Ted Cruz Busted For Buying His Own Books As NY Times Refuses To Put Him On Bestseller List

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The New York Times has refused to put Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on their bestseller list after finding evidence that his book sales were not authentic.

New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy told Politico, “We have uniform standards that we apply to our best seller list, which includes an analysis of book sales that goes beyond simply the number of books sold. This book didn’t meet that standard this week. Our goal is that the list reflect authentic best sellers, so we look at and analyze not just numbers, but patterns of sales for every book.”

Murphy later added more detail, “In the case of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases.”

Strategic bulk purchases is a polite way of saying that Cruz, his super PAC, or organization that he cut a deal with, bought the books in bulk to inflate his sales numbers and land him on the bestseller list.

Republicans have been using this tactic for years. Sarah Palin had her super PAC buy $64,000 worth of her books in 2010. Mitt Romney landed on the bestseller list by declining speaking fees and forcing universities to buy tens of thousands of copies of his book. Ben Carson’s “bestseller” was fueled by a pro-Carson super PAC buying up $150,000 of his books.

Bestseller list rigging appears to be a uniquely Republican phenomenon. President Obama became a legitimate best-selling author, the same goes for former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s book sales have never been questioned.

Republican candidates have been gaming bestseller lists for years, but list makers like The New York Times are beginning to catch on. Bestseller lists are viewed by campaigns as a way to create the illusion of grassroots popularity by landing their candidate at or near the top of the list. Ted Cruz is struggling in the polls. He is buried in the lower middle of the Republican pack. He tried to buy his way onto the bestseller list and was busted.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend that will see the listmakers put an end to one of the most egregious forms of Republican fraud.

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  1. Mr. Cruz got caught, but the Tundra Tart did the same thing, and she got away with it.
    Maybe the worm is turning………

  2. The Reichwing electorate is so detached and contemptuous of reality that this information will mean nothing.

    They survive by faith in smoke and mirrors.

  3. Astro-turfing.

    I guess it’s easier to spend money to make yourself appear to be something worthwhile, as opposed to the much harder task of actually making yourself worthwhile.

    Which explains everything from Scientology’s purchase of Battlefield Earth several times, to Palin’s purchase of Facebook Followers, to W’s riding into Harvard and Yale on his father’s coat tails.

    I’ve stepped into puddles that had more depth than just about every Republican on display.

  4. So they buy $150.000.00 worth of books. I wonder what they do with all of them. Toss them in the recycle bin? What a waste of paper and ink.

  5. Not long afterwards, stories emerged of a reported Church of Scientology book-buying campaign mounted to ensure that the book would appear on the bestseller lists.

    Several bookstores reported that shipments of the book arrived with the store’s own price tags already affixed to them, even before they were unpacked from the shipping boxes, suggesting that copies were being recycled


    Deja Poo

  6. The students at Liberty collage were FORCED, or be fined, to attend his useless rant.
    Now he BUYS BOXES of his own books to appear more popular than is really is.

    And DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALIST Bernie has to get BIGGER venues and almost has to turn people away because there’s no room left.

    Donald, the democrats dream come true,may go independant…HAHAHAHA he will SPLIT the tea bag/repubs votes!!!!!

    Donald Trump slams Jeb Bush, hints at independent bid

  7. ‘Tundra Tart’. I like that. Didn’t she once say that she could see Russia from her house? Well I looked Wasilla up and it’s about a 1000 miles from Russia. Wonder where she is getting her eye glasses prescription?

  8. Astroturfing and fraud appear to be rightwingers’ stock in trade. They also send their PayTrolls to places like this to disrupt any legitimate discussion.

  9. Won’t make any difference which way he goes. He may be riding high in polls, but it is going to take actual votes to win the nomination AND the general election. I doubt very much that he can win enough votes to do either.

    We do not need his brand of hate, bigotry and racism in this country. We definitely do not need it in POTUS.

  10. Fox is probably paying people to have TV’s tuned to them just to appear to have higher ratings.

    When I worked for Disney and visited the ABC offices in NYC, EVERYONE had a tv in their cubes, offices and it was tuned to ABC.

