Rand Paul’s Senate Patriot Act “Filibuster” Is A Fake And A Fraud

rand paul fake patriot act filibuster

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is trying to pull a fast one on the American people by claiming that he is filibustering the Patriot Act when he isn’t actually filibustering.

Harry Reid’s Communications Director Adam Jentleson tweeted:

Paul isn’t filibustering because he isn’t delaying anything.

The Senate is in the midst of 30 hours of debate on the Patriot Act. The Senate vote is not scheduled until one hour after the Senate convenes tomorrow. Rand Paul can stand on the Senate floor and talk until midnight, and it won’t make a bit of difference. Paul would have to speak today and into tomorrow. Sen. Paul will have to keep speaking through the scheduled time of the vote tomorrow for his speech to be considered a filibuster.

What Paul is doing is trying to fool people into believing that he is filibustering. Sen. Paul is using the Senate floor as presidential campaign infomercial. The senator from Kentucky is trying to revive his flatlining presidential campaign with a publicity stunt.

The only reason that Paul would start this speech on Wednesday afternoon is to get some free publicity for his presidential candidacy. Some may be tricked by Paul’s fake stand, but the odds are that Paul isn’t serious about stopping the Patriot Act, and his fake filibuster will end well before Thursday’s scheduled vote.

Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is claiming that their candidate is filibustering:

What Paul is doing on the Senate floor currently is not a filibuster. To call his speech a filibuster is a disingenuous​ act of fraud.

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  1. So, let’s see…

    It’s about 4:00 PM eastern time. The vote is set for 1:00 PM tomorrow.

    That means ol’ Rand here would need to talk for 21 hours straight to even reach the point of a filibuster.

    In other words: he has piss poor timing.

  2. I thought Sanders used a type of filibuster where he didn’t have to actually say anything just threaten to.

  3. All those people questioning what P. Rant is actually doing,just want to make him look bad.
    Whe you are in the GOP, you just have to believe it and PUFF!..
    just like that it becomes real

  4. I got off work and now cant find link to what we were discussing yesterday.

    Anyway, ’85 huh. Well we may disagree on politics and the like but I have respect for you. I have respect for every brother in arms. So sincerely from my heart thank you for your service.

    Just to also say that I do not think Hillary is an awful person. I don’t think she was all that bad at her job. And if the repubs cant give me a decent candidate I will provably (is that spelled right? spell check says so but don’t look right) vote her direction. Guess I’m a RINO.

    I generally agree with the dems on domestic policy but not on foreign policy.

    Anywho have a nice day.

  5. will clown boy be wearing his red nose tomorrow for Red Nose Thursday?

    its so hard to tell with him… :0)

  6. This filibuster crap has to stop! These clowns are paid to do the job they were sent there to do. Come up with a bill and vote on it. Do you dam jobs! The American people are getting screwed because of these crooked politicians. The biggest fraud in this country is being performed by the politicians and the American public are allowing them to do it. So we deserve what we get.

  7. Trying to pull a fast one on the American people? Paul is using the Senate floor as presidential campaign infomercial?

    Do the media and the political puppets really believe that We The People are that naive?

  8. He can’t actually try to stop it McConnell wants it to pass. He’s full of shit, even understanding the rules of the senate is over his head! Nice try though Curly Joe.

  9. I know how to stop his filibuster. Send in some young Dreamers, to the gallery, asking what about our concerns? He’ll run like a rabbit(only this time he won’t have to chock on his sandwich).

  10. Regardless of the filibuster’s effectiveness, at least there is one true conservative out there fighting for the liberty that made America strong. The liberals-in-hawk-clothing neocons need to stop driving America into the ground by handing political power over to corporations and starting illegal, immoral, propaganda-fueled wars that only create extremism and hatred of our great nation.

    It is a shame that the People condone the 2 party system which only polarizes the Americans, demobilizing them and keeping them bickering amongst themselves. If you can’t support a candidate like Paul, who works for the American People, support a third party! Bring competition back into government, and keep money OUT!

    And now let’s hear from the shills!

  11. Rand Paul is a fraud
    Rand Paul : Ending foreign aid for Israel would be good for Israel

    Then Sheldon Adelson enters the picture
    Rand Paul Stands With Israel
    I’m proud to support Israel, America’s longtime friend and ally in the Middle East.

