Florida Governor Rick Scott Flip-Flops On Medicaid Expansion Again, Now Opposes It

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For the second time since he became Governor of Florida, Rick Scott has flip-flopped on his position regarding Medicaid expansion in the state. Florida Governor Rick Scott campaigned as an anti-Obamacare crusader in 2010.

However, in February 2013, facing re-election in 2014, Scott reversed course and came out in favor of accepting Medicaid expansion for Florida. On Monday, Governor Scott reversed course yet again, and now he once again opposes Medicaid expansion.

Governor Scott blames Obama for his change of heart. Florida is engaged in an ongoing dispute with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) over Low-Income Pool (LIP) funding program that helps states pay for uncompensated care.

Last week, those negotiations took a bizarre turn when the Scott administration accused CMS negotiator Elliot Fishman of suspending the talks, although Fishman was apparently simply taking vacation days for Passover.

In the midst of the dispute over LIP funding, Governor Scott has seized upon the controversy, to reverse his position on Medicaid expansion. While skeptics will note that Scott’s commitment to the program was shaky to begin with, the Governor is attempting to spin the narrative to argue that he is cancelling his support for Medicaid expansion, and “its all Obama’s fault”. Well, at least that appears to be his position today. What he will think tomorrow is anybody’s guess.

Scott’s decision to oppose Medicaid expansion in Florida puts at least 800,000 Floridians at risk of being unable to pay for their health care. Voters who re-elected him in 2014 under the assumption that he would approve Medicaid expansion took him at his word.

However, Governor Scott has proven time and again that his word has no value since he will alter his positions at his own convenience, with little regard for his constituents. Governor Scott’s about face on Medicaid expansion will have damaging and far-reaching consequences for the residents of Florida, who put their trust in him. Given his track record for dishonesty, they should have known better.

19 Replies to “Florida Governor Rick Scott Flip-Flops On Medicaid Expansion Again, Now Opposes It”

  1. if the eyes are the windows to the soul why do Rick Scott, Scott Walker; et al have such dead looking empty eyes?

  2. This is all about appease the shrinking anti-Obama crowd in the south. It is no secret that Rick Scott desire to run for senate seat and he would say anything to own it for himself.

  3. if the koch’s scotus kills the aca in june, expect serious upheaval, and unexpected consequences that the rw fools never imagined. everything they touch turns to shit.

  4. It has little to nothing to do with the South but directly impacts Scott’s debt for being saved from federal prison for the Columbia HCA fraud he directed and highly profited from!He is trying to join the skull and bones society and garner a Bilderburg invite.

  5. This sub human skeletor lies his ass off and the rubes believe all his bs, now their going to find out what kind of slime he can be when they get turned away from emergency service, there is no excuse for this other than him being pure evil, I retired to FL and refused to vote for Gov. skeletor and truly fell sorry for the people this phony bastard lied to just for their vote, knowing now people will die because of his lies and obamascare tactics, I bet some people will wish they never voted for the lyin asshat, but it doesn’t bother this heartless asshat. He doesn’t give two sh#ts about anybody but himself.

  6. After a low hemoglobin scare put me in the hospital two weeks ago, I declared that I did not fear doctors, but I did fear billing departments and hospital admins. I’ve not yet received the bill from that overnight stay, but I am dreading it. I even set up an online fundraiser to help fight the illness that brought me to that point, https://www.youcaring.com/manage-fundraiser.aspx?frid=329480#fundraiser-details
    I did not vote for Scott the first or second time. I just wish we in FL did not have to wait until the next g-race to get this slimeball out.

  7. As I said about Brownback’s Kansas, I say about Rick Scott’s Florida, the State’s people had a full term to see the kind of men they were and the population decided to vote them back in or didn’t vote at all and are now reaping their rewards. I’m finding it very hard recently to feel sorry for people who continue to vote against their own interests and then try to blame someone else for their misery. Usually that someone else is The President who has been working his butt off FOR them while they continually bash him at every turn.

  8. yep – another lie to get the votes and then bam – lets the people who need it down. typical republican. flip flops are for the beach idiot.

  9. Do you feel no compassion for those in the state that voted, voted against these monsters and worked to get others to vote against these monsters? Because I guarantee you they exist and in numbers that might be surprising.

    No matter how a state leans as whole, there are always residents that are from the other side of the spectrum. To say everyone in Florida deserves this is unfair and crappy karma.

  10. I guess that did come over a little strong. Yes I do feel compassion for those who are suffering under these Republican Governors, and especially for those who voted against them. It comes to a point though, after seeing the damage they caused in their first terms, the states’ populations would have gotten rid of them and since they did not, the majority of them deserve what they got.

  11. It’s not like he hasn’t done this before. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on you Floridians.

  12. Whether it’s Scott in FL or McCrory here in NC who’s
    reversing abortion campaign promises, republican guvs
    are demonstrating hypnotic powers. Kinda like the way
    snakes use their dead cold eyes to put birds or mice
    under a spell so they can sink their fangs into them.

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