Obama Calls Republican Laws That Take Away The Right To Vote A Disgrace


Obama right to vote

President Obama took aim at Republican efforts to suppress the vote by calling their laws that make it more difficult to cast a ballot a disgrace.



The President said:

The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights of any democracy. Yet for too long, too many of our fellow citizens were denied that right, simply because of the color of their skin.

Fifty years ago this week, President Lyndon Johnson signed a law to change that. The Voting Rights Act broke down legal barriers that stood between millions of African Americans and their constitutional right to cast ballot. It was, and still is, one of the greatest victories in our country’s struggle for civil rights.

But it didn’t happen overnight. Countless men and women marched and organized, sat in and stood up, for our most basic rights. For this they were called agitators and un-American, they were jailed and beaten. Some were even killed. But in the end, they reaffirmed the idea at the very heart of America: that people who love this country can change it.

Our country is a better place because of all those heroes did for us. But as one of those heroes, Congressman John Lewis, reminded us in Selma this past March, “There’s still work to be done.” Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act, there are still too many barriers to vote, and too many people trying to erect new ones. We’ve seen laws that roll back early voting, force people to jump through hoops to cast a ballot, or lead to legitimate voters being improperly purged from the rolls. Over the years, we have seen provisions specifically designed to make it harder for some of our fellow citizens to vote. In a democracy like ours, with a history like ours, that’s a disgrace.

That’s why, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, I’m calling on Congress to pass new legislation to make sure every American has equal access to the polls. It’s why I support the organizers getting folks registered in their communities. And it’s why, no matter what party you support, my message to every American is simple: get out there and vote – not just every four years, but every chance you get. Because your elected officials will only heed your voice if you make your voice heard.

The promise that all of us are created equal is written into our founding documents – but it’s up to us to make that promise real. Together, let’s do what Americans have always done: let’s keep marching forward, keep perfecting our union, and keep building a better country for our kids.

President Obama hasn’t just talked the talk on voting rights. He’s walked the walk. The Department of Justice has been very aggressive in combating Republican efforts at the state level to suppress the vote.

It was telling that there was a single mention of voting rights during both of the Fox News debates. If you are a person of color, poor, disabled, or live in an urban area, Republicans want to make it more difficult for you to vote. It is also ironic that the a political party which wraps itself in the rhetoric of liberty is so comfortable violating the liberties of others. Democrats aren’t going to allow Republicans to rig elections by making voting difficult for so many Americans.

President Obama has a historic legacy of accomplishment, but one of his efforts that has been least discussed is how he has battled Republicans to protect the right to vote.

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  1. Well, if the right to vote is curtailed, then those who are denied, who are citizens, should not have to pay any taxes of any kind: they can be issued a card that they can present at retail establishments that will make them exempt from sales tax. Remember ‘No taxation without representation’. If you repukes want to deny people the right to vote then, according to your hootings, they shouldn’t have to pay any taxes.

  2. The ONLY way a GOP Presidential candidate can win the White House is to CHEAT. Without voter suppression they would not be able to get a sniff at 271 electoral votes.

    I hope that the Democrats in those suppressed states spend a majority of their money getting people properly registered.

    Hillary should skip the TV ads and make sure the base’s votes COUNT.

  3. Hillary’s corporate, Wall Street, and Media benefactors won’t allow that. Bernie Sanders on the other hand who refuses their money can and is making a huge difference by going to those states and motivating the voters.

  4. I knew this wouldbecome a pie fight because it is not your rights being curtailed so why should people care.

    Right now while everyone is having their fun with trump and the GOP there is case in North Carolina that is even worse than what Kansas or even Texas are doing to deny the rights of citizens to vote.

    The Voting Rights Act is 50 years old. In North Carolina, its legacy hangs in the balance.

    But that don’t matter because to some people who don’t have their rights taken away its all about my candidate has a bigger dick than yours.

    Meanwhile this fight wont be won in the courts because the neo-confederates wont allow it but in Congress.

    President Obama won or came in a few points in 35 congressional districts that republicans control but no one is talking about that. Funny how that works

  5. And they bend over backwards to insure that the Retarded/Republicans’ votes get counted.

    And if folks do get to vote, somehow they get lost.

