Trump Spends Post-Debate Night Trashing Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly on her way to the lion's den
Megyn Kelly on her way to the lion’s den

Donald Trump really does not like uppity women who dare ask him tough questions, or who remind him of his misogyny. In this he has everything in common with his fellow GOP presidential hopefuls. But The Donald was not content to merely shush Megyn Kelly. He had to trash her. And he had plenty of help from his fanboys on Twitter.

Angered as he was by this during the debate, where he made his feelings very clear with not-so-subtle threats, he saved his worst for after. According to Trump, she is not only overrated, but was biased and unprofessional, and his fans agreed:

Megyn Kelly finally figured out what it takes to anger conservatives: ask Donald Trump questions.

One Trumpite was so angry he called her a bimbo. By retweeting it, Trump was also calling her a bimbo:

Others were just as angry:

And of course, by asking Trump questions, Kelly proved she had a hidden agenda, no doubt a provocateur sent by the Establishment to undermine America’s Last Great Hope:

She even got accused of doing a “hatchet job” on Trump, and of trying to “take him out” like some sort of assassin:

Fox News created a monster, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind named Donald Trump, who despite all the imagined persecution heaped his way, had no problem proclaiming himself the overwhelming victor.

It promises to get only better, so make sure you’re survival gear includes plenty of popcorn. We are just getting started.

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25 Replies to “Trump Spends Post-Debate Night Trashing Megyn Kelly”

  1. This is what it must have been like in all the asylums before Ronnie Ray Gun closed them. I had the sad duty of taking a friend to visit her mother in a mental ward at a hospital, and the patients there were acting the same way.

  2. I have noticed trump always claims to have support from those he attacks, he says he hears from mexicans that they love him, he hears from veterans that they love him, he hears from all the presidental hopefuls that Megan was unfair to him.

    He always uses that tactic. I think reporters need to follow up on these claims. Did others on the stage actually say that to trump? Was that stack of papers he brought out on stage actually letters from veterans? Can he prove he has hispanic support?

  3. Pribius must’ve shit his pants when Trump wouldn’t rule out going 3rd party.

    That blonde twit will be just fine, I’m sure Ailes “comforted” her on the casting couch later.

  4. the longer trump is in the game the better. he wont go quiet into that good night. and if the gop and fox keep on messing with him, you know he will go off on everyone. best trojan horse, the dnc planted, ever….

  5. I wonder how many of the candidates did not do face to face time with reporters afterward, but had their representatives answer questions?

    So far I’ve heard Christie and Bush did not face reporters. Was this to shield Christie from going off? And shield Bush from gaffes?

  6. I don’t respect Trump as a candidate or even as a human being but, I do respect the fact that he won’t let the RNC or Fox dictate to him. This is the genuine DT and it’s his money, he doesn’t need to kiss their butts.

  7. Look at that photo..evidently Ailes only hires bleached blonds who look no older than his granddaughter. So sorry Megan thinks she’s using that pricy law degree in any positive way. I read yesterday that she ‘votes for Democrats, votes for Republicans, and FOX truly is unbiased.’ Yeah, honey, we buy that.

  8. Trump is the only one who could say that about the Megyn Kelly and get away with it. Can you imagine if a Dem said that???

    Trump’s opinion of women in general is typical of the GOP, so maybe it is no big deal to them that he called her a bimbo.

    The man has no filter. He is not fit for the presidency by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t quit your day job, Donald.

  9. LOL I think Maxie’s phone autocorrected “bimbo” to “him no”?

    I do have to semi-agree with trump, the FOX moderators did seem really amateur hour last night, and while I admit I enjoyed the onslaught, they were clearly out to destroy him, not get clarification on his “policies”.

    Not that I object, just surprised it was so obvious.

  10. Ailes sign on his door


    and his 2 hour long casting couch “interview” is a requirement for hire.

  11. Grumpy Trumpy better start using some tact and courtesy…criticisms are part and parcel of running for office; the higher the office; the more BS ya gotta deal with…

  12. Last weekend I attended a Justice for Immigrants picnic at a city park. The homemade Mexican and Central/South American dishes were awesome. There was a mariachi group performing. There were fun and games for both kids and adults. The highlight for everyone was the pinatas. There was 3 traditional pinatas for the kids, and then there was the Donald Trump pinata for the adults. The kids pinatas were filled with candy while the Donald Trump pinata was filled with condoms. Hispanics loathe Donald Trump.

  13. My mother is a repub, she personally likes Carson, but is defensive of the repub party whenever I i poke at them. When i asked her what she thinks of trump, she said he said good things up until last nights debate. Ha, i think he cooked his goose with her. Although she’ll probable hold her nose and vote if need be.

    She’s old, 92, and very scared, they have her paranoia up to level 10.

  14. Pretty pathetic that our political dialogue has become a bunch of inane tweets on twitter, regardless of which side uses them. A bunch of idiots sniping back and forth at each other.

  15. I doubt Megyn’s taking much of a hit on this. She was a hostile questioner to his hostile self. But the real thing that gets to Trump is her “tone” connected to that particular set of looks. She’s a stunner. He’ll never score in that ball park.

  16. I just wonder who those guys are that support trump. the republican opposite of obama in 2008 “hope and change” BS, i guess…

    no seriously, it will be a land slide of hillary. i cant stand trump’s rude attitude as a billionaire. think of him as a president…

    also, what exactly entitles him for presidency? born rich. had he invested his dad’s money, he would be as rich as he is now.

    4 bankruptcies on file.

    NO PLAN other then play populism. The guy is crazy. And his grumpy face looks cool only to his supporters.

  17. Just checked RealClearPolitics polls on Republican Candidates – Trump leads by 11 points over next highest polling candidate Jeb Bush.

    So much for misogyny killing his lead.

  18. trump is the GOP, his whing about megyn is absolute pure republican male! see megyn committed the cardinal SIN, she stood up “KINDA SORTA” to a LILY WHITE republican male!! that’s a NO NO in republican circles! Now will trump get heat from the GOP base? LMFAO HELL NO! in LILY WHITE republican world, he’s a man’s, MAN!! NEWS FLASH, now you know why theres hardly ANY black women in the GOP! because a black woman wouldn’t allow herself to be disrespected like little LILY WHITE megyn was! see megyn sold out ANY sell respect SHE had as soon as she signed up with FUX! she knew what she was getting into! dye your hair BLONDE! if YOU weigh over 130 lbs, LOOSE at least 20 lbs and be ready to CATWALK across the stage! and don’t sass ANY WHITE MALE! that’s GOP world!

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