  11. You leftist sycophants of the New York Slimes will be eating crow. The Cruz Campaign has called out the New York Times and demanded that it produce the evidence of so called bulk purchases, which the Slimes probably will not because it cannot. That was just a CYA act by the Slimes to cover up its act of political bias.

  12. Did you even read the article or are you that far down the rabbit hole that you can’t see reality without distorting it to fit your crazy half assed views?

    The article said that there was evidence bulk purchasing. Neither the publisher or Cuckoo Cruz have the balls to admit that it was bulk purchasing.

    Oh, and bias? Dude, the Time’s best seller list includes Ann Coulter’s P.O.S. book. Yeah, because having a book that is basically cover for ‘I hate America and what it is now and I hate liberals because I’ve never jilled off once in my lifetime’ in the list is a sure fire sign of political bias.

  13. Update:
    HarperCollins Refutes New York Times Claim That Ted Cruz Tried To Game Bestseller List

    HarperCollins Publishers has investigated the sales pattern for Ted Cruz’s book A TIME FOR TRUTH and has found no evidence of bulk orders or sales through any retailer or organization.

    When questioned about the omission of A TIME FOR TRUTH from its bestseller list, the New York Times told Politico, “In the case of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases.”

    A TIME FOR TRUTH ranked high on other publishing industry bestseller lists including Nielsen Bookscan (#4), a subscription service that tracks the vast majority of book sales in America, The Wall Street Journal (#4) and Barnes and Noble (#7). All these outlets omit bulk orders books from their rankings.

  14. This does have the effect of letting the right know they aren’t nearly as popular as they would like. Remember, Mr Cruz, you know good and well, now that not that many people are interested, no matter what book “sales” say. LOL

  15. Did you just crawl out from under your tea bag??

    The New York Times is CONSERVATIVE and they have EVIDENCE, but obviously you can’t read.

  16. I can’t wait for the tea bag/repub debates to see who can out STUPID each other. Donald will be the “CELEBRITY” attraction and he won’t care who he offends, shouts over and interupts he’s the celebrity don’t you know and it will be ALL ABOUT HIM.
    He’s so arrogent it’s discusting.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he flat out BRIBES, err BUYS the Fox debates and make it “The Donald I’m richer than you are show”

  17. And pouts and pouts. I cannot stand to look at a photo of that thing. All I want to do is smack him in the smug mouth.
    How did this country ever come down to this kind of clownisness (if that isn’t a word it should be.)

  18. I love how tea bags just spew crap WITHOUT valid links.

    So you’re an UNEDUCATED tea bagger who will vote for Raphael, who has wasted $24 BILLION tax $$$$ on a useless fillibuster.
    You’re also uneducated because you want to go back to the FAILED republican policies and the smoldering ruins left by the worst president ever – DUMYA #43.

    You and your pathetic party have blood on your hands:
    6,840 U.S. service members have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

  19. If Donald severs ties with the GOP and gets himself listed as an independent on the November ballot he’ll SPLIT the GOP votes.

  20. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    ― Isaac Asimov

  21. there is no way that a repub will be elected…no way. will it make much difference? likely not…but…the repubs are just ridiculous. serious clown show to be sure…

  22. I always assumed that Times knew of that tactic. How could they not. I no longer look to the Times “Best”. Every screw ball republican from Rush to O’reilly to a 1/2 term Gov stays on the list well be beyond the smell test. Sad, when you realize what has become of the NYTimes book listings.

  23. Why is it that every photo of Rafael makes him look as though he has santorum dripping from his chin?

  24. Well I tried to post link to CNN money but the site monitors wouldn’t allow it to through(there was nothing offensive) so I guess they don’t believe in free speech or when I post fact that completely disputed this story so if you people on here reading(if they let this through) think that what’s on here is unbiased your an idiot. BTW Cruz has asked the NYT to release the “evidence” but they wont. Last time I checked the person who refuses to be completely forth coming is usually the ones lying. Which in this case would be the NYT, but please keep living in you little worlds where the truth and facts don’t matter.

