One Statistic Reveals Why The Rest Of Us Think Republicans Are Crazy

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A new CNN/ORC poll summed up why many non-Republicans think that the Republican Party has gone insane. Close to half of all Republicans, and 54% percent of Donald Trump supporters still believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

Via CNN:

Among all adults, 39% say they believe Obama is a Protestant or other Christian, 4% think he’s Catholic, 2% Mormon, 1% Jewish and 1% something else. Another 11% say he’s not religious, and 14% that they just don’t know. There’s a wide education gap here, with most college grads believing Obama is a Protestant (63%) compared with just 28% of those who do not have college degrees.

The partisan divide is nearly as large, with 61% of Democrats saying Obama is a Protestant, vs. 32% of independents and 28% of Republicans. But the 43% of Republicans and 54% of Trump supporters who say they believe Obama is a Muslim is a smaller share than in other recent polling which asked only whether Obama is a Christian or a Muslim.

When the argument from the pollster is, “Republicans aren’t quite as crazy as we first thought,” things are bad.

It has been seven years, and almost half of the Republican Party still refuses to believe that President Obama is a Christian. The Republican answer to this question is why most Americans who aren’t Republicans think the GOP is insane. The rest of the country gets that Obama is a Christian, but many Republicans refuse to embrace reality and join the rest of us.

It is also not a coincidence that the majority of the residents of Republican crazy town support Donald Trump. The mainstream media talking point to describe the rise Trump and Carson is that Republicans don’t want experienced politicians as candidates.

No. A sizable number of Republican voters are bat sh*t crazy. That’s the real explanation for what is going on. The Republican refusal to join reality in reflected in their polling. Trump and Carson represent the strain of insanity that has taken over the Republican Party.

The media needs to stop treating Republicans like sane people, and instead accept that the lunatics are running the Republican asylum.

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  1. When you cater to lunatics, eventually they start breeding, next thing you know they’re in charge.

  2. We should play this-up!
    “Did you know 54% Trump supporter’s Hate our President and think he’s a Muslim?
    How Crazy Is That!”

  3. If any of us believed that the economy hasn’t improved
    since 2008 or that America isn’t in much better shape
    now than it was then, we’d want to be committed. What
    if we got all sentimental reminiscing the wonderful Bush
    Jr. era? Could a shrink even treat that kind of crazy?

  4. But the saddest thing of all is that the majority of Americans think his religion (or lack of one) actually matters. Let’s hope that sometime in the future, the history books will write about this and students will gasp and say “How quaint”…

  5. While I appreciate the information in this article, I think getting your point across to a wider audience would be easier if you didn’t name call. Calling a republican bat shit crazy is just gonna piss them off. Their retort to that ‘bat shit crazy’ remark, could be ‘well democrats are name calling assholes’ – rise above and report the facts without opinion!

  6. But they are batshit crazy and the only reason more Americans don’t know it is because our so called 4th estate refuse to call them bat shit crazy

  7. Example of GOP Craziness:

    “Seattle Teachers Strike Because the Economy is Too Good”

    But the Comments are the killers!
    Conservatives aren’t thinking clearly.

    (I know homes have escalated in CA and Teachers cannot afford to LIVE and TEACH in wealthy communities without fair pay!)

    Yet, Our Fellow Right Wing Conservatives don’t get it! Their News Sources are TOTALLY LIMITED to FOX, Hate Radio and CONSERVATIVE-CRAZY Brainwashing Websites!

  8. Many believe the economic meltdown of 2007-2008 was caused by the Dodd-Frank Act signed in 2010.
    Many believe the economic meltdown of 2007-2008 was caused by president Obama who was inaugurated in January 2009.
    Many believe there are WMD’s.
    Many believe the 9/11 was caused by Saddam and that’s why we invaded Iraq.
    Many believe the republicans are better for the economy.


  9. And I bet you my last dollar that a very high percentage of those people listen to right wing hate radio. There is literally NO way to counter the steady stream of bullshit that comes out of hate radio.

    It’s non-stop and can affect weak minds, turning them into radical anti-Obama zealots. It’s like they’re using the Force on them, but from the Dark Side.

  10. If that’s the case, then I’m pretty sure Darth Cheney is the one brainwashing them with the Dark Side of the Force.

    ‘Good… good! Let the anger flow through you… hate the left! HATE THE LEFT! Blame Obama for everything and all shall be right in 2016!’

