iran’s open hostility toward Israel, I understand Netanyahu’s opposition to Iran becoming a nuclear superpower. Why is it in the United States’ interest for Iran to get the bomb? Why is Obama pushing for it?

  20. Damn you America haters are stuck on stupid. First the butcher went on American TV and said in so many words I didn’t mean what I said so please use your veto to protect my vision of my greater apartheid state of Israel.
    Second: Your dumbass don’t know shit. Turkey has elections. Lebanon has elections .Hell even the Palestinians have elections. You cannot it good conscious call Israel a democratic state when they disenfranchised millions of people who live under them unless you are a fan of jim crow the Likud version.

    Third: Asshole what your feeble mind cannot grasp is beebs the butcher want to get the US involved in a war with Iran. I can give a rats ass what Israel does with their interest but I do give a fuck when they try to co=opt our national security and if you cant see that then you are a quisling. I don’t think you know what that means but look it up

  21. Pres. Obama’s responsibility is to look out for the US, not kiss Nuttyyahoo’s ass!! He should just flip the bird to Bibi’s sniveling and whining!

  22. To which country do you pledge your allegiance, Roland? The United States of America or Israel?

    Are you just another neo-confederate, Obama-hating, warmongering Republican? If so – seek help! Otherwise, you’ll be seen as the traitor to the United States that you appear to be in heart and soul.

  23. That “Representative” is such a dumb@** and an outright traitor to this country that it just boggles my mind what type of people would cast their vote for him and elect him to “serve” in the United States House of Representatives. Uneffingbelievable!

  24. President Obama is the president of these United States, you dimwit neo-confederate traitor, and he’s duly elected by more than a majority of United States citizens despite your traitorous Party working hard on voter suppression.

    You, my pea-brained friend, are nothing but a traitor of this country and a racist.

  25. Prime Minister Netanyahu is a hero and does not answer to any human being. It is Netanyahu that receives the standing ovations in Congress. He is a man of wisdom and understanding – a man who can only be admired. The Nation of Israel is STRONG and will live forever. Truth and Justice can never be silenced. God bless Israel & Australia!

  26. U.S. will not take floor at U.N. rights debate on Israel, Palestinians

    The United States will not take the floor at the main U.N. human rights forum on Monday during the annual debate on violations committed in the Palestinian territories, a U.S. spokesman told Reuters.

    The move at the 47-member state forum where Washington unfailingly defends Israel, follows signals that the Obama administration is undertaking a “reassessment” of relations with Israel.

  27. Those idiots in congress would give Putin a standing ovation. Nutty-yahoo was just their flavor of the day, nothing special there! I hope Isreal does indure, but lets have her do it on her own dime, and let her spill her own blood! A lot of people are just damn tired of being Isreal’s bitch, and your hero Bibi, is a bought and paid for political whore!

  28. New Obama Administration lie about “Israel passing intelligence secrets to Congress” crumbles as both Democratic and Republican leadership of the House Intelligence Committee state on CNN they received no such information from Israel

  29. ” Likud has no route to 61 votes in a government that it controls.”

    You’re in dreamland Likud already has 67 votes.

  30. Then whatever god those butchers believe in may he have mercy on their souls because a shitstorm is coming their way and they have pissed off the one country that protects that apartheid regime

  31. Dumbass the President administration didn’t say it. The owner of your fair and balanced network who also own the paper that broke the story said it

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