  25. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mckaycoppins/harpercollins-refutes-new-york-times-claim-that-ted-cruz-tri#.ylpap8qoY

    “Publishing giant HarperCollins is publicly pushing back against the New York Times’ claim that Ted Cruz’s new book, A Time For Truth, was disqualified from its bestseller list because sales were limited to “strategic bulk purchases.”
    In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News, HarperCollins publicity director Tina Andreadis said the company looked into the matter and “found no evidence of bulk orders or sales through any retailer or organization.”

  26. Do you mean to tell me a repug has done something unscrupulous for their own good? Nah, hard to believe.

  27. And Cruz and the other GOP trash are supposed to be the religious right. In reality they are nothing crooks and swindlers. It’s evident that that there God that is mentioned in the Bible. How in the hell do idiots keep putting them in office.

  28. Jennifer and all … this is standard practice for books, records, movies, song streaming, Youtube plays etc etc there are bulk purchases made by publishers, record companies, distributors etc to boost media attention. Youtube View Robots are used to boost view so it comes up on the screen often, Website Click Robots to boost Website Views … don’t believe what you see or hear believe what you know … commonsense … Ted Cruz would not have sold 500 copies of his BS Book. Don’t be manipulated Taylor Swift is as pumped up phony in respect to sales as you can get … the list goes on and on.

  29. All too true, but depressing. I actually think our dummies have gotten even dumber, though, when I look at the republican party.

  30. Republicans are the worlds worse. They lie, they cheat and they steal at levels that boggle the mind, yet they claim to be children of God. I beg to differ. Seems they’re more like the children of the devil.
    Christians are suposed to be like the salt of the earth, giving the world a Christlike example to follow. The evidence is clear that they’re not who they profess to be….

  31. Book sales can be manipulated. Battlefield Earth- is a fine demonstration of that.

    But movie tickets on the other hand…B.E. movie sales tanked.

    Apparently one couldn’t game the system effectively for that.

    Keep that in mind for the Republican Primary.

  32. It was Tina Fey who made the joke about Palin seeing Russia from her front porch.

    In fact Palin tried to play up her foreign policy bona fides by pointing out that Russia is next to Alaska. Geographical proximity ≠ foreign policy experience, so Palin was rightfully pilloried for the remark.


  33. Tina Fey wasn’t “trying to be funny”. She was hilarious!

    And while the quote is from Tina, she was mocking Wailin who told Katie Couric that the fact that she lives so close to Russia proves she had foreign policy experience.

  34. Obama bought 1000 of copies of his own book with tax pay money and gave them away as gifts from the goverment.

  35. A. Cite or fight.
    B. And, assuming arguendo he did, did he do that to get on the best seller list? Cite or fight.

  36. The Times is lying. This is just another attempt by the left to smear Cruz. They just don’t want people to buy his book. The Times has produced not evidence of this other than their false accusation.

  37. Not just Republicans. A well known preacher did a similar thing (his church bought the books, I think) to get on the list. It does not take all that many books being sold to get on the list.

  38. Well, the article was updated with a statement from NYT saying they do have proof. And in the computer age when a bookstore’s database could print out each sale and the credit card # attached to it. I don’t think proof would be hard to find.

    The comments are scary. Including several people who honestly think that a Cruz/Trump ticket is the way to go. I weep for my country.

  39. In a word. The electronic ballot ranks in the top 3 mistakes this country has ever made.

    The other 2 are slavery and abuse of the Natives.

  40. I’m a South African and just follow American politics on the sideline. While nobody, and least of all politicians, are not perfect, none of the shenanigans by USA politicians compare with the callous act of desertion of their own countrymen by Obama, Clinton etc as that of Benghazi. Yet democrats seem to just happily sweep the event under the carpet. Surely no sincere, upright thinking person can be at peace with themselves to re-elect these people. Please post a reply if I’m missing something.

  41. I don’t think any of the republicans are smart enough to even write a book, they must hire ghost writers.

    Poor Jebby apparently is saying that Obama uses too many long words and wastes time
    talking to world leaders!!!!
    Guess Jebby won’t be writing a book.

