Hillary Clinton Shreds Scott Walker For Delighting In Harming College Students


At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton shredded Scott Walker and the Republican Party for gleefully cutting funding to higher education.


Former Sec. Clinton said:

Now, I have to draw a contrast with the candidates on the other side of the aisle. If you—I bet some of you might have—sat through four hours and seventeen candidates of debate the other night. Really, I admire you greatly for that. It’s a part of being in New Hampshire, though, the first in the primary—the first in the nation primary. So I know you’ve got an obligation. But if you go and look at those tapes, if you haven’t seen it, there was not one word from one of those candidates about making college affordable or dealing with debt.

Now, I don’t know who they’re talking to out on the campaign trail—well, I kind of have an idea—but I’ll tell you who I’m talking to and listening to. I’m talking to a lot of young people and their families who raise their hands at events like this, or come over and talk to me after it’s over and say, “I’ve got this horrible debt” or “I had to drop out of college. My mom got sick. I couldn’t continue. What am I going to do?” I think this is a major challenge, and I want us to address it.

Not one word from the other side. And you take somebody like Governor Walker of Wisconsin, who seems to be delighting in slashing the investment in higher education in his state; in making it more difficult for students to get scholarships or to pay off their debt; eliminating the opportunities for young people who are doctors or dentists to actually work in underserved areas in return for having their debt relieved; ending scholarships for poor kids; and most surprisingly to me, rejecting legislation that would have made it tax-deductible for you on your income tax to deduct the amount of your loan payment.

I don’t know why he wants to raise taxes on students, but that’s the result. When you don’t look for ways to help people who are not sitting around asking for something, who are actually working hard to get ahead. That is the basic bargain.

Mrs. Clinton has hit on one of the main reasons that the 2016 Democratic nominee is going to do well with younger voters. The Republican position on higher education continues to be that the current system should not be changed. In fact, Republicans like Scott Walker have been defunding their state’s public university systems to make college less affordable.

Walker has had a bad week. He was nonexistent in the first Republican presidential debate, and polling shows his support slipping as he is falling back into the middle of the pack. Gov. Walker has gleefully cut his state’s funding for higher education, and he represents the wrong path for the nation’s educational future.

Hillary Clinton’s plan to kill student loan debt would boost the economy and take a big step towards returning the United States to being a true land of opportunity. Republicans believe that the doors of opportunity should be nailed shut on the vast majority of Americans. This belief is good for getting billionaires to open their checkbooks, but it a big reason younger voters continue to support the Democratic Party.

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  1. Great job Hillary, keep shouting it from the rooftops that the GOP is crushing middle class, young, old, disabled, and veterans.

  2. College tuition is very expensive. A college education should NOT be that expensive. The professors are overpaid and are Mostly teaching their ideals and opinions. Defunding A college education will have these benefits, Citizens tax dollars will no longer be wasted with unpaid debt, enrollment will drop which will in turn cause tuition to drop and professors salaries will go down helping make college more affordable. You need to think about the BIG picture and not focus on the here and now!

  3. @Democratinny, WHAT middleclass?? lol BTW if anyone wants to know why the GOP’s killing the middleclass? it started with NIXON, the GOP was seeing how the middleclass was becoming more politically active and had the finances to turn government on it’s ear! and the GOP always liking the status quo, so long as they’re in power decided to cripple america! lower wages and sending JOBS overseas, see if you have more people than jobs, you can force people to work for peanuts! that’s PART of the GOP’s plan to destroy AMERICA!!

  4. You got a dimwit republican gleefully cutting state funds for higher education and the way they vote, it’s the republicans that need a higher education. In fact they should be given a test to see if they qualify to vote.

  5. You do know the reason college cost so much is because the states have cut back on what they give/ Then again you are a dumbass and cant put it together

  6. Imagine what the U-Dub system is going to look like in ten years. Academic professionals are eyeing the door. Programs will be cut. Tuition will skyrocket. Research will go elsewhere. It will be hollow, a shell. Maybe sports will survive if that’s what alumni care about.

  7. Hey Knight, I should have said “the working poor” instead of middle class, I got it! There is no middle class, we are working poor. [WINK]

  8. Tweet from Governor Walker to Hillary…

    .@HillaryClinton I’ve frozen in-state tuition rates for four years while you charged colleges $225K+ just to show up. -SW

  9. Shadow, me too. Voting for the Dem primary winner. I will vote straight DEM anyways for everything..EXCEPT SCHUMER.

  10. Well seeing that the lazy eye lie about everything before I call you a dumbass please provide a link. And not from twitter slow one

  11. Scott Walker froze in state college tuition for years while Hillary was charging colleges hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches. Who is doing more to keep college costs under control??

