Fear Of The Black President Reaches A Paranoid Zenith Among Texas Republicans

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Paranoid Fox News and talk radio fed fear of the nation’s first black president has reached a fever pitch, as some Texas Republicans are completely out of control.

Here are some quotes from recent Boston Globe article about the paranoia that has gripped some Texas Republicans:

One of those who began to grow increasingly worried was Terry Wareham, a local Tea Party leader.

“Probably a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t even be concerned,”Terry Wareham, a local Tea Party leader, said. “But with the federal government the way it is right now, I’m really concerned about the military coming here and doing this kind of training.”


“What comes home in the conservative consciousness is: The government is hostile to me,” said, Albert Ellison, the chairman of the Bastrop County Republican Party. “And if he’s already unleashed the IRS on us, is it a big leap to think he’d unleash the military?”


Why is it not reasonable for me to see this as absolute training for a domestic rendition program?” one man asked.

“Our freedom is under attack,” said Jim Dillon, a 60-year-old contractor. “This is one little incremental step in a long-term plan to not only exercise more control but to gain more control.”

“I don’t know that I would say this is the big one where they sneak in under the guise of a training exercise and clamp down on civil liberties in Texas. It’s too early for that,” Dillon said. “But it’s conditioning. It’s getting people accustomed to having heavily armed, camouflaged soldiers on the city streets, ranches, farms, public roads.”


“We have the potential like Nazi Germany did, to go really bad,” he said. “And if we don’t nip this stuff in the bud — once it gets its head under the tent, it’s there.”

The quotes above reflect a collective crazed state of paranoia that has no basis in fact. What is happening in Texas is the logical byproduct of years of conservative media hate and fearmongering against President Obama. Republicans have spent so long inside their media bubble where they have been told daily to fear this president that they are extremely susceptible to conspiracy theories.

The talk of military takeovers and Nazi Germany sounds just like vintage Fox News era Glenn Beck and conservative talk radio. This sect of Republicans wants to believe that they are special. In their hearts, they know that President Obama is after them. They have been told by Fox News that they are the enlightened ones who know the real truth.

As the rest of the nation looks on in disbelief at the level of crazy among some Republicans in Texas, it needs to be understood that the insanity over Jade Helm is not unique to Texas. The Republican Party has been gripped by paranoia. Republicans are paranoid, and they elect candidates who legitimize and indulge their taste for conspiracies.

This dynamic is why House Republicans investigated the IRS. It is also why the nation is suffering its eighth investigation into Benghazi. Republicans benefit by playing to the paranoia.

What Jade Helm teaches us all is that Republican fear of the nation’s first black president is getting stronger even though his time in office is winding down.

Even after President Obama is going, Republican paranoia is likely to linger on.

100 Replies to “Fear Of The Black President Reaches A Paranoid Zenith Among Texas Republicans”

  1. The More I read about the Loon Star State the more desirous I become of the rest of the U.S.- demand that Texas Secede.

  2. I wonder how all this will end because facts don’t matter to Tea Party idiots. Republican politicians happy to stoke their fears to be elected too.

    Plus big money in the right wing noise machine, and I mean big money.

    This type of fear and falsehoods surely can’t last forever, can it?

    I don’t subscribe to the “they’ll die out” meme because we’ve had KKK, John Birch, Republicans since forever really, so what will it take for right wing hate and paranoia to either die off, or at least be marginal again?

    I can’t believe Bush 43 was reelected or that Republicans won the house in 2010. Of course there’s 2012 as well but that is more gerrymandering than voters.

    Amazing and dangerous times. Guess it’s always been this way.

  3. This developing Texas paranoia is probably a massive plan by a GOP “think” tank to, first, create and intensify a concern and, then, claim that some conservative “leader” or group had the smarts and courage to suppress the threat, thus saving all the grateful citizens — probably just before an election.

