Donald Trump’s War On Latino Immigrants Is Helping Democrats And Hurting Republicans

trump at iowa state fair
Donald Trump’s corrosive xenophobic rhetoric on immigration is eating away at the Republican Party’s image with Latino voters. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll released on September 30th, finds that Trump and the Republicans are very unpopular with Latino voters, while Democrats are very well liked by Latinos.

The Republican Party didn’t start alienating Latinos with Donald Trump’s toxic brand of know nothing nativism. Latino voters have been abandoning the Republican Party for over a decade, as the staunch anti-immigration wing of the GOP has drowned out the voices of moderation in the party.

In 2004, George W. Bush garnered a respectable 44 percent of the Latino vote. Four years later, John McCain could only manage to get 31 percent of the Latino vote, and by 2012, Mitt Romney got just 27 percent. Romney’s poor showing led Republicans to conduct a post-election autopsy to discuss re-branding the party, in order to win back a share of the Latino vote. Analysts argued that the GOP would need around 40 percent of the Latino vote to win a general election.

However, instead of following their post-election prescription for winning back Latino voters, the GOP has tacked in the opposite direction, with Republican voters rallying to support Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump’s outlandish rhetoric, calling Mexican undocumented immigrants criminals and rapists, has helped him with white GOP voters, but it is killing the Republican brand with Latino voters.

72 percent of Latinos have a negative opinion of Donald Trump, compared to just 11 percent who view him positively. His ridiculous (-61) favorable rating is 99 percentage points worse than President Barack Obama’s 59-21 (+38) positive approval rating. Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are also viewed positively by Latinos.

If Republicans need around 40 percent of the Latino vote to win the White House, they aren’t going to be able to do it with Trump at the top of the ticket. In head to head match-ups, Trump gets crushed badly by Clinton (72-17), Sanders (71-17) or Biden (72-18).

Other Republicans fare better than Trump, but the entire party is in deep trouble with Latino voters. While Democrats are viewed favorably by a 48-19 margin, Republicans are under water with just 24 percent of Latinos viewing the party positively, compared to 43 percent who have a negative opinion of the GOP.

While the GOP’s xenophobic immigration stance as exemplified by Trump’s position is the biggest obstacle to winning over Latino voters, it is by no means the only one. For example, Latinos overwhelmingly support legislation protecting the rights of gays and lesbians by a 57-17 margin, and they oppose (42-32) more restrictive laws against abortion. The GOP’s extremism on social issues is nearly as damaging as their hard line stance on immigration.

With Donald Trump leading the GOP clown car, and other Republican candidates mimicking his positions on many crucial issues, the Republican Party has kissed the Latino vote good bye in 2016. That farewell kiss is tantamount to political suicide in a general election.

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  1. If the American Taliban were smart they would allow the drunk one to bring the immigration bill up for a vote to stem the bleeding but then again if pigs had wings they could fly

  2. I don’t blame the Donald as much as I blame the crazy whacked out republican base.

    They’re the ones the R’s have to pander to, and really, who created this Frankenstein monster we have today? Charles and David Koch, sons of a founding member of the John Birch Society. Reap what you sow a$$holes. Their greed for power and money goes way beyond contempt, add Roger Ailes and talk radio, and now you know the who are the biggest traitors in american society today.

    Yellow journalism is back in vouge, just like the gilded age.

  3. