CNN’s Trump Hysteria Backfires As Republican Debate Ratings Drop

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CNN wanted to break Fox News’s record for biggest debate audience, but their bloated three-hour Republican candidate death march had one million fewer viewers than the first debate.

According to TVNewser, “The second GOP debate, more than an hour longer than the first, was watched by 22.94 million viewers on CNN last night, according to Nielsen Fast National numbers. That’s only 1 million fewer viewers than the first debate on Fox News drew on August 6, which set a record as the most-watched non-sports cable program ever. The CNN debate from 8:15 p.m.-11:15 p.m. ET averaged 6.9 million in the A25-54 demo. Fox’s debate averaged 7.9 million.”

It was still a huge audience, but before the debate CNN was predicting record numbers. What the initial data doesn’t reveal is how many viewers were watching in each hour. I suspect that CNN did a huge first hour and saw the numbers drop in both of the second and third hours.

The Trump circus does bring in casual eyeballs, but Democrats should not be panicking, despite what the Martin O’Malley campaign is trying to whip up, because there is no evidence that big debate audiences over a year before the General Election mean anything.

CNN based all of their coverage around Donald Trump. It is clear that the network bought into a more Trump is the only way that we are going to break the debate audience record mindset.

The novelty of Donald Trump is wearing off. It is likely that the ratings for the next Republican debate on October 28 will register another drop.

The problem is that outside of Trump, the Republican candidates aren’t good television. The other ten candidates on the main stage represented more of the same collection of novices, establishment figures, and no-chancers that have been made up the Republican debate mix over the previous two primary cycles.

CNN failed to break the Fox News record because Fox had the advantage of going first. Donald Trump on a presidential debate stage wasn’t as interesting the second time around, and as the Trump gimmick winds down, Republican debate ratings will continue to drop.

15 Replies to “CNN’s Trump Hysteria Backfires As Republican Debate Ratings Drop”

  1. TRUMP can make America great, successful, rich and renowned again – not cnn, that sounds more like ‘cheating news network’ … but we all need ANN – American News Network … we can trust and believe.

  2. I’m glad to have missed the pissing contest or of who could out stupid the next, circus.
    From what I’ve heard, there was NO actual substance to this “debate”.

  3. I have an idea. Instead of watching TV why don’t you just read and reading your comments on trump I can only guess you are illiterate

  4. So instead of informing the public CNN main focus was ratings. No wonder there are a bunch of dumbasses who think they know what’s going on.

    Stay classy the village
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  5. Why watch the debates? I would never vote for any of these dumb asses anyway.We have very serious problems with this country and they don’t address any of them. When republicans are ready to be serious maybe I’ll listen. Wouldn’t hold my breath though.

  6. America is already great, successful, rich and renowned….thanks to Obama.

    Your boy Trump will bankrupt us just to get rid of brown people. He hasn’t even been nominated and already he’s made us a laughing stock, thanks to you and your fellow Rethugs and your blind following of anyone resembling your bigoted selves.

  7. If you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

    President Obama has already cleaned up the mess the last administration left him.

    He speaks at your intellect level
    Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader

    Trump is great for OUTSOURCING JOBS
    Trump Clothing Line Made in China AND Mexico
    He’s a HYPOCRITE, look up that word if you don’t know what it means
    Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Immigrants’ Backs

  8. ” What the initial data doesn’t reveal is how many viewers were watching in each hour. I suspect that CNN did a huge first hour and saw the numbers drop in both of the second and third hours.”

    Like the crowd that gathers around a train wreck. I still want to know why they continue to call these bitch sessions debates. There was a lot of sweat and hot air blowing around that stage but none of it rose to the level of being considered a debate. The one person who actually has been on a debate team, Ted Cruz, was too busy trying to be Elmer Gantry and not interested in any actual debating.

  9. CNN needs Duck Dynasty to do their GOP post-debate analysis. Let’s face it, we are watching reality TV debates; entertainment not information.

  10. Everyone is waiting for the main event. We got to see the entire Chinese circus the first time it was in town. I watched it, wasn’t impressed, and was a little bored. A douche baguette and ten colostomy bags made for some nasty viewing. I did find that occasionaly, I would flip my tv the bird. That was the most excited I got all night.

  11. Should the ratings even be a topic of conversation? Who cares? The issues at hand are what’s important.. not how much money the mainstream media makes.

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