  11. It’s really not the “Force”, it’s actually cult indoctrination 101.

    Indoctrination Basics:
    1.cognitive dissonance lies
    2.cohesive-persuasive techniques
    3.religious “love-bombing” w/offerings

    All laced with toxic triggers, wrapped-up in symbolism, patriotism and flags!

    The “followers” are not brainwashed, but, are under the influence of mind control techniques (listed above) lead by a well-organized group of dangerous (and wealthy) charismatics con artist, like Ted Cruz’s father; he’s is unabashed in his “how-I-raised-up-Ted” to-be-Jebus” stories…and Ted believes it!

    This is not longer some “conspiracy theory” on the part of those (us) observing their behavior; they now are out of the closet (so to speak). It happened the moment Trump opened his maw and spewed out their very thoughts.

  12. Cyber, Read who Funds RightWing Hate Radio.
    It’s all controlled to Brainwash the Peeps.

    Citizens United has allowed this to happen!

    It’s about the Koch’s and well-funded Citizens United funded-created Tea Party.
    Radio rabble rousing listeners into a Frenzy of Fear and Rage!

    Americans for Prosperity…FreedomWorks Fellow Americans being tricked and fooled!

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  13. Carol,
    One analogy on Conservatives I’ve read:

    “We’re all on the Same Bus. Yet, Dems have Window-Seats and can see what’s coming-up around the corner…
    While Repubs are all huddled together in the Middle of the Bus talking about the PAST, Counting their money and Discussing their Next Democratic-Plan-Of-Attack”.

    The Right are distracted by the Past and fearful of the Future…Because they cannot easily Adapt to the natural turning of Change.

    We must help them…tell them everything will be alright if we work together!

  14. What gets me is the media and disillusioned people say “both sides” are to blame for whatever is wrong. “Both sides” are corrupt and have created the messes. I say bullshit, repugs own most everything that is wrong with our country today.

  15. Turn the other cheek and they’ll slap that one too. We’ve been “the bigger man/woman” for decades and it’s gotten us nowhere. These drool-buckets are tearing this country apart and ‘polite’ isn’t how you deal with this shit.

    Call a spade a spade, a prick a prick, and a batshit insane mofo a batshit insane mofo.

  16. It’s not so much an (news) article as it is a personal essay. There isn’t a drop of impartiality on this site. So I take everything I read here with a grain of salt. And I’m a liberal Democrat!

  17. The rethugliKKKan party counts on the “batshit-crazy” contingency to win elections. The richest 2% are not numerous enough to provide the number of votes to win. A brilliant plan was devised by big business and the Republican party.
    This is why the Tea Party was created. They pander to the most gullible, the evangelical right wing, by using smoke-screen issues like abortion rights and gay rights when all they care about are corporations and the filthy rich. These voters reliably stick with the republican party despite the fact that they are voting against their OWN finantial interests.
    But now, the bar-shit crazies are actuslly running for, and being elected to, positions of power within the republican party and changing the very landscape of the party itself. The party of the rich has literally BECOME the party of the bat-shit crazy.

  18. Thanks for the poll results… Makes me conclude that any human being that would have to depend on mythology or myth of any kind to base their way of life… does not belong in Publically Elected Positions!!!

    For those that us that believe in God, at least we are willing to separate church & state… Not church + state married where they can not tell the difference between the two… Is that why their are so many so called family value theocrats in public jobs are so screwed?!? Makes sense to me now?!? Most every preacher that I know speak in the pulpit and does the opposite as soon as they get off the pulpit…no different with the politicians + church=screwed!!!

  19. This confusion about Obama’s religion is odd, because soon after he won the nomination there was the big dust-up about his pastor. The guy was very fundamentalist, and said some hateful things in a sermon that got made public. People started to wonder if it would seriously damage his candidacy. Of course, it didn’t. After that, he changed churches, and I don’t think it was to join a mosque. But after all that public commotion, how can anyone deny that he goes to a Protestant church? That was big news at the time.

  20. Fear is the biggest weapon of mass destruction.
    The hate radio and fox news just feed it with funding from that 1%

  21. “There isn’t a drop of impartiality on this site.”
    Of course there isn’t – where do you think you are, a jury trial? Like any other opinion blog, right or left, people come here either for information, validation, or to troll. The difference between this site and it’s ilk and the trash like Breitbart or WND is that we accept facts and logic, and refuse to yield to sophomoric scare tactics.

