Hillary Clinton Leads Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio By 8-14 Points

Hillary Clinton

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on June 23, 2015, shows Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over each of the top three GOP presidential candidates. The national telephone survey of 1,000 voting age Americans conducted from June 14-June 18, 2015 found Hillary Clinton coasting in the Democratic primary with a whopping 75 percent to 15 percent advantage over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The survey also found Clinton dominating her Republican opposition, posting leads of 48-40 over former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, 50-40 over Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and 51-37 over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Clinton’s strength ran across several demographic categories, demonstrating her broad appeal. She ran especially strong with women voters and minority voters. 52 percent of women have a favorable opinion of Clinton compared to just 34 percent who view her unfavorably. While that is impressive, it pales in comparison to her popularity with African-Americans. 81 percent of black voters view Clinton favorably compared to just 3 percent who have a negative opinion of her.

In a head to head contest with Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton leads with black voters 91-4 and with Latinos 65-23. If Republicans do not improve their standing with minorities before November 2016, they will get crushed on Election Day.

Although the media has gone to great lengths to push narratives that present Hillary Clinton in an unfavorable light, she continues to remain the candidate of choice for the nation’s voters. Furthermore, she polls much better than any other Democrat, including a generic “unnamed Democrat”, when pitted against each of the three most likely Republican candidates.

With the election still over a year away, anything can still happen. However, over the past weekend while Republicans fumbled and stumbled their way through awkward responses to the Charleston shooting tragedy, Hillary Clinton offered moral clarity and spoke like a leader, rather than a candidate trying to gauge her message only to maximize her political advantage with this or that focus group.

Americans view Hillary Clinton as a strong leader for good reason. They have followed her public life for nearly two and a half decades, and while they may not agree with her on every issue, they know where she stands and they know she is prepared to lead. While most media narratives are treating the 2016 presidential contest as a toss up, the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll reveals that the race isn’t even close. Right now Hillary Clinton is crushing the opposition.

13 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Leads Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio By 8-14 Points”

  1. She SHOULD be leading by 40 points. Against such a sorry bunch of fools, even 50 points. Hell, 100 points.

  2. Never, never underestimate the Rethugs. Remember they have UNLIMITED money behind them.

    I don’t care if Hillary (or Bernie or O’Malley) wins by 1 percentage point or one electoral vote. As long as a Democrat succeeds Pres. Obama.

  3. You have to remember 47% are brain dead idiots who will vote republican no matter what. We are truly a nation of dumbasses

  4. The goper smear campaigns are dead in the water in a national election. Sure, the red state goobers will eat up whatever BS the RNC dishes out, but that is only 35% of the people who will vote. As a nation, we have become wise to the goper schtick and pay little or no attention. Hillary leads by more than the polls are showing. Why? The polls don’t consider the reaction to the new meme: GOP = recessive policies. Every day the gopers prove that.

  5. Imagine that~~a woman beating a bunch of koch suckers.

    As a Wisconsin resident and a REAL American, I am most happy about this~~

    “51-37 over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.”

    Ja ja, der buch burner iss loozzink!!

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