Clinton Trounces Trump By 47 Points With Latino Voters, Leads 53-40 With All Voters

An MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll released on Friday reiterates Donald Trump’s fatal flaw in his bid to become president. He is loathed by Latino voters. The MSNBC survey of 1,115 registered voters, including 432 registered Latino voters, finds Trump losing badly to either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Trump trails Clinton 53-40 overall. With Latino voters, Clinton crushes Trump by a resounding 69-22 margin.

Vice President Joe Biden, who may be contemplating a presidential run, but has not announced his candidacy, fares even better than Clinton in the MSNBC poll. Biden leads Trump 56-38 overall, and 71-20 with Latino voters.

Inexplicably, the poll does not appear to have tested a hypothetical match up between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, even though Sanders is currently leading the Democratic field in both New Hampshire and Iowa. If that contest was polled, the results are not reflected in MSNBC’s write up of the recent survey. Presumably, given Trump’s weak showing against other Democrats, he would also poll poorly against Senator Sanders.

Clearly, Donald Trump’s strategy of courting angry white voters by demonizing Latino immigrants, is double-edged. While it has helped vault him to a commanding lead in the Republican race for the nomination, it also could prove politically fatal in a general election.  Latino voters can deny Trump a victory by voting against him en masse.

Although Latino voters make up just over 10 percent of the electorate, they can prove decisive in close presidential contests. Barack Obama won in 2012 over Mitt Romney largely on the strength of non-white voters. With Latinos, Obama defeated Romney by a bruising 71-27 percentage. By contrast, when George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in 2004, Bush managed to garner a respectable 44 percent of the Latino vote.

Trump has no chance of matching Bush’s 2004 performance with Latinos, and it is doubtful he could even reach the very low bar set by Mitt Romney’s train wreck of a campaign. While Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is great for grabbing headlines, its political poison for trying to win a nationwide presidential race. If Trump is the Republican nominee, his abysmal showing with Latino voters is almost certain to sink his candidacy in a general election.

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  1. Hillary and Biden both killing Don with the Hispanic vote and yet Don keeps lying with “the Hispanics love me” bit.

  2. I can’t believe 20% of Latinos would still vote for Rump.
    Why would they poll on a hypothetical (VP Biden) and not Bernie, a confirmed candidate?

  3. Anytime Trump says he’s leading, you know he’s lying. Narcissist cannot use the word “loser” when referring to themselves. It’s actually in their DNA…

  4. Can you imagine the democrats being so desperate that they would offer up Trump as their chosen leader? Neither can I. Republicans have turned the election process into a reality show and the world watches.

  5. Maybe because Hillary averages twice Sanders and Sanders is neck and neck with Joe even though Joe is undeclared and not campaigning even yet?

    Also it is about Latino votes, Biden and Hillary have a strong point there and clearly Bernie is unknown and not doing well in any POC polls?

    I guess.

  6. …a mistranslation, methinks…
    …I think what the Hispanics are saying is they would love to see Trump dead…

  7. “If Trump is the Republican nominee, his abysmal showing with Latino voters is almost certain to sink his candidacy in a general election.”



  8. Yeah, Gallup just is a barrel of laughs about Hispanics love for the GOP:

    “On the Democratic side, only Hillary Clinton is a familiar figure to a substantial segment of U.S. Hispanics. As a result, she is the only one with a sizable net favorable score. Three-quarters of Hispanics have an opinion of Clinton. With 58% viewing her favorably and 18% unfavorably, she has a net +40 favorable score. This is remarkably similar to Clinton’s image among Hispanics in advance of the 2008 presidential primaries, in June 2007, when 63% viewed her favorably and 20% unfavorably.”

    Bernie remains unknown.

  9. Do you actually think when an asshole say he will treat you like shit you would have their support? You are really stuck on stupid

  10. Yeah. I’m usually not vindictive towards losing republican candidates, but trump’s arrogance just brings it out in me. I want to see him not only lose, but be totally humiliated.

  11. Not a single ballot has been cast or counted, and they won’t be for months. Nobody can say what will happen with certainty 14 months from now.