  4. These whack jobs aren’t just afraid of, suspicious of, or insulting the President. They’re also greatly insulting the military. “Unleash the military”? Does the scared little man think the only reason the military hasn’t ‘invaded’ Texas is because the President has them on a leash? Seriously? “The Military” is made of friends, neighbors and yes, even Texans. He should go to his local library and see if they still have a copy of the US Constitution.
    That is if Texas still has libraries.

  5. The god has spoken out against Texass sins. That is why he is flooding their state as we speak

    Repent I say. The President is not your enemy. Your false prophets are bringing you down

  6. gee not one agreement all against everything he said just as it always is got the everything the gov says is gospel side and if you don’t agree it cause your a paranoid conspiracy person side who is to say what side is right nothing but words from both sides and lies no truths from any side or actual proof

  7. ‘Why is it not reasonable for me to see this as absolute training for a domestic rendition program?” one man asked.’

    The volume of ridiculousness in that statement could stop a team of Clydesdale’s cold in their tracks. Really?

  8. what does he mean with the Gov the way it is now What are these people smoking???? I live in RED OK and let me tell you, the FREEDOMS they take away from us at the STATE level are terrible compared to ANYTHING the Feds do…. The GOP is much worse than the DEMS, remember BUSH is the on who started the PATRIOT ACT…….BUSH!

  9. This Jim Dillon contractor fellow is talking about the WRONG party and the WRONG President when it comes to fear of “taking over” control. But since he is a TeaPottier then we know that he is quite a treasonous insane bastard. His party along with the Koch Bros. are the ones who DEMAND control over all of us.

  10. So will their irrational fear of the government make them refuse help from FEMA because of the floods?

    I really feel that they should refuse federal help and work and fund on their own the rebuilding of their infrastructure destroyed in this global climate change catastophe since these epic floods are affecting their state. No federal intervention whatsoever. Let’s see how these crazies would feel then. I am so sick of these brainwashed ignorant idiots.

    It’s ironic that those deep red states are being pounded by the massive storms they are experiencing now. Al Gore predicted this 10 years ago.

  11. President Obama will be blamed for the persistent rain pattern over Texas. Just wait! He’s planning on the guns and ammunition of all those crazy Texans just moldering away in the flood waters.

  12. I hope you are ok because the flooding is bad here too. Not so bad in Muskogee but from I read OKC is a mess

  13. I lived a few miles from Ft Knox in 1980.Everyday I saw tanks and helicopters in our rural neighborhood. Soldiers in uniform were everywhere. Not once did they attempt to invade our small town and the same holds true today. Get over it Texas, you are not that important.

  14. All the good things that ever came from Texas have been pretty much melted into our culture by now. Who needs them any more? I say, let em go!

  15. It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. How long until one of these loons gets violent? You better believe Fox “News” and the politicians will take no credit (blame) for it.

  16. If Fascism does come to America, it won’t be at the hands of Obama or the Democrats.

    If it happens, these deluded, paranoid morons will have only themselves to blame.

  17. It’s difficult. But I believe I’ve decoded your message.
    It’s not that I automatically think everything the government says is true. It’s that so far everything the whack jobs have said about invading Texas has been false. Laughably so.

    Face it. This entire Jade-Helm thing is stupid. It’s so stupid even some Texans are embarrassed.

  18. Karen – The first fact that anyone needs to acknowledge is that it’s impossible to “invade” a part of the US because you can only “invade” another country. And yes, there are facts – the US military has never “invaded” or taken over a state. That’s what we call “fact. And yes, talk like this is not only completely impossible, but it can’t be described as anything other than paranoid. You don’t have to believe everything the government says, but before anyone goes around saying crack-crazy stuff like this, they should make damned sure they have a single reason to believe it! Just ONE reason…and there isn’t one. Example – that crap about the IRS targeting conservatives…guess he failed to read all the responsible reporting that the IRS investigated BOTH sides to see if they were breaking the law, not just conservatives. And that’s how paranoia works. To begin with, why would anyone WANT Texas? It’s a drain on the national economy, as well as bat shit crazy. No one wan…

  19. I’m still waiting on Pat Robertson to rationalize how the hurricanes in Florida are because of the gays, but the tornados and floods in the Bible Belt are due to?

