Struggling To Stay Relevant, Rand Paul Takes Chainsaw To US Tax Code

rand paul chainsaw
On Tuesday, presidential hopeful Kentucky Senator Rand Paul released a video showing how much he hates the U.S. Tax code. In the bizarre 51 second video, the Republican Senator unleashes his latest gimmick to stay relevant in the GOP presidential race. He wants to be the candidate who can devise the most creative way to kill the tax code.

In the video, Rand Paul finds three different ways to demolish the pages of the U.S. tax code. He uses a wood chipper to shred the pages, starts a fire to burn the pages, and he saws the tax code into paper “sawdust” with a chainsaw. He does so while sporting an oxymoronic “Detroit Republican” T-shirt, because nothing says Detroit, like a white Libertarian-leaning Senator from Kentucky who was raised in East Texas.

Presumably, Rand Paul thinks America needs a leader strong enough to defeat reams of paper with a chainsaw. It may seem like overkill, but maybe he just isn’t familiar with a conventional pair of scissors.

In the circus-like atmosphere of the GOP primary where Donald Trump is lapping the field with his loud, unhinged brand of crazy, Rand Paul is struggling to return to his past glory as the pied piper for the Republican fringe.

The tax code may seem an easy and inviting target. However,  fellow anti-tax zealot whisperer Ted Cruz hasn’t gained much traction with his calls to make the tax code so simple you can fill out your income taxes on a postcard. Rand Paul wants to reduce the tax code to one page, but if it still fits on an 8 by 11 sheet of paper then Ted Cruz has outflanked him on the anti-tax issue.

The problem for Paul, Cruz, and Trump is that they are more interested in style than substance. Now in fairness, Rand Paul at least has explained what his tax plan is. He proposes a 14.5 percent “flat tax” that includes exemptions at the lowest levels of the income pyramid. While this may sound superficially appealing to many voters, the catch is by eliminating income taxes, capital gains taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes, and tariffs, Rand Paul’s plan is simply unsustainable unless it also includes massive cuts or the elimination of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the defense budget and social programs.

His tax plan simply doesn’t bring in enough revenue to cover necessary budget items, and it would likely morph into a value added tax that would place the highest tax burden on low and middle income Americans, while the wealthy reap the main benefits of his plan. Behind the symbolic gimmick of ripping apart the tax code, Rand Paul’s plan is impractical at best, and an economic disaster waiting to happen, at worst.

The Republican primary has taken on a carnival like atmosphere from the beginning. The emergence of Donald Trump as a viable candidate has only intensified the cartoonish nature of the GOP race. However, Rand Paul seems to have adopted the “if you can’t beat him, join him” strategy. His latest video represents Rand Paul’s desperate attempt to stay relevant in a race to attract GOP voters, where the goalposts keep moving, making it harder and harder for candidates to maintain their appeal to the ever expanding Tea Party GOP fringe.

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  1. Man, the GOP race has turned into a 3 ring circus.

    Trump is the ringmaster, you have Rand Paul as the Chainsaw Juggler, Ted Cruz with his disappearing act, and Jeb Bush (along with every conservative voice in America) stuffed into the cannon and shot out of the circus and into deep space.

  2. This picture of Rand Paul cutting up the tax code really displays the ignorance and stupidity of this individual. Does Mr. Paul tell us what he is going to replace the lost a Revenue with? He’ll no because he doesn’t have a clue. But, if he gets his wish, you can guarantee that the lost revenue will not be replaced by the millionaires and billionaires.

  3. ‘The problem for Paul, Cruz, and Trump is that they are more interested in style than substance.’

    the real problem isn’t that they’re more interested in style than substance is that they have NO style and NO substance…

    that pretty much sums up the rest of the clowns on the Bozo Bus to nowhere too…

    except in Donnie Dipstick’s case he has no class either…

  4. Every time I hear one of these clown speak my brain plays circus music to drown out the stupidity. I had some idiot in a store once nearly yelling this kind of insane Reich Wing stuff at me and I began the circus music out loud at him and his face turned red as his anger rose. I love pissing these idiots off! It makes my day.

  5. Does the simplification of the Tax Code that Mr. Paul proposes also include taking a chainsaw to all of the Corporate Subsidies/Welfare?

    I doubt it.