    And one should take anything one reads ANYWHERE with a grain of salt…….

  22. I would suggest that 98% of regular Americans do not know the difference between the deficit and the debt, they think that because the debt is going up is because of Obama, not because of Bush unfunded wars which are still costing us trillions and not because of Bush tax cuts which the new Bush would like to double down on.

  23. Nice rundown, Andy, but you forgot:

    Many believe that the USA is a xian nation, and that Jesus himself rode his dinosaur up to the Shining City on the Hill to hand deliver the US Constitution, which he’d just written for us, to George Washington.

  24. Let’s be honest folks, Republican party should be considered a cult. A cult based on:racism, greed, religious fanaticism and insanity!

  25. …oh WOW…talk about a Way Back Machine…there’ll never be another Rod Serling, {One reason bein’ ya can’t smoke on set anymore.}
    …didn’t Mike Wallace do a scholastic show called “Biography”??? I remember watching that back in grade school…
    {{{The apple that is Chris Wallace didn’t FALL far from the tree; somebody picked that sucker up and THREW him!!!}}}

  26. …someone should do a series about Roger Ailes and the current Republican’t Potty…we’ll call it “Fat-man and Guano”…lol

  27. Those same people also believe that the President was not born in America. My guess is they don’t know that Hawaii is a state. I forget who said it but it’s so true: “Selfish, ignorant people get selfish, ignorant leaders.” The reason the crazies keep getting elected is because there are crazies voting for them. It’s not difficult to understand. But, you can’t see the insanity when you’re in the middle of it. Sort of like a fish asking “what is water?”

  28. Of course it must be said, and I’ve never really read it or heard it spoken, that if Mr. Obama was a Muslim the only problem would actually be in his not admitting it.

  29. The Republican Party is the Umbrella under which the dysfunctional members of our society hang their hats. Yes, the bat-$hit crazies find comfort with the other bat-$hit crazies. Different groups (cults) but with the same ideas and mindsets. They talk with anger all the time. Intolerance and fearmongering are the hallmarks of their existence. And, oh yes outright bigotry. That toxic combination makes them what they are. Not good.

  30. Suga, the second paragraph tells exactly what the dictionary explains being a conservative is.. afraid of anything new…any change…

  31. Ummm, sure if you say so. Nah you’re not a democrat. Or if you are, must be a Dino who would stabbed President Obama in the back once in a while.

  32. Ummm sure, if you say so…….. Nah, you’re not a democrat. Or if you are, must be a Dino who would stabbed President Obama in the back once in while. Are you a member of the third way? You know the ones who profess to be socially liberal(not really)but fiscally conservative(most definitely)

  33. Ummm sure, if you say so…….. Nah, you’re not a democrat. Or if you are, must be a Dino who would stabbed President Obama in the back once in while. Are you a member of the third way? You know the ones who profess to be socially liberal(not really)but fiscally conservative(most definitely)


    Here is a story about Sterling Heights, MI residents opposing the building of a mosque in their neighborhood. There is a picture of people protesting on the roadside with the story. But let’s be honest for a moment: do you really need to see it?

    I think you know exactly what you’re going to see. It’s going to be a bunch of dumb looking, shabbily dressed white trash with faces that look like they’re sucking on lemons. Their haircuts and facial hair will be 20 years out of date. Their shirts will feature motorcycles (or in this case, a semi truck) or jingoistic symbols. Their signs will be poorly scrawled with a marker on Walmart posterboard. They will look like the people you moved out of your hometown to get far, far away from. They are the people who call in to AM talk radio shows and fill local newspaper comment sections with incoherent bile. And you’ll see the picture and think, “Yep. Saw that coming.”
    Read More

  35. These are the same people who believe in creationism, that there was no moon landing, and that vaccines cause autism. You can’t fix stupid, no matter how hard you try. “Stupid is, as stupid does”… Forest, Forest Gump.

  36. I don’t think they’re crazy. They believe he’s “other,” other than them. About the most other you can get is “Muslim” so they make him Muslim. They believe what they want to believe. I do, too, sometimes. But not always. I’d like to believe they’re crazy but I think, rather, that they are full of malevolence and fear.

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