  20. These same paranoids would say that members of the military are majority-conservative. That somehow those same conservative soldiers can be made to serve those they consider enemies. In essence, that conservatives are craven cowards who will allow themselves to be used by a dictator, to imprison/torture/kill civilians if so ordered, because obeying orders is more important than serving the citizenry.

  21. I would argue that they’ve been in a perpetual state of fear since September 11, 2001, but it began October 7, 1996 when Fox News was founded and Republicans were conditioned to fear the Clenis. The 9/11 attacks knocked them off-balance and the Neocons in the Bush Administration fed into the paranoia by making it sound like there was a Muslim Bogeyman in little Johnny’s closet or under his bed in every home in America.

    Fearful people make poor critical thinkers. They simply shut down and let other people tell them what to think.

  22. The joke is that what these bozos fear is actually emerging… but it is the Talibangelico creeps who are working the coup…

  23. Speaking of 911 and blast from the past and we still cannot see those 28 pages
    Report on 9/11 Suggests a Role by Saudi Spies
    Published: August 2, 2003

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 — The classified part of a Congressional report on the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, says that two Saudi citizens who had at least indirect links with two hijackers were probably Saudi intelligence agents and may have reported to Saudi government officials, according to people who have seen the report.

  24. @karen WTF? try re-READING that nonsense you threw up here, it’s bad enough having @robert AKA MICHELLE BACHMANN haunting this site, now we’ve got sarah palin wanna be’s posting stuff! BTW TEXASS republicans NEVER surprise me! they’re just extremely IGNORANT, SCARED- WHITE PRIVILEGED- COWARDLY- CLOWNS gone wild! Lets be honest, theres good and bad in all races but WHITE republicans in particular ALWAYS trot out this SCARED- FRIGHTENED- ANGRY- GUN CARRYING- ANTI ANYTHING but WHITE REPUBLICAN MALE, crap!! And it’s gotten OLD!! WHITE republicans are like ”chicken little!” their sky is ALWAYS falling! I said it once and I’ll say it again! the GOP leadership HATED & LOVED that OBAMA got elected! I’m talking about in 2008! WHY? because THEY knew that a NON caucasian president would bring out ALL their RACIST & bigots! and they LOVED raising MONEY using OBAMA as bait! they LOVED SCARING IGNORANT republicans into forgetting about george bush jr!! dick cheney! and IRAQ!

  25. I’ve wondered the same thing myself, for years.
    When Missouri was so hard hit by tornadoes, we were treated to so much “Salt of the earth, real America, the Heartland” I thought I was gonna hurl.

    Or maybe that’s Iowa during campaign season. It all starts to run together after a while.

    But hearing Voodoo blamed for flooding in New Orleans… that sticks in my mind.

  26. Only in Texass
    Two male Republicans came this close to getting into a fist fight on the Texas House floor over an abortion bill. If the sergeant at arms staff hadn’t stop it, Republicans Rep. Jonathan Stickland and Republican Rep. Byron Cook could have sold pay-per-view tickets.

    On an abortion bill. Two males. Doesn’t that seem odd to anybody?

    Here’s what the fight was about:

  27. Texas Republicans aren’t unique in regards to their paranoia, racism, and ignorance. Take a look at an electoral map and you will see that it is the White Southern mentality that simply is the dominant conservative thought in the party. Just like the Confederate slave holding aristocracy of the old South convinced the dumb goobers that their way of life was in peril from Yankee aggression and got them to die by the thousands for a questionable cause, the leaders of the GOP are doing it again. Getting the goobers to vote against their own self interest using fear and ignorance as the way to control them. Wealth and power has always manipulated the ignorant and always will.

  28. They are SCARED to death over the impending 6-3 SCOTUS ruling in FAVOR of same sex marriage or as I call it just MARRIAGE and all the rights it entails.