  12. You clearly have NO idea what college professors earn if you think they are overpaid. Especially new hires.

  13. Walker did freeze tuition starting in the 2013-14 budget and did the same thing in the 2015-17 budget.
    However, he did that to tear the University of Wisconsin to shreds.

    With his proposed cuts of $300 million, the university had to come up with ways to make up the shortfall.

    They have already cut classes, laid off and bought out professors’ contracts, did the early retirement, and that only goes so far.

    The four year universities, which had been in the process of offering higher degrees in more disciplines, had to cut those masters programs, stranding the students who already spent all that money and time in hopes for a masters.
    The handwriting on the wall is that the world class U of W Madison, with its world reknown scientific and medical reseach departments would no longer be supprted.

    World class researchers and scientists no longer figure UW-Madison in their career plans. They know the all-important grant money won’t be there. The system is in turmoil now with i…

  14. to continue
    The Board of Regents did figure they would have to increase tuition. The freezes are to cut off that source of revenue for the university, not help students.

    Walker has no desire for that as demonstrated by the cuts in the first place.

    So the proposed cut of $300M is now down to $250M and for that the taxpayers are “overjoyed” to find out they will pay for the $250M part of the new Bucks arena.

    The more sinister part of Walker’s vision for the UW system is how a student from UW-Platteville was removed from consideration for the Board of Regents after it was found he had signed the recall.


    Another more sinister aspect is how he recently appointed the son of his campaign manager to the same Board.

    Link to follow.

  15. My previous post did not post, so I will boil it down to how Walker intends to treat the UW system.
    Appointing cronies and remaking/adjoining it into a trade school. Much like he denies public schools funding but shifts taxpayer money to private, religious schools. His vision is to build up the worker class by favoring trade schools and destroying the university. Vindictive little sucker. He sure hates those liberal elites.




  16. Hillary is spot here, and was unambiguous in her delivery. Bernie’s correct too, of course; but Hillary using it as a valid attack vehicle is very apropos.

    Walker is a numbskull college dropout that was too stupid to finish and also was stupid getting caught cheating running for some class position. Really a complete dolt, and a hateful one.
    Now, he’s paying back in spite.

    It’s no surprise, but it looks like Trump may be the smartest on the GOP short bus, followed by Rand Paul.

  17. I have no idea why my posts are being moderated. I am not using any bad language.
    Here are three links which show Walker’s
    intentions to the UW system. One link to show his deceitfullness.
    He cares nothing about the university or the students. He’s using the students to hobble the university system itself.




  18. Scott Walker froze his states tuition. Hillary charges 1/4 mill. to speak at a collage. Any idiot can see the truth here.

  19. Pretty funny coming from someone that charges collages a minimum of $225,000 just to show up and speak to them…

    What Mrs. Clinton doesn’t mention are ideas like cutting RIDICULOUS university costs, such as paying someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to simply speak on campus. I mean, that probably never happens, right?

    Keep drinking the kool-aid people???

  20. I had no idea you could make so much money talking to a collage. Why, it even seems a bit high for speaking at a college.

  21. If you’d been paying attention to what Hillary had been proposing- you’d have noticed that her college tuition plans included doing something about ridiculous costs.

    But that would have probably distracted you from your next Kool-aid enema.

  22. George W. Bush also charges BIG bucks for his speeches, only they have to be behind closed doors, closed to media. What does HE have to say (badly) that is so secret? Who are the fools who pay to listen to W stumble through a speech? Hillary is coherent, highly intelligent and worth listening to. W made this country a laughingstock worldwide. Now his chubby bro’ Jeb! (no last name) is fixing to finish us off.

  23. Can you tell me 1 speaker that will speak for free? It’s a free market, and speakers will charge, and venues will pay whatever the market will bear..

  24. Hillary Clinton is the wrong person to speak out on this subject. She has made millions of dollars charging almost a quarter of a million dollars to speak at a college,while at the same time thes same schools are raising rates because they claim they are cash short. How many scholarships could be given for $225.000 dollars. I do believe that is her going rate. it is a joke for her to criticize Scott walker. Leave that to someone else. Things like this are going to backfire.

  25. Too many lies about (republican talking point of the day it seems) about her speaking fees at colleges. Just so you know. Good news! It was debunked long ago! July of 2014!

    “Hillary Clinton on Friday defended her six-figure speaking fees, saying she’s donated all the money earned from colleges over the past year to her family’s foundation.

    “All of the fees have been donated to the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,” she told ABC News on Friday.

    The former secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential contender reportedly charges about $200,000 for speaking engagements.”


    Tons more if you google. Seriously, try again – this time harder you can bash the only dem who can win the WH if you only try really hard and push your lies more.