    Repeal Diebold.

  6. Damn. I would have thought Sander supporters would have commented on this thread on the injustice of denying the right to vote but I guess I was wrong.

    Its not about equal protection under the law its about how my white ass can get my share of the pie

  7. The GOP was permanent damage a long time ago, they all think like Trump but just don’t say it the same way. The Republican party did the permanent damage when they kissed the Tea Party’s butt and stole votes from the middle class and poor also looking out only for the wealthy and saying NO to every jobs bill that came up and or not letting it even go for a vote. NO Trump did NOT cause the GOP permanent damage, you guys in office did it ALL by yourselves. Seems the GOP always wants to blame other people and cry about it. Where were you Republicans in office when you SHOULD have blamed someone like BUSH who took this country to its knees, OH that’s right you blamed Obama, one SAD party the GOP.

  8. …I never made it to the table in time for pie DJ…lol…every minority vote was paid for the blood of heros…they sacrificed so much for this that shoulda been thier RIGHT in the first GD place, and a bunch o’ assholes have decided to remove thier rights because THEY cannot get elected if everybody votes…
    …we seriously need to remove these assholes from the equation…

  9. The right to vote should not be up for debate and it should be made as smooth as possible.

    If you are 18 or over, you get to vote. It should really be as simple as that.

    No one should have to take a test to vote; you shouldn’t have to live in a certain area to vote; you shouldn’t have to have the “right” type of I.D.; and you certainly should not have to pay for the right to vote.

    It should not matter who you are or what color your skin is: Voting laws affect us ALL so we ALL need to do all we can to protect the right for everyone to vote.

  10. Republicansasases & their dumbassed supporters: We love shit. Can’t tell us shit unless more shit is on the way. And, we don’t give a shit about any truths. We are the shit party, will always be the shit party & as long as we have our dumbassses supporting us, there will be more shit. We also as our patriotic duty, give much love to our dumbassed patriot supporters. Don’t like us, it’s the “yoke” in the public square for all unbelievers. We hate human beings that wallow in the truth. We can’t even stand ourselves we’re so evil. Can we get a witness?[wink]

  11. Only 50 years ago?? I had no idea. It’s sad that it took that long before black citizens could vote. And my grandmothers were both in their 20s when women were first allowed to vote. Fortunately our leaders have made right on some wrongs in the past.

    The article makes the claim of a republican effort to suppress votes. How so exactly? There is not one alleged claim or factual example of how they are suppressing votes.

  12. The 15th amendment gave Black Americans the right to vote in 1870. But obstacles were thrown at them to keep them from voting: poll taxes, literacy and other qualification tests, intimidation, and violence.

    This was allowed to continue until the Voting Rights Act.

    The fight continues.

  13. Give all Americans a fair and equal chance to vote. Make it a legal holiday. Stop all actions that keep people from voting.

  14. Paws,
    “18 or over, you get to vote. It should really be as simple as that.”

    You don’t think a voter should also need to be a US citizen??

    No one has to live in a certain area to vote. And it doesn’t matter what color your skin is. If you’re over 18 and a US citizen, you can vote.

  15. Jane, voter ID laws restrict no one. Get an ID and problem solved.




  16. That’s a hypocritical attitude from a Republican. Because there are plenty of instances where even Military Vets aren’t allowed to vote because of Republican efforts to block Absentee Ballots.

    You know- the ones who are out and about fighting the wars that Republicans like to start.

  17. I wanted to add more but the editing feature does not work.

    Anyway, I am in favor of increasing early voting hours. I showed up last time too early and had to wait until 9am. WTH? lol

    I don’t know what the limitations are on absent voting but probably varies from state to state. I am a proponent of absentee and have used it myself.

    Regarding out of precinct voting, I’m afraid of it creating more problems than solving. Because the internet would be the most sensible way of doing that, we’d be more vulnerable to voter fraud. I’m not saying I’m totally against it. I do think that’s something to consider and we’ll probably see it at some point. Maybe even voting from home.

    We all have to follow the same voting laws so I completely disagree that minorities and lower income are affected more. You do make a point about the disabled as voting is more difficult for them. That’s an area where more considerations can be made.