    And the poll itself is deeply flawed. It includes Joe Biden (a person not in the race) and excludes Bernie Sanders (a person leading in the first 2 states to have primaries) from the poll. I guess you can see where MSNBC is placing its money.

    I guess it’s easy to get the “fair and balanced” results when you tailor the questions so there is only 2 answers but 4 or more contenders in the race.

    It’s official, MSNBC an Fox news are pretty much the same channel now. Going in Bernie knew that he would be the underdog, but maybe the press could mention his name every once in a while.

  12. lol. Is that the black college? He was scheduled to be at an all black college – I saw a video clip of a bunch of kids behind him who looked confused by West and the kids were put there as props.

    This is the LOOK BLACK PEOPLE tour of the southern states. The place he is speaking in NC has 40% black dems and 25% white dems in the county so the audience should be mostly black – and not just on stage.

  13. Believe it or not, there is still a large percentage of Latinos in this country that oppose immigration and who buy Trump’s rhetoric. I saw one on DailyKos yesterday, and she argues that certain Latinos believe that, yes, illegal immigrants are taking their jobs and should not have a path to citizenship. Don’t forget that Latinos are not a monolith, just as any other minority group. And many Latinos have been in this country for generations, some go back to before the Spanish-American war.

  14. Welcome to politics 101.

    We are not talking about 14 months from now we are talking about 4 months from now when they run out of time to campaign and the voters prepare to start picking one of the possible candidates.

    Latino voters will not suddenly decide to dump Hillary and pick Bernie in 4 months. He will not be able to introduce himself to 47 states and win over her voters in 4 months.

    Biden polled ahead of Bernie and Biden doesn’t have one single staffer on the ground anywhere! Biden and Hillary actually are known by Hispanics.

    The gallup poll above says Bernie is something like 5%, so why include him?

  15. Actually they were the first Americans and still living in the southwest. So one poster at the great orange Satan said that, so what. Some posters over there called Obama the second coming of bush. Now if I was Latino and I can trace my roots for generations and some white guy said Latinos are rapist and murderers do you think they would make an exception of me? A lot of Jews won the Iron cross, the highest honor Germany could give did that save them?

  16. Rin, I know its a long shot but maybe, just maybe somebody besides a Washington elite political insider will win this election.

    I’m going to laugh my arse off if the “HRC has it in the bag crowd” has to eat this crow they are pumping out so massively. You guys are so arrogant sometimes you make me want to puke.


    I’m voting for whomever emerges from the convention with a D behind their name. But you hillarites are setting yourselves up for a huge fall should she not be the dem nominee.

    I urge you and your fellow hillarites to remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare. The story’s moral is “pride goeth before a fall.”

    When he first started nobody thought Obama would beat Hillary but he did! And she wound up calling him “Mr. President” when she met him in HIS oval office.

    History can repeat itself with Bernie Sanders substituted for Barak Obama. You folks should remember that.

  17. No Paul, you are wrong and you are the one who is arrogant.

    She did get 18 million votes – across the country. She also got many millions of NYers to vote for her. Twice. She has been an amazing hero to millions of democrats dating back decades.

    I agree Bernie is not an insider. He has attacked his fellow members of congress, the President and everyone else along the way in his 30 years. No elected official in his own state will even support him.

    440 delegates for Hillary to ZERO for Bernie is because she plays well with others.

    And the most hysterical thing about your D behind the name quote is that Bernie is not a Democrat. He has never had a D next to his name and will not have one.

    And Paul, Hillary beat Obama. She had more votes. This time she will certainly have more delegates – if not ALL of them!

    The CBC was supposed to meet with him. Out of 46 only 6 showed and they were all Hillary endorsers from way back. I think they went to wake him up!

  18. And Sanders is not a elite insider? Then WTF has he been doing for 25 years in congress? Getting a welfare check

  19. If Hillary beat President Obama why is that she called him as Mr. President or Sir when they met in HIS oval offce?

    You arrogance may possibly be your undoing, I hope you remember that! But don’t worry, if Bernie comes out of the convention as the dem nominee I’ll happily remind you.

