John McCain Says American Workers Shouldn’t Be Protected If We Can Get Cheap Goods


In an June 12th interview with Chris Merrill on the Phoenix based KFYI talk radio station, Arizona Senator John McCain (R) defended his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), by arguing that cheap goods and services are more important than protecting American workers or businesses. During the interview, McCain took a hard line free trade over fair trade stance. He defended past trade deals like NAFTA saying only “hardcore union spokespersons” are still against that deal.

However, Senator McCain’s most telling remarks came when he was asked about his current position regarding the TPP trade deal. Senator McCain didn’t argue that the trade deal would be good for American workers or businesses. Instead he said free trade brings cheap goods into America, and that is more than enough reason to throw American workers under the bus. McCain told Merrill:

There [are] some people who and businesses that can’t be protected, but frankly they shouldn’t be protected really, when you get down to it, if it means a lower cost to the consumer of some goods and services that then more Americans can afford them.

In a single sentence, McCain revealed his indifference towards the plight of American workers and U.S based small businesses that would be adversely affected by a trade agreement which favors the interests of large multinational corporations.

In McCain’s mind, bringing in cheap imports is more important than protecting American jobs. Senator McCain has never had a strong voting record on defending American workers. However, his rhetoric stating that people don’t deserve protection from detrimental trade deals, further confirms what little regard Senator McCain has for American workers.

McCain, who is one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, with a net worth exceeding 15 million dollars, has lost touch with the struggles of every day working Americans. His dismissive attitude towards American workers makes him a poor choice to serve the people of Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Voters who care about protecting American workers and preserving America’s small businesses should vote to replace Senator McCain when he comes up for re-election in 2016.

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  1. does he explain how someone buys cheap goods if they don’t have the money to pay for them? does he believe in the Wal-Mart theory of cheap labor and offer free advice on how to apply for food stamps and other government subsidys?

    I suppose he expects that when surplus labor can’t get a job they can always go in the military to fight the ‘boots on the ground’ campaigns so near and dear to his withered heart…

  2. Senator John McCain has traded love of country and patriotism to the corporations. He needs to retire for the good of the nation.

  3. Cheaper goods versus Better Pay?

    Makes me happier that Obama won over that bastard.

    McSame and company just wants to turn America into a third world country.

  4. “Lower cost to consumers”………. If you only have a nickle and something costs six cents, it might be cheap but you still can’t afford it asshole! Isn’t this old fossil dead yet, or does he just smell that way?

  5. Johnny likes cheap crap, thats why added Palin to his ticket. If he croaked, America would have been royally screwed. John is anti-American.

  6. That’s exactly what America’s worst enemy, the republicans are trying to do. We have to vote these traitors and enemies of the American people out before the torches, pitchforks and guillotines are brought out.

  7. McCain does want‘boots on the ground’ but
    he has never had a strong voting record on defending active American military members or veterans.

  8. what do you want from a guy whos biggest decision was to pick palin as his vp. and his best buddy lindsey is a closet gay, who wont admit to his proclivities…

  9. that’s scarey, McCain sounds just like my father. I told him Walmart was putting small companies out of business and his response was, ‘What’s the big deal they probably make more at Walmart.’
    He’s always votes republican.

  10. John McCain proves once again that he doesn’t give a “dang” about the working people. He doesn’t even care about our veterans. Check out his anti-veteran voting record. McCain never mentally accepted the fact that the American people soundly and overwhelmingly rejected him and his outdated, out of touch, warmongering views for the presidency twice. McCain is NO military or foreign affairs expert. He’s just a dangerously old bitter and hateful, warmongering madman! Now people can say too that a vote for JOHN MCCAIN. Is not only a vote to send our children off to war. But a vote for McCain is a vote against every working person in the country. McCain is always looking for a war to start, places to bomb and people to kill. WAKE UP ARIZONA VOTE THE BUM OUT!!!!!!

  11. And some people denigrated my stance against TAA AND TPP. Now you know exactly why I am against ANY trade agreement that throws American workers under the bus. This is exactly what the Republicans and the corporation will do.

  12. Let’s see johnnyboy survive on $8 an hour and no benefits. Oh, he can’t do it? What makes him think others can? Asshat. This from the guy who can’t even remember how many houses he has.