    I also notice that Mr. Paul is wearing eye protection- is this a silent endorsement of OSHA standards that so many Republicans claim to be another example of ‘burdensome government regulations’?

  6. Every time I see Ron Paul with his doomsday scam I think of Rand and see him doing the same kind of crap in a few years. Oh wait, is he is starting already?

  7. …Rand Paul, like his father before him is a Libertarian…so are the Kochs…thier attitude seems to be “What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is also ours.” Nothing about ending corporate welfare; but that Welfare that benefits only the poor; that’s gotta get cut!!! They claim to be “pro-life” but only care about fetus’s…once the kid’s born they and thier mama’s are on thier own…they are men born from women but insist that women are somehow inferior creatures incapable of making thier own decisions; despite the fact that it is impossible for an “Inferior creature” to give birth to a “superior creature”…these fluckin’ assholes are masters of playing “Heads I win; tails you lose.”
    …this country needs to purge itself of these parasitic animals before they kill this country…

  8. Rand Paul isn’t trying to stay relevent. He hasn’t been relevent since around 2011. He has no new ideas, and the old ones aren’t even resonating with those who thought he was the second coming of their savior! To top it all off, when he falls short in his presidential bid, he can go back to running for senator! Oh, he can also drop the dr in front of his name again, so we the poor idiots of Ky, don’t feel like he’s trying to show us how much smarter he is than us! ASSHOLE DELUXE!!!!

  9. …the ONLY good thing I can say about Rand Paul is his trips to Central/South America to do eye surgery on the poor and destitute…
    …he should get the fluck outta politics, join Doctors Without Borders and being a full-time REAL Christian

  10. None of the current crop of Republicans are relevant. sTrunpet has seen to that.

    Paul can make a show of tearing up the tax code, but he has nothing viable to replace it.
    Nor do ANY of the Republicans currently being offered up as candidates.

    They are outraged at sTrumpet comments, but he is only saying out loud exactly what they think, only they can’t say it because then they alienate what ever moderates might possibly vote for them.

    Paul should save his money. He will never be POTUS.

  11. I almost feel bad for him… well no, not really . But
    Im really sick of seeing trumps orange blowfish face everywhere. I think hes gonna die out quick, he has offered absolutely zero. Name calling gets your mug on tv, not necessarily votes. Lindsay should sue.

  12. What a little jerk.

    Perhaps hid dad should let him into that secret about the economy that Washington apparently does not know, the he can tell them.
    I am so sick of that Ron Paul commercial.

  13. I guess the tea bag/repub base need to have cartoon clowns do “performance art” to make their point, why?
    Instead of being a 2 year old, Paul could’ve discussed his solutions to the tax codes.

    How about talking about our problems with REAL SOLUTIONS like REAL ADULTS, the DEMOCRATS.

  14. Thanks Mary…I don’t come up with a good one very often; unlike DJ, Moongrim and the others…{Which is why I use BrainyQuote a lot now…lol

  15. Trump, Bush, Cruz, Paul, Walker and Rubio are easily the heads of the GOP Presidental candidate field, the Di¢kheads that is.

  16. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Always loved All in The Family. Amazing that we are still talking about the same things, except now we see how much the rich have taken over politics.

  17. Well the rest of the world knows that we’re a dumping ground for all of their crazies and idiots. America was originally founded as a Penal Colony.

    And guess what, all of the crazies met- married, and reproduced.

  18. …gadzooks; genetically programmed to be sociopathetic and psychotic…explains much…
    …gonna start using quotes from each candidate to show they KNOW they’re lying…

  19. …co-ordinate with everybody that they play “Another one bites the dust” while hunting Teatards…lol

  20. Rand Paul, like his father is a weasel. An opportunist. Zero Integrity. Also, they are both compulsive liars like Scott Walker.

    You know the parts of the tax code he wants to eliminate, & the parts he wants to keep.

    But in his mind, perception is everything.

  21. Yes, it does eliminate all corporate welfare. Why don’t you actually read the plan, instead of reading what some journalist tells you the plan says?

  22. I see you have reading comprehension problems
    He would keep the tax exemption for workers health insurance. That is corporate welfare. But we really don’t know the details since he really hasn’t produce one yet other than some flat tax nonsense that even Paul admits will bring in 700 billion less revenue per year.

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