  20. This is the base he needs to convince
    Bernie Sanders speaks to near empty gym at #HBCU Benedict College in SC. I blame @elonjames
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Viva the revolution

  21. There are no upsets in elections, outside of stealing them from someone, like Gore. This is an entirely predictable process, for the following reasons: Hillary is the most competent, safe, and moderate choice for Democrats – first potential female, or not. By and large, all minorities like her. She can actually empathize with women on women’s issues. She knows how to throw a punch, when necessary. Biden will not be running, so let it go. Bernie is far too radical and can’t implement his Utopian goals. The GOP hates Trump, and he’s stolen their freak show. He will not win against anyone with a single plan of action. He believes he can show up as President day 1, interview for a cabinet day 2, and delegate all his authority by day 3. Our Country is NOT a business. We can’t just file for bankruptcy, reorganize, and start over. Hillary should stand out Early and change the subject, by announcing Julian Castro as her running mate. HRC must secure the lead and command respect to the end …

  22. In 2008 we had two amazing candiates with enormous support and they shared the same dem base. Obama has party leaders as his surrogates and had given the keynote in 2004. He was also a mainstream democrat.

    Not so this time. This is more like the Howard Dean coalition.

    And yes, they do become more pragmatic as the time draws near.

    And Obama was just called a Socialist! Dems didn’t believe that. He was a Harvard man and his wife went to Princeton.

    I guess they are “elites” but hell, I would like an elite President – not a Scott Walker – who needs education type!
    Bernie, yikes!

  23. Since our nation is so antiestablishment…

    Trump will be “gone with his own trumped wind bag”
    while Bernie Sander is standing tall as President 2016!!!


  24. Bernie’s a really good guy, but he’s not moderate enough to ever be elected. This Country does not swing right or left very far, as a whole. It won’t be the Bernie show for long. Sorry. We all want to dream of a perfect tomorrow, but it’s always another day out of reach. I think Bernie is the white unicorn in Sarah Palin’s secret fantasy.

  25. I would like to see a few more elected to congress as well. What could it damage looking at the present condition.

  26. DG, I believe a Clinton-Sanders Ticket would Absolutely Win 2016!

    Many Young People I speak with say:
    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  27. Are we saying here that millions of people living here illegally can determine the outcome of a presidential election?
    I hope not.

  28. Thanks, understand your reasoning of why you may think he is too far to the left?!?

    But his solid voting record stance on the side of Democracy is what I consistently support over others that may have questionable voting record(s). Other than that, he is influencing Hillary to lean a little more left than she would have if it was not for Warren Influence and Bernie’s political stance. For the time being I am fully for Bernie, if Hillary wins the nomination for Democrat Presidential election… I am in full support for her.


  29. A Hillary – Sanders ticket sounds possible, but young people don’t statistically show to vote. They flake out in the end, leaving it to old folks. Older people typically don’t like much change, so in the middle we sit year after year. Voting is a right too many people take for granted. It should be mandatory. I think Hillary’s better off with a reliable Latino vote, over young people with no sense of responsibility, hypothetically supporting Sanders.

  30. The millions of illegals as you call them, cannot and do not vote in the U.S. That is a lie! There are checks and balances prior to voting. One must be registered and usually provide identification or registration card to do so. They don’t just allow people of any age to walk in off the street and give their two cents. Don’t worry. The Democrats won’t need the illegal vote to win.

  31. No we are talking about registered Latino voters who happen to be US citizens. The fact that people conflate the term “Latino” with the term “illegal” is a tribute to how successful Trump has been at spreading his bigotry, but thankfully he will eventually run into a dead end, because the bigot vote may carry sway in the Republican primaries, but it isn’t big enough to win a general election. At least, I hope it isn’t.

