Hillary Clinton Throws Gasoline On The GOP Fire By Ripping Republicans For Trump’s Racism


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took Republican Party’s Donald Trump led implosion to a whole new level by linking Trump’s racism to the GOP during her interview on CNN.


During her interview on CNN, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was asked about Donald Trump, and her answer linked Trump’s racism to the Republican Party.

Clinton said, “I am very disappointed in those comments, and I feel very bad and very disappointed with him and the Republican Party for not saying enough, stop it. But they are all in the same general area on immigration. They don’t want to provide a path to citizenship. They range across a spectrum of being grudgingly welcome to openly hostile to immigrants.”

Clinton was asked about Jeb Bush, who CNN claimed was not like Trump. Former Sec. Clinton knocked that down, “He doesn’t believe in a path to citizenship. If he did at one time, he no longer does. And so pretty much as I said, they’re on a spectrum of hostility which is regrettable in a nation of immigrants like ours all the way to grudging acceptance with refusal to go with a pathway to citizenship.”

She buried Republicans deeper by explaining why a path to citizenship is good, “I think that’s a mistake. We know we’re not going to deport 11 or 12 million people. We shouldn’t be breaking up families. We shouldn’t be stopping people from having the opportunity to be fully integrated legally within our country, It’s good for us. It’s good economically. It’s good for the taxes that will be legally collected. It’s good for the children so that they can go as far as their hard work and talent can take them, so I am 100% behind a comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.”

Hillary Clinton’s answer to the Trump question is a big part of the reason Democrats are favored to keep the White House in 2016. In fact, Clinton’s answer made things even worse for Republicans because now every Republican presidential candidate will be asked if they believe that immigration reform is a good thing.

Former Sec. Clinton just made the raging tire fire that Donald Trump ignited into a full-blown inferno. Clinton was correct. Donald Trump isn’t an outlier. Trump’s problem was that he said in public what the Republicans all campaign on with lots of thinly veiled rhetoric.

Republicans are to blame because they invited the Trump circus into their tent of crazy. Republicans treated Donald Trump like a legitimate voice and gave him attention while he was launching the birther attacks on President Obama, and they can’t distance themselves from his racist bigotry now.

Hillary Clinton took a nightmare situation for the Republican Party and turned it into an issue that may very well cost them the 2016 election.

16 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Throws Gasoline On The GOP Fire By Ripping Republicans For Trump’s Racism”

  1. The reason the clowns wont attack the off spring of an orangutan is because the minute he has to disclose his finances he will drop out and one of the clowns will want be there to pick up his racist ball washers.

    Now seeing that the majority of that party are racist I guess you have to go with the Cubano Cruz who said “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. …The Washington cartel supports amnesty, and I think amnesty’s wrong.”

    So it is what it is

  2. is it just me, or are the republicans and conservatives trying as hard as possible to give the 2016 elections to the democrats? it sure seems that way. this is nuts. what is wrong with these people on the right? this is utter lunacy. simply jaw dropping stuff from you righties.

  3. I have observed a covey of surprised quail act with more discipline than the entire Republican Clown Car.

  4. “Hillary Clinton Throws Gasoline On The GOP Fire By Ripping Republicans For Trump’s Racism ”

    Yay! One of the great headlines of our time.

  5. The question that should be asked of every Republican is, “why does the GOP think Mexicans are rapists and criminals?” The follow up question would be why no one called out Trump on his comments.

    The GOP has devolved into a hate group.

  6. The next Bush to have a half way decent shot at winning the White House is George Prescott Bush, son of Jeb Bush. Why? Because he looks Latino, Why? Because his mother is from Mexico.
    I know I won’t live long enough to see Texas turn blue but I hope to live long enough to see Texas turn purple. It is going to happen.
    Viva la raza.
    The Old Ohio Lobo’s native language is Spanish and my family has been in New Mexico for over FOUR centuries. In this nation of immigrants, unless your ancestors were original settlers of Jamestown or came over on the Mayflower, my family has been here longer than yours. I can prove it. I also dabble in genealogy. [WINK]

  7. Ok, wait for it……….Trump is gonna’ say something Nasty about Hillary, any day now. Bet on it.

  8. I’ll bet you have one helluva family history, I’m jealous, I’m adopted and I envy anyone who can trace their roots back that far, KUDOS to you ;)

  9. Don’t be too envious. A lot of my family has criminality inborn- my family namesake was made to emigrate or get hung again with a stouter rope.

    I myself, am marginally better, I’ve never been to jail, but then again I’m the only one who has never been divorced or cheated on his/her spouse.

    I think my extended family would fit in rather nicely in Mos Eisley on Tatooine.

  10. The right doesn’t want a path to citizenship. They’re fear the cheaper labor and the ability to hold deportation over the family to keep them in line.

    Stop the one paying for the labor and stop the problem. Somebody’s pockets are lined with payoffs to keep the cheap labor. The longer the republicans can make this a battle the longer we have the cheap labor. Stuff like this only happens when there is a profit to be made. Good god we need Bernie.

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