Republicans Are Piling On Donald Trump and Mocking His Whining

Donald Trump

From Bobby Jindal to Fox News, Republicans are piling on Donald Trump and making fun of his constant whining.

Here’s the video, in which Jindal’s people once again use one of Charlie Sheen’s interviews and juxtapose it with Donald Trump whining about the way he’s being treated to make the point that Trump is more like Sheen than ever a presidential candidate should be.

Watch “Winning to Whining” here:

“And I am a whiner, I’m a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win” Trump says.

Sheen, “Epic. Epic behavior.”

Trump, “What about me!? Where’s my name?”

Sheen mutters about something written by a “broken down fool” and we cut to Trump looking pretty much like a broken down fool, whining, “I’m at 40! Where’s my name?”

Sheen mumbles some more about a five percent success rate and we cut to Trump whining about being asked tough questions during a Republican debate (as if that were even possible). “Everything was about Trump said this, Trump said that.”

Ugh, I know, right.

Sheen says, “Let’s do something different, because this thing is boring.”

No doubt!

They scroll Jindal’s anti-Trump message, “It’s time to get serious” and then the Jindal for President logo, because nothing says serious like Kenneth the Page.

This is a continuation of Jindal’s ‘anti-Trump” effort to get noticed in the increasingly bizarre field we call the Republican presidential primaries. Last we saw him, Jindal was claiming that Donald Trump was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s only chance of winning. You know, because she leads Jindal in his own state.

But still, wit is wit and this is unexpected from the Governor who gave us a “Kenneth the Page” rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union in 2009. It’s also nice to see that we can agree on some things, and right now, we can agree that Donald Trump is a big old whiner.

33 Replies to “Republicans Are Piling On Donald Trump and Mocking His Whining”

  1. Yes he is but so are the Republicans. They were all down with Trump as long as he was bashing the President and Sec.Clinton, but when the monster turned on them, what did they do. They started WHINING!!!!!!!

  2. The whole GOP clown bus crowd is whining. Whine whine and whine some more. A whining strategy is not a winning strategy.

  3. Pubs are desperate to knock-out Trump!
    Check the Stats:

    “Three new GOP post-debate polls: Trump’s lead is holding but not increasing.

    What would happen if the “current front-runner” aka Trump were out? The Fox poll asks voters their second choice candidate, which allows us to look at what happens to the race if someone were to get out. For instance, if Trump gets out, Carson takes the top spot (24 percent), followed by Rubio (12 percent), Fiorina (11 percent), Cruz (11 percent) and Bush (10 percent).

    Trump supporters go for Carson (23 percent), Bush (14 percent), Cruz (12 percent) and Rubio (10 percent) as their second-choice picks”.

    (That is why they’re preparing Carson)

  4. The GOP has all losers running.

    It is very immature to see them picking on and bullying someone. This is what kids do on the playground.

    I cannot stand Trump, but the one thing I do like is that he has stumped the GOP and Koch brothers. Other than that, he is not fit to be president.

    They are all acting like spoiled children who don’t get their way.

    Where are the grownups? President Obama, Hillary, and Bernie.

  5. Trump is crimping all the GOP Momentum!

    After Seven-Long-Years out of the White House: This GOP has NOTHING!

    It’s almost like the powers that be…
    For example, this wonderful Pope, are actually bringing Progressives Strength!

  6. They all deserve each other. They are quite use to eating their own. This couldn’t be any sweeter. I am thrilled.

  7. The clown bus doesn’t need gas, it’s run on whining. So they should have no trouble running to self destruction. What a wonderful world America that would be.

  8. (That is why they’re preparing Carson)

    No one among the GOP power-brokers is preparing Carson for anything. The GOP establishment just won’t go after Carson too hard yet as Carson’s candidacy is useful to Jeb!. (Bush has the wherewithal to swat Carson away anytime he wants.)
    If you eliminate Donald Trump, and spread out his support among the 5 top GOP contenders, the conservative base of the party will split their votes and Jeb! will more than likely end up the nominee.
    Trump is the only true threat to Bush.

  9. Trump taking refresher course at Trump U…

  10. Yes, Trump is messing up their plans but, I submit to you the probability that even when he falls(which he will) they will be no better off.
    The true cause of chaos and confusion in the GOP is reality. It’s just awful how it keeps poking it’s nasty little head out of the hole they tried to bury it in.