    I have no idea why either since it DOES NOT AFFECT THEM AT ALL.

  29. Rather than allow TX to secede, rounding up the Whack-Jobs, preferably with a lassoo, and permanently detaining ’em would allow the rest of the US to continue to use TX for its intended purpose: solid waste and spent nucular fuel dump.

  30. Can you please get an education and learn to construct a COMPLETE sentence??

    I don’t respond to the stupid.

  31. I drove to Florida for the Memorial Day weekend, I did not see one rebel flag until I reached northern Florida and then it was HUGE and there were more Obama campaign stickers on cars than McCain/Pay-lin stickers and Rob-me/ Lyin’Ryan stickers on vehicles. And in my opinion the south is too beautiful for all of those southerners who HAVE seceded from reality and wish to seceded from the U.S.!

  32. I believe there’s an idea somewhere lost in that word salad.

    She’s just your typical UNEDUCATED tea bagger.

  33. Allow? More like demand actually.

    But if we had one state that was made to secede- then every Right Wing Wackjob would want to move to such a ‘paradise’.
    Which would leave the rest of us to fix the problems the RWW love to create and prolong.

    Then…Mexico might decide to reclaim some lost land…

  34. Joplin, Mo.: We don’t worry bout’ no dang climate change or gettin’ no more tornaders. We elected a Black mayor, god told us we need to be less racist n’ stuff. We’re safe now, we shoulda’ done it before Satan’s curse came through though, we got distracted because of the city wide crossroasting festivities on Wednesday nights. That mean ole’ devil.[wink]

  35. Texas is a MOOCHER state and will want fed assistance due to the flooding
    “The citizens of Texas certainly pay into the federal government, but multiple studies have found that they get even more in return. Over a 25 year period, Texans have, on average, received more in federal money than they have paid into the system. In 2009, for example, the people of Texas paid $163 billion in federal taxes, and in return they received $224 billion from the federal government in the form block grants, Medicare and Medicaid aid, and retirement and disability assistance. In other words, the state of Texas made a $61 billion profit off the federal government in 2009. If they really did secede, the state of Texas would either have to stop giving their elderly citizens health care, or raise taxes to make up for the billions they would lose in federal citizens.”

  36. Richard Lawson…as a proud, native Texas Democrat, who is embarrassed by the right wing idiots from this state…I say screw you!

  37. “Mix the fears of working class whites whose living standards are falling and whose social status is sliding, with the relentless daily drip poison of Fox News, the radio rants of Rush Limbaugh and his imitators, and the fulminations of religious fanatics, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and misogynists. Add in an interminable flow of cash from a handful government-hating billionaires, brainless emanations from the institutes they finance, and mindless obedience to them by elected officials who are contemptuous both of scientific truth and of the public good. And you have the modern Republican Party.

    To say the Party has moved to the extreme right is to suggest some set of coherent values or core beliefs, some place on a continuum of responsible and intelligible positions – with which respectable people may disagree, or debate, or take issue. But that is not what has happened. Today’s Republican Party is animated by hate and fear, not by principle. ” – Robert Reich 5/26/2015

  38. Isn’t it obvious? They only have til next year to get the most out of the ‘hate Obama’ mantra. They need to keep their base in a state of terror so Hillary won’t get them.

  39. So what’s the problem with using Texas as a dumping ground? What environmental laws are enforced there anyways?

  40. Thank you Jeffrey Mathis. Your summary of how slavery, the civil war, and the failed attempt at reconstruction after the civil war is one of the best summaries I have ever read anywhere. Unfortunately, the essence of what you summarized continues to have the same huge adverse impact on the overall well-being of the United States and all the American people, regardless of their personal background.

  41. Why don’t these Texans understand that God is punishing THEM for their intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, racism, ignorance, and treason? These unprecedented floods and storms are God’s vengeance for their fake Christianity and blasphemy. God isn’t punishing us here in the liberal Northeast, you Texassholes. I hope you all get washed into the Gulf of Mexico, and don’t ask for financial aid from the Federal Government you don’t support or believe in.