    The gullible idiots fall for this grifter everytime

  12. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you! “Real Liberal Politics” posted a hit piece about Rand Paul?! Typical. The comments here show the ignorance. Focus on Rand Paul’s hair, whether it’s a ‘real’ filibuster and other nonsense. Don’t bother to actually LISTEN to what he’s saying. He speaks the truth, but you all wouldn’t know, would you? You’re too distracted by the ‘R’ next to his name, so he must be demonized. SMDH

  13. Why do we need to hold Israel’s hand? They do not want us to be their guardian, they want to control their own destiny. Our problem is that we think we need to have our head up every country’s arse.

    A Jewish state is forbidden by the Torah. Zionism is using the sympathy that is taken for granted along with the Jewish People.

    It is sad to see a people who have suffered so much for thousands of years, only to be exploited for the sympathy they garner in order to secure wealth and power.

  14. One other thing: If you could step away from the hate of all things Republican, you would notice that FIVE Democrats joined Rand today in support. Ironic, no? I will vote for Rand Paul, in spite of the R next to his name. I detest partisan politics and agree with a commenter above that the two-party system is killing us. It keeps us, as Americans, divided and distracted.

  15. Look you get no argument from me about the 51st state. I was just showing the hypocrisy of your hero and BTW he is on record saying he wont legalize the weeeeeed

  16. I agree, these clowns simplify and trivialize the message Paul is conveying in a pathetic attempt to make themselves feel better.

    The point IS the message.

    He is arguing in support of the Constitution. I still cannot comprehend how ANY American could EVER question a living document that is designed to change with the will of the People.

    These political terrorist stooges make me sick, and they are a threat to our national security. Don’t like the 4th Amendment? Fine. Start a campaign for a new amendment to repeal the 4th. Don’t like to see the truth get out? Afraid that your propaganda will be seen for the lies that it really is? Fine. Repeal the 1st Amendment. And good luck with that.

    That’s how it works in America, folks. The Constitution is the law of the land. Don’t like it? Work to change it via amendments. Still don’t like it? Then don’t live here.

  17. On this issue, Paul has more bipartisan support.

    As Mr Paul says, how can we hand over the basic rights that so many great Americans have died to defend? This will be Memorial Day weekend. Think about what those people gave up to make sure that you and your children with have the privacy to decide your own thoughts and dreams without the government getting involved.

  18. And I agree that weeeeeed should not be legal. But hemp should. The fact that hemp is illegal is complete lunacy.

  19. I suggest you ask someone who lives in Kentucy, what he has accomplished for the people who live there. NOTHING! A big whopping zilch, zero, nada! He’s been too busy running for president for the past seven plus years, that and lyiing about the ACA, a model for the held up to the country. Even he doesn’t believe he’ll get the nomination, thats why he’s trying to change the rules to suit his purpose. I’d say good riddance, yall can have him, but I actually care about this country. Get a clue he’s useless!

  20. So if the two-party system is killing us, how many parties would be the right number? One, like in North Korea, or several, like in Italy or any other parliamentary government?

  21. It appears he’s a complete fake, fraud and liar. His plagiarmism, flip-flopping on Israel, self-certification and so on indicate there’s nothing genuine about him at all. Makes me wonder if his hair is his own or if his “run for the presidency” isn’t just to get attention for himself (mother’s milk of politics).

    Paul and Rubio could run together on an immigration platform and in mid-campaign switch to the standard racist Republican position.

  22. Not to contradict this beautiful patriotic article, but it was mostly democrats standing with Rand to oppose the patriot act.
    Cruz and Lee showed up but were a bit mealy mouthed, “We’re here but you suck and you’re wrong.”

  23. If you vote for Rand Paul because you think a vote for him will magically change our two party system and he’ll take our country in to a prosperous future then you are a fool. He is a know-nothing poser, riding his daddy’s coattails and running whenever he’s called on any of his myriad of flip-flops.

  24. Do not try the gallery act, that would buy you jail time and a bunch on defense money. The Patriot Act is seriously enforced there.
    No Right of expression there for the citizens! seriously…

  25. A fake and a fraud? I’ll tell you what is a fake and a fraud: any elected official who hasn’t opened his/her mouth to denounce what is so clearly an unAmerican and unpatriotic usurpation of our Constitutional civil rights and rights to privacy under the Fourth and Ninth Amendments.

    So name one Democrat or Independent who has dared to filibuster the PATRIOT Act?

    Gutless, useless and ineffectual “representation” is a default in representing the American people.

    Where are the People’s warriors?

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