  32. Well Keith, are you saying that anyone who gets upset about millions of people living here illegally, while thousands more continue to illegally enter everyday, is a bigot?
    Our ancient ancestors hard wired us to establish and protect borders. To do so is instinct and it does not make us bigots.
    Trump is not a bigot either, but you will most likely label anybody a bigot who does not see the world exactly as you do.
    IN the EU, with hundreds of thousands of these people pouring in every month, anyone who gets even a little upset about it is labeled a Nazi or a bigot or both.

  33. My concern are Hispanic groups that called on a boycott of the 2014 Mid Terms; we simply can not go down that path in 2016.

  34. …no matter how many times a Talking Point has been de-bunked…Teatards will cling to ’em like Linus and his Security Blanket…lol

  35. First, you’re right that no votes have been cast. The outcome is unknown at this point and anything can happen.

    Second, you’re wrong about the moral. It’s from the bible. Proverbs 16:18, Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. It’s a warning about arrogance.

    Pride and haughtiness? Arrogance? That’s more Trump’s style.

    The fable is actually about the dangers of complacency, not arrogance. You may think the fable still applies to Clinton. LOL.

    Third, Clinton did beat Obama in the popular vote in 2008. Obama won more delegates.

    Only time will tell if Sanders can pull off the kind of win that Obama did in 2008. All anyone can do now is make predictions.

    Finally, here’s a moral for you: predictions based on passion and shining idealism are no more than wishful thinking.

  36. Only time will tell if Sanders can pull off the kind of win that Obama did in 2008. All anyone can do now is make predictions.
    Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote
    Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders spoke Saturday to a half empty gymnasium at Benedict College in South Carolina. The school is historically black, but the crowd appeared to be largely white.
    Read More

  37. …only thing I’m sayin’ about Sen. Sanders is this: he is well known in the NE, unknown in many places across the country…this is his FIRST nationwide run, and I don’t care how many fans and fanatics he has…that’s a major barrier to overcome…
    …I like Bernie; think he’d make a damned good Prez…but I don’t see him winning this cycle…just too many barriers…

  38. Not at all.

    People say Trump’s a racist because he has specifically targeted Latino immigration:

    He slurred Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. His concern over immigration begins and ends on our southern border, even though at least 40% of undocumented immigrants arrive by other routes; and immigration from the south has been falling for years.

    He called American citizens “anchor babies,” a derogatory term; and claimed that birthright citizenship“ remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.” The evidence doesn’t support him on that either.

    He blames immigrants for many social problems. He claims immigrants are a drain on our economy, in spite of studies indicating otherwise.

    That’s just part of what he’s been saying. And he’s wrong on all points. Without exception.

  39. Very shocking to read, Rin! You’d think after years of calling Bill Clinton a Republican, Moore would excoriate Hillary Clinton.

    Instead, he calls Sanders “a crank”.

    That’s not going to go over well with Sanders supporters who, ironically, appear to be cranky White guys at the moment.

  40. I’d like to see a Bernie/Maddow ticket. I hope that Rachel hasn’t sold her soul to Comcast but you can’t ever tell.

    If (probably) Hillary is the nominee then I’d like to see a Hillary/Rachel ticket.

    Rachel is smart, youthful and extraordinarily well informed due to all the research she did before Comcast neutered MSNBC.

    I think Rachel would make a superb vice president!

  41. I have to disagree with you here. They are not a large percentage, they are the minority, as EVERY poll indicates. I’m not taking my cue from a couple of coconuts on a website, I’ve been married into the Latino community for 17 years and live in a Spanish neighborhood in a very Spanish part of the city. Even if Latinos are here legitimately, most of them have relatives that aren’t, and they will always have their back. They’re not going to sit back and rake in the benefits while they watch their people suffer. Besides, people lie on the Internet all the time, you don’t even know if that person was actually Hispanic or some moron stirring the pot.

  42. Our ancestors also hard-wired us to murder people, steal their land and enslave them. You really want to sing this song? You and your fellow rethugs might want to mosey on into this century and deal with the fact that the racial demographics of this country are changing, whether you like it or not.

    Oh, but you’re not a bigot. I hear this from you people ALL the time. Would you really need to keep saying it if it weren’t true?

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