  42. Note to GOP, Stop trying to divide us! Stop using your GRAY panther OLD folks wing into screaming at the television and voting republican! Stop using your FAKE religious wing into saying things Jesus would NEVER be apart of! Stop being the “BAG MAN” for corporate america and using “ALEC” to murder black americans! Stop using your RACIST wing to constantly disparage minoirities, Stop using your misogynist wing into bullying women and putting the skinny blonde ones on FUX NEWS! Stop using your xenophobia PERIOD! America must PROGRESS! this HATRED of ANYTHING that isn’t WHITE REPUBLICAN MALE, is destroying us! The world after WW2 use to respect us, NOW they either hate us or simply laugh at us! China is laughing it’s A$S off! they know that the GOP will stab america in the back for a few viagra prescriptions!! GOP! your killing us!! STOP!

  43. I agree with the Article above, except the LAST sentence in this statement:
    ———What Jade Helm teaches us all is that Republican fear of the nation’s first black president is getting stronger even though his time in office is winding down.

    Even after President Obama is gone, Republican paranoia is likely to linger on.————–

    Republican paranoia will settle itself down. It will be there BUT not reaching hysterical, dumb levels as now—because its the the Black President stupid. You get it? ;) So, When Obama is gone they will breath a sigh of relief and go back into their bunkers, until Hillary and the First Dude pisses them off. ;) got it? Natch.

  44. That would be a problem with grammar, not diction. Diction is speaking. Grammar is writing.

    It’s still a bunch of nonsense, whichever it is.

  45. Let’s just give them what they want and get it over with. Send in drones and blow up anything with a Confederate flag attached to it.

  46. The liberals in the other states do support the Texas democrats.
    Unfortunately Texas has become RED MOOCHER state…and those of us in the blue states are getting tired of paying for you.

    As I stated, there are blueberries in the tomato cesspool of ignorance and bigotry.

    Due the the 2010 illegal gerrymandering done by the Texas tea bags, even if EVERY SINGLE TEXAS DEMOCRAT VOTED, you’d still be a RED state.

    Greg Abbott, Texas AG, Acknowledges GOP Redistricting Decisions Made ‘At The Expense Of The Democrats’

  47. Pat Robertson:
    Do you think that the current flooding in Texas is god judging Texas for all the stupid anti-gay and anti-transgender legislation introduced in the last legislative session?

    Just curious…

  48. I don’t know about everyone but I was always under the belief that when you hit that reply to… button, That’s a response.
    So much for not replying to stupid.

  49. Hi, I hadn’t seen anything posted by you in a long time….I always liked your ‘moniker’…good to see you’re alive and well, we need all the sane people we can get. Keep up the good work, peace and enjoy your Summer.

  50. I’ll make no false apologies for the ‘unreconstructed’ among us. But I will point out that a Great many people who now live in the South are not Southerners.

    Rush is from Missouri, for instance. There is some confusion even among Missourians as to whether they are Southern or Mid-Western.

  51. The part of Missouri the drug addict is from is redneck central. When I drive home to Chicago I make sure I have plenty of gas till I get to Rollo

  52. I find this Jade Helm thing to be quite funny actually, when you consider the brain washing our friends on the other side receive on a daily basis. I wonder if the Republicans will campaign on it for Political contributions. Think about it, they have made millions on the Obama’s gone take your guns campaign, they also made millions on the never ending Bengazi thing, and a host of other anti-Government Anti-Obama establishment issues, but that’s okay. Jade Helm could be the big bread winner, I can see Abbott,Cruz and crazy uncle Louie, hosting a barbecue outside the Gates of a Texas Military Installation screaming “we have had it, and where not going to take it anymore” we know you have aliens in there, let the investigation began.

  53. Every resident of the “Loon Star State” might have to now be incarcerated into Gitmo, since they clearly evidence a “clear and present danger” to the current Prez.