  26. Hillarys speaking fees go straight into the Clinton foundation and come from the colleges foundation. the Clintons do not profit from speaking fees. public Speaking has its own rules like any other business. I agree that the fees are shockingly high but that is the game and the Clintons didn’t create the fee structure. take Care now.

  27. Scott Walker is an ignorant, destructive ass who is destroying the state of Wisconsin with his idiotic fiscal policies. I can’t believe Wisconsin voters would be so stupid as to elect Walker twice. Wow–now that’s some serious stupidity there. Anyone who isn’t part of the 1%–especially any woman, veteran, minority, or LGBT person–yet votes for a republican politician is an absolute fool.

  28. What a moron you are.
    1) Every dollar she gets in speaking fees- goes to the Clinton Foundation.
    2) Where was your concern about fees when Bu$h speaks? Oh yeah- nothing.

  29. Lots of anti-Hillary Republican plants are arriving on these progressive websites.

    Beware. They spread lies, misinformation, and non-truths in their efforts to smear Hillary Clinton and harm the Democratic party.

    You have been warned.

  30. I’m 61, have never voted for a Republican, began being in politics since I was 6, stuffing envelopes @ a JFK office my mom opened in my hometown south of San Diego. I’ve been an environmental and political activist all of my life, and as a biologist and consultant working from the inside on endangered species and habitat protection, saved or had restored hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat.

    But in 2008, I swore that I would NEVER vote for Clinton, and that was due to the dog-whistle racist campaign Hillary and Bill did before the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries. She is robotic and contrived; she STILL does the phony “pointing into the crowd at someone you know,” and does the dumb slow, sage, head nodding in agreement with her own statements.

    She is a shill for corporatist America, sat on the Boards of Monsanto (anti-environment) and Walmart (anti-worker/labor), and was responsible for the Citizens United case.

    Just so you know.

  31. To be completely specific, the Clintons do not profit from speaking fees for colleges and universities. Hillary *has* profited from, IIRC correctly, about 51 or so speeches.

    Now having said that, Ol’ Dubya himself commands a speaking fee of ~$100,000 per speechifying.

    I heard Cheney himself gets ~$75,000 per, but I understand his stipulations are that the speech must commence well after sundown and he must return before dawn.

    So all I can deduce is the Clinton haters don’t like a free market that decides what the going price is to get a Clinton to speak at certain venues.

    Free market, baby!

  32. I too have always voted Democratic including McGovern, Carter, Mondale and Dukakis.

    But why the lame hack job on Hillary about Walmart when you know she was the First Woman on the Board.

    Also, I can find no link to Hillary being on the Monsanto Board of Directors.

    And remember, it is a “Board” of Directors; not a CEO.

    How was Hillary responsible for Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission?

    I personally did not like the praise Obama gave Reagan (at Bill Clinton’s expense) in ’08. Nor did I like his answers about Mandated Health Care plans (we ended up with the mandate.)

    Just so you know, your tactics make me dis-like the Bern.

  33. The guys is a FOS troll.

    She was the cause of Citizens United becoming a company. They were a Right Wing Opposition company who formed to attack Hillary’s Senate run. The produced vile video and attack ads and had the name Citizens United Not Timid, spell out the acronym. It had a picture of a vagina as its logo – real rightwing values, you know…

    Anyway, they were attacking other dems for decades but she was their first victim in their new found company.

    So years later the had a case about campaign finance law and it went all the way to the supreme court. The man leading the fight for the company was a nutjob, a total loon, nobody took him serious. It had zero to do with her by that point, she was SoS but the loon won.

    And we are stuck with CU minus the NT but still the same bastards from hell running it.

    So of course, she, of all people, would love to see that particular company lose.

    The RWNJs are using her as victim against her.


  34. Pete, you do not know a damn thing about Monsanto or anything else. You are here to drop a load of lies.

    Get better talking points. These are way too obviously last weeks stale left-overs.

    Not on the board.

    I was on her campaign in OHIO and PA and nothing happened in those two states – racist or otherwise. So stuff it!

  35. Manderlay, thanks for the in-depth on Walker and the UW System. I’m a former Wisconsin resident, and try to keep up with the political goings on. Was living in Milwaukee County when Walker became the County Executive. He did a good job of screwing over Milwaukee County, and he’s doing even better with the State — at the behest of the Koch Brothers and the Wisconsin State Legislature and the Supreme Court. Makes me sick to see this happening.

  36. Just so YOU know, that if we don’t vote for Hillary if she gets the Democrat Primary nod, then any and all votes she doesn’t get will go to the Uber-Corporatists: The Republican Party.

    The fact that Republicans are so afraid of her tells me volumes.

    Particularly when Charlotte Scot changes her handle to Pete Xander. But doesn’t change her writing style.

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