  18. There have been instances where the democrats want to discount absentee ballots because most of them are servicemen and women.

  19. Moon, that study also reveals that “lack of ID” came in 7th of reasons why people didn’t vote> which was behind “too busy with school or work”.

    From the study: “…required voters to present one of seven photo IDs…”

    1 of 7! That gives voters plenty of options and no excuses to not have one.

    Moon, you have to put some responsibility with the voters on this issue. I mean if you don’t have the proper ID, do some research and get the proper ID.

    Let’s face it, a big reason people don’t vote is out laziness or ignorance. They don’t want to take the time, they don’t like the candidates, they don’t think their votes count.

    And since we need an ID to:
    Open a bank account.
    Apply for a job.
    Buy beer….very important!
    Rent an apartment.
    Make a purchase with a credit card.
    Drive a car.

    There is no excuse for not having a proper state issued ID.

  20. What you wilfully overlooked (AGAIN!) is the sad simple truth: The even with the ‘proper’ photo ID, people got turned away.

    Which gives lie to your assertion that all they need is proper ID.

    And it seems that folks who DO get a ‘proper’ ID such as the ID’s needed to open bank accounts and such- aren’t considered to be ‘proper’ ID’s for voting.

    So what we end up with is More Republican Bullshit with making it increasingly difficult for everyone to vote.

  21. When it comes to Analog Kid coughing up some proof for his assertions, I know better than to hold my breath.

  22. Moon, and you seem to have willfully overlooked the points I brought up that came from the same source.

    Turned away with proper ID? I’m calling BS on that one. Just made up by someone who doesn’t like voter ID because they’re “convinced” it’s racist….another lie spread by the liberals.

    As I’ve said before, those who don’t have a proper state issued ID only need to get one and their problem is solved. However that would require some effort but worse yet, the two scariest words to today’s liberal: “Personal Responsibility”

  23. @ANAL LOG KID, what’s your point? that right wing crap you’re trying to peddle doesn’t fly here, listen isn’t it passed your bedtime? now put on your jammies and take your DUMBAS$ to sleep. YOU need a LIFE!

  24. Well I could post some sources about

    -The Obama campaign suing the state of Ohio in an attempt to block a law that extends early voting for the military.

    -The Obabma admin failing to comply with the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, signed by President Barack Obama.

    But I have no credibility with this crowd anyway lol.

  25. Knight:
    “what’s your point? that right wing crap you’re trying to peddle doesn’t fly here,”

    You’re exactly right, which says a lot about you libs who despise personal responsibility, rugged individualism, liberty, freedom, capitalism, self reliance, accountability (unless it’s a republican)….

    But thank you so much for the good laugh. I needed that before I put my jammies on and go to bed!

    I’ve got a question for anyone who wants to answer it. It’s off topic but there’s a point to it if I get any answers:

    Are any of you a fan of the Canadian rock band RUSH?

  26. @ANAL LOG KID, I bet every penny I own that you’re a caucasian, RIGHT? WHITE PRIVILEGE has made you into a FOOL! you’re so hopelessly blind and clueless, trying to reason with you is a waste of my time. bye bye

  27. John Kasick, (WINK) Ohio Gov. Currently. Presidential Cantidate Republican
    Ohio Senate Bill 5/ To Strip State Employee of all Union Benefits, Pension, Wages, right to Bargain. Sold Prison.(1) we know of. Out sourced food service for prisons. Maggots were served in some. Tried to Sell the Ohio Turnpike. Raised State Sales Tax 7% to 7.25%. Reduced funds for small Municipalities for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and ?? Reduce Funding for Public School and more…

    John K. Worked for Lehman Brothers before becoming Gov. Of Ohio. Invested Ohio Retiree Funds with Lehman Brothers, who Bankrupt shortly afterwards. Retirees Lost Big Time !!! ? Let’s let him Lift everyone Up ???

    Bernie Sanders Voted against Fast Track for Trans Pacific Partnership. He Is Against TPP. He is For You and our: Democracy , Voting Rights, Freedom of Speech, Fair Trade Not FREE!
    Screaming Activist are Never Heard ! Get out of his Face!!!

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