  54. I made a New Year’s resolution to stop calling or referring to those with whom I disagreed politically as being stupid, morons, imbeciles, idiots, troglodytes, knuckle-draggers, cretins, airheads, birdbrains, boneheads, dullards, dumbbells, dummies, dunces, half-wits, ignoramuses, knuckleheads, lamebrains, nincompoops, ninnies, simpletons, or yahoos, etc., but I just can’t think of any other words to characterize Texan politicians and Texans who accept their assaults on human intelligence. The depths into which they have sunken is simply mind-boggling and unbelievable.

  55. I have zero compassion for these nuts because they’re so d*mn gullible and will permit any old yahoo to do their thinking for them. Alex Jones has gotten rich peddling conspiracy theories to them. The Boston Globe article states that neither he nor Abbott were “available” for comment. It’s just like these two turds to smear feces all over the place, then, run and hid when it starts stinking up the place! They are bomb-throwing cowards. These nuts are living with the biggest threat to their lives everyday–Abbott and the GOP/TPers in their state legislature—and they’re too dumb to know it. It’s not the federal government taking their rights, it’s those they elected to run their state, with the most recent move being a vote in the state legislature to deprive local governments the right to ban fracking, a clear danger to their health, the health of their families, and the environment, but I imagine this is OK with them because “conservatives” did it. Nuts.

  56. Hmm, Texas. Settled by those that left the US, defied contracts with the Mexican Government,fought a rebellion because they broke their word; joined the union, defied and left the union,were defeated with the Confederacy. Inspire the Mexican American war, defined Manifest Destiny; now subverts individual rights. real Americans, my ass.

  57. Watching the press conference given by the idiot governor of Texas, he was thanking Jindal, Martinez and other rethug governors for their kind offers to help him. Not once did he mention that he was asking Obama for FEMA aid, did anyone else notice?

  58. All that and more- are the reasons why Civilized (?) America should demand the Secession of Texas.

    Stupid is, as Stupid does…

  59. Texans can expatriate themselves, but the land, water, infrastructure and oil is not theirs. It’s ours.

  60. “But if we had one state that was made to secede-then every Right wing Wackjob would want to move to such a “paradise”

    sounds good to me Moongrim

  61. Tea-xas is what you get when you allow religion in education and refuse to educate all children decently.

  62. Oh, I’m afraid you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Just wait til there is a WOMAN in the White (man’s) House. All these racists will morph into misognysts over night. Well, actually they already are…their hate knows no bounds.

  63. …what I really wish is that states who’s local/state governments keep stokin’ the anti-fed flames be totally ineligible for federal aid of ANY kind; including emergency aid…
    …as for Texas, lets take a month, and transfer thinking, loyal Americans outta Texas, and transfer Teahadists {Anti-Christian Reich wingers} and Teatards {Willfully ignorant pseudo-Christians;see Louie Gomert} INTO Texas…start a public works program creating the biggest barrier ever created by man…and ensure all Texans are forbidden to EVER come back…
    Would that change anything??? Would a battle between Greg Abbott and Brownback result in any deaths??? Would being blocked from our internet, and banking system result in changes???
    Sadly, we’ll never know…

  64. Why is it that schizo, paranoia, hate, weirdness, and all the “isms” abound in the Republican Party? Why?

  65. Michael Savage Rabble-Rouser.
    Who’s backing this Hateful-Poison being poured upon America?

    If/When you have a chance…
    Listen to the vitriol of Savage.
    (We should know the misinformation being spread over our America).

    The beginning Savage is defending Pamela Geller …skip around.
    @56:17 PBO’s Anti-White Agenda.
    @1:08:32 Michelle Obama Race Rabble, Savage equates to Hitler!

    Pure Evil Rabble-Rousing!

    “ANGER/HATRED does more harm to the vessel in which it’s stored…
    Than to anything on which it is poured”
    –Mark Twain

  66. I say let them drown it will be just that much easier to take them over! LMAOO…And make it one big Native American Reservation..Love that idea..

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