  11. And besides, it’s not MY car.

    I gave back all the Koch Brothers’ and Jewish International Conspiracy money, and I’m just kicking back, sipping mint juleps by the pond and watching the show.
    I ruled out voting for your party 2 elections ago and now I just may rule out voting for your opposition as well. If Bush is the R nominee and all your side has to offer is Hillary/Biden, I’ll be so checked out that I’m going to need a new hobby.

  12. You stop voting 2 elections ago because a blah would be President? My my you shouldn’t wear your sheets out in the open

  13. You stop voting 2 elections ago because a blah would be President?
    That’s quite possibly the silliest string of words ever put together.

    2008 was the beginning of the realization that no matter how low your opinion is of Washington DC and politicians, it’s nothing compared to their low opinion of you.

  14. I am still in shock. I had to go look three times. I scrolled down the Front Page at HuffPo something just seemed so strange. I moved on to my email but had this empty feeling like the world wasn’t spinning just right. I traced my steps to try to figure out what was wrong. After I moved on again it finally dawned on me. No Trump, no Kardasian..not even that girl, what’s her name, the one with the tongue that likes to go naked in public.
    I am very afraid. I need to just STOP right now, do something constructive. Maybe I just need to make to make a nice big breakfast, get some coffee, hopefully things will get back to normal. This can’t go on. This is life like we are allowed to know can’t just disappear over night.

  15. Trump is a caricature of what the Republican Party represents, sexism, bigotry, racism and a confused collusion of Oligarchy and Theocrisy. He enabled a bright light to be shown on the reality of what the Republican Party has become and they hate him for it, especially since their base is eating it up.

  16. Trump is a whiner says the whiners. How original of the GOPPERs – not. But, it certainly points out how childish they are.

    Issues, what issues says the GOPPERs. The only issues that we need to worry about is civil liberties – Gays, Blacks & women don’t need civil liberties – Only true American Patriots are eligible. Women’s health & reproductive health – only if you are rich & can afford it is our take. Poor & working class women – we will tell you what you can & cannot do. Besides, if you don’t want to get pregnant – start praying – Prayer will be your birth control.

    All other issues our Corporate Masters will tell us what they want.

  17. …Trump is a whino o’ rare vintage, from grapes o’ exceptionally thin skins…the other Republican’ts are more vin ordinaire’…
    …We the People are tired o’ whinos squeezed from Sour Grapes…me, I wanna beer…lol

  18. Suga,
    Reagan was an asshole. As Gov he undid many of the good things Pat Brown did and CA started going downhill.
    His was the most corrupt Administration ever. quite a few people in his Prez Administration were indicted and some served pokey time.
    If the truth were known, Reagan[s handlers and Nancy’s Astrologer ran the country.
    I haven’t mentioned this in a while but look when the Grenada thing started to save medical students who didn’t want to be saved. Compare that date to the Beirut barracks bombing. Why the next day? Answer: to get the MSM to start talking about how great America is instead of his order to post Marine guards without ammunition to guard the barracks. Then throw in his disdain for government and spending like a madman to “bury” the USSR when US intelligence knew the USSR was falling apart. Finally throw in Iran Contra and the Central American genocide of the 1980s. We are still paying the price for that one. I could go on but why. St Ronnie, Baah!

  19. …aye I concur…I was in the Navy durin’ Reagan’s Regime…we did figure 8’s off the coast o’ Nicaragua…then off to the Med…wound up off Beirut, Lebanon…accordin’ to Marines stationed ashore who visited our ship to fill up in our mess deck, the report they had no ammo, or were required to keep weapons unloaded was a lie…the prob seemed to be considerable murkiness where the ROE {Rules Of Engagement} were concerned…also we {was on USS NEW JERSEY, BB-62} lost a shipmate when the Marine Barracks was blown up…{the oft quoted news report was 241 US Marines killed,} ETC Michael Wayne Gorchinski was ashore repairing the Marines electronics, finished way late, and figured he’d take the first helo out in the AM…
    …his ashes were scattered in the Pacific off San Diego when we returned to the states…

  20. All the names and descriptions about Trump are true,but the bottom line is he would be an embarrassment as President of the US.What more is there to say.

  21. Wow buddy you hit the nail on the head. I loved the taking courses at-Trump U. Wow so cool.Know we can expect I was robbed, apologies to Joe Frazier, a real champion.

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