  13. Typical repug attitude about workers. They have no compassion or goodwill towards middle class because we are dems who have been on the take. You know – the 47 per cent.

  14. McCain wants to take advantage of those poor workers getting a few cents an hour and no benefits. Instead, we should boycott those companies demanding they pay living wage and benefits like we do. Then they could compete with our workers on an even basis.

  15. Sad! Very, very sad that we have congressional reps who think this way. This attitude is what is really destroying America and these types of idiots don’t even see it.

  16. And this from a man who cannot remember how many homes he owns, who is married to a
    woman who inherited a multi million empire of beer brewing companies, also a man who
    I have heard draws his senate salary, social security and disability for his stiff shoulder and who is also from a wealthy family, he never really had to work a day’s honest toil in his life. His father
    got him into military school where he graduated bottom of the class and then proceeded to crash planes and cause the deaths of other sailors, yes, he’s a winner!!

  17. Mr. Senile has lost any intelligence or wisdom about America. Funny to me every gov. in the country says they are trying to bring more business into their respective states. They must be lying to make it look like they are. I personally would like to see more companies run by their employees. Then they all have a stake in it and the pride that goes with it.

  18. Why do the people in Arizona keep voting this dinasaer in?? He does absolutely jack nothing and he is not a friend of the military. He thinks he’s the only one who was a POW. Also, where the heck was he when the VA was operating so poorly in Phoenix–isn’t that a part of his job. He needs to go!! And MConnell right behind him.

  19. Country first was replaced with ME FIRST!
    The rethugs who now sit in the Senate and the House include the White House,(when it is owned by them) have no idea of honor, responsibility, or of who they are supposed to be working for. They think of the job as a way to get rich quick with no repercussions, ever coming their way.
    example: all the 12 rethugs running for the Presidency, all will get richer, for trying.
    There is no thought of ” ask not what your country can do for you, but ask, what can I do for My country?” Not with these clowns!!!

  20. …just tell him they’re puttin’ him out to stud…these traitors have no morals,no conscience,no heart, and souls that’re mortgaged about 20 times over…they don’t CARE about “We the People” because they’ve been told they ARE part of the ruling class…and the rest of us are just peons who’ll vote for whoever we’re TOLD to vote for…
    …as I said to me wife about Donald Trump:”Just another turd in a golden punch-bowl.”

  21. No fair-pay for the workers…

    Yet, McCain’s beer distributor business is not giving the beer away or @ discounted prices.

    And the city gives the business all kinds of breaks, but the “trickle down”
    has not started yet…

    Maybe in the next millenium…

  22. I think McCain’s worth oodles more than the 15 million cited in the article, maybe by a factor of 10. Otherwise, nice piece.

  23. I can’t decide if McCain’s time spent in the “Hanoi Hilton” messed up his mind, or if he needs to go back and spend more time there.

  24. Seeing that he is a sitting US senator who ran for president and who is presently the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – OF ALL THINGS! -This really needs to be put in front and center before the country

  25. Profits of multinational corporations and cheap goods trump American jobs and the well being of the American working class.

    Hello America, your own government is waging war on the working class of the country. Do you not care?

    To all of you Americans out there who shop at Wal-Mart, especially the ones who say they love their country, you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM and play a big role in the demise of the working class and of our country.

    Keep on shopping at Wal-Mart to save you and your families money while the country continues in its downward death spiral.

    Hey McCain, I thought you believed in “Country First”? You and your cohorts who support TPP are TRAITORS to your country and the American people and nothing but corporate puppets!

  26. They call Snowden a traitor. In my opinion, McCain is the one we should worry about with a statement such as this one. Not worried about our workers, for shame.


  28. It’s spelled Incumbent.

    The main difference between Republicans and Democrats: Democrats will let their corrupt ones go to jail.
    Republicans will snivel about it greatly when one of their own inevitably gets charged.

  29. “Arizona Senator John McCain (R) defended his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), by arguing that cheap goods and services are more important than protecting American workers or businesses.”

    That must the GOP definition of “fair trade”.

  30. McCain’s failure to understand what you wrote indicates he is too ignorant to represent Americans.

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