  42. Where is the proof? Just because others are buying their own books does not mean that Ted Cruz is too. Where is the evidence?

  43. Well, first you’ll have to prove, Steve, that Obama and Clinton abandoned anybody. The House’s own “definitive” report found no wrongdoing. So what, exactly, do you mean? Care to elaborate or provide any evidence?

  44. I totally agree with you. How does “strategic bulk purchases” morph into Ted Cruz buying his own book? Ted has asked the Slime to prove it and you know they won’t because they can’t. Dems accuse Republicans of doing the very things they do – lie and cheat – that’s how Obama got elected and that’s how his monarchy rules.

  45. Renee, such blatant dishonesty does not really make your argument for you. The Obama administration is hardly a “monarchy” and he was elected fairly by majority of the voters – twice. Nothing like Bush’s 2000 Florida “steal” put Obama in the White House. As far as “proving” anything goes, you have a lot to prove. Let’s start there.

  46. The Church of Scientology has been doing this since at least the seventies. If they can do it, lots of other people can do it too, and I am sure they have. Ted has just made such a buffoon of himself, that the guys at the NYT thought it would be fun to stick the knife in a little deeper.

  47. Should have added the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to the list as they do the same thing

  48. The evidence is in the hands of those whose baby the Best Sellers list resides- The NYT.

    And if Cruz has proof that the NYT is telling a lie- then it’s incumbent upon him to prove his assertion.

  49. As a Resident of Antarctica, I can state quite categorically- that you are indeed missing something.
    The event was hardly swept under the carpet- as even the Republicans have admitted there is nothing to investigate.

    I am a sincere, upright thinking person, and Honorably Discharged Veteran.

    And I say that Benghazi is not the problem that you’ve been paid for to claim it is.

    Much ado has been stated about Obama, but instead let me direct you to the actions of the Republicans:
    AkA- the attack occurred AFTER Republicans demanded and got- budget cuts to the tune of 300 Million dollars, to State Dept. Security.

    4 people died in Benghazi.
    Over 60 died during W. Bu$h’s regime, (Embassy attacks).
    The Republicans didn’t give it any mind then.

  50. And 392 people died under Reagan in Beirut and similar.

    Which comes down to a number of approximately 450 lives lost under similar circumstances, all under Republican Presidents.

    So, we have 4 people die under Benghazi, and it’s a “obscene tragedy’ in the words of Republicans.
    But over a hundred times that number die under Republicans- and not one Republican can be bothered to shed so much as a crocodile tear.

    If I could vote to reelect Obama for a third term- I would.

  51. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Facts, kimosabe? You right-wingers make stuff up and then have the audacity to call those facts and then get pissed off when no one’s buying your lies.

    Sorry, but judging by the right-wingers posting under that clearly pro-Ted Crud article, you people are too willfully ignorant to believe anything anyone outside News Corpse and Fox “News” Channel (leading manufacturers of LIES) tell you.

    The New York Times neither wins nor loses anything by not putting Ted Crud on the bestseller list. But Senator Crud loses everything (especially credibility) if he isn’t on it.

    Try and use some common sense, Mr. Senseless. You’re an American (of Murican). Always follow the money.

  52. Cruz’s book currently sits on bestsellers lists compiled by Nielsen Bookscan, Barnes and Noble and the Wall Street Journal, all of which exclude bulk sales when they conduct their rankings. They NY times claims are bogus.

  53. Nope. His book isn’t in the Top 10 Barnes and Noble Best Seller List, nor even the Top 20, this week. The Wall Street Journal publishes Neilsen’s Bookscan rating, so his book is on one out of three Best Seller lists.

  54. The Times made an accusation (which very well may be true) but as of now, won’t produce any evidence to back up their claims. So it is perfectly fair to question there motives.

  55. If the New York Times would really want the truth to come out they would provide the evidence, it would really make Ted Cruz look bad. Since they refuse it’s obvious they lied.

  56. “If the New York Times desires to be seen as anything other than a partisan and dishonest attack dog for the far Left, then the only responsible course of action is either to release their so-called ‘evidence’ or to publicly apologize for making false charges. Silence—hiding from the truth—only screams confirmation that the Times intends to continue lying. Any journalist concerned about their institutional integrity should be embarrassed, and should demand corrective action.” – Rick Tyler, Cruz campaign spokesman

  57. So guess who owns Harper Collins Pub co … Rupert Murdoch. No surprise here that HC would support Ted Cruz.

  58. Where’s the proof to back up NYT’s claim? That’s the left’s biggest flaw . . . they talk out of their with NOTHING to back it up. It’s gotten to the point that truth or evidence thereof is a completely foreign concept to the left.

  59. Amazon came out and said no bulk buying and so did the publisher. Even if you remove what the publisher says, Amazon still says “best seller.”

    And before you bash me, remember the 1st amendment. Though I do realize some people only agree with the 1st amendment when they like/agree with the opinion stated by others. It’s the true mark of freedom when you respect someone even if you disagree with them.

  60. You don’t get to dictate what constitutes freedom for me.

    I cannot, nor will I not, respect assholes.
    Particularly assholes who try to game the system.

    Amazon is run by a Republican Sycophant.

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Claims It’s Unconstitutional For States To End Company’s Multimillion Dollar Tax Dodging


    Just like Harper Collins is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Like a pair of Used Car Salesmen- I’m gonna need a lot more than just their word.

  61. Bullshit.

    You describe the Right. We have spoken the truth, we have shouted it from the rooftops, and you hypocrites extraordinaire still refuse to acknowledge it.

    The right is wrong, on so very many things.

  62. What a load of horseapples.

    The NYT ain’t gotta do anything you pukes feel that they should. They’re a business- remember?

    If y’all don’t like them, then take your business elsewhere.

  63. Or maybe and more than likely Amazon and Harper Collins are doing their very best at not admitting they were gaming the system.

    All we’ve got are assurances from a bunch of Republican brown-nosers.

  64. The NYT, who couldn’t tell the difference between an open-cockpit fishing boat and a ‘luxury speedboat’, whatever a ‘speedboat’ is?

  65. Amazon and the publisher have both replied to the NY Times accusation. Amazon states there is absolutely no evidence of bulk sales, and that Cruz’s book is #13 on their list. The publisher says the same thing. The NY Times is lying, and should be called out for their obvious bias. If you don’t like Cruz, that’s one thing. To lie to try to impugn his integrity is quite another.

  66. The NY Times is lying, and should be called out for their obvious bias.

    It seems that both HarperCollins and Amazon have a vested monetary interest in Cruz’s book being a best seller. The NY Times does not. So exactly who has the greater motive for “obvious bias”?

  67. Bullshit.

    All we’ve gotten from Amazon and H.C., are assurances- nothing more. The evidence they present is strictly anecdotal- nothing more than what the NYT has presented.

    They claim one thing without presenting anything concrete.
    The New York Times Best Selling list- is not public domain. The NYT is under NO obligation to include stuff in it that some crybaby feels it should.
    It is a corporation- if someone doesn’t like what they do- they can take their business elsewhere.

    And no amount of conservative temper tantrums is going to change that fact.

  68. Can you cite a different website that isn’t full of hateful jackasses?

    Because I think that me, along with many other people here, would rather wipe the ass of a giant ogre with anything from Breitbart that have that be proof of anything.

  69. Are you ready to call for a retraction?
    Cruz’s memoir, “A Time For Truth,” will appear at No. 7 on the Times’ list for hardcover nonfiction, reflecting its second-week sales, a Times spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday.
    After an independent investigation by Amazon and Harper Collins, zero evidence was found to support the allegation of “bulk purchases.”

  70. The Washington Times? That’s fox in print but so what? That doesn’t change the fact that this Cuban by way of Canada will never be President.

  71. Time for some humility.

    I was wrong. Ted Cruz was right. He didn’t get bulk purchases of his book to make it appear falsely popular.

    I hereby tender my apologies to all and sundry that I insulted and argued against.

    I was wrong. You were right.

  72. NY Times admitted they had no evidence, not that that ever stopped them before. They put it on the list. So, so much for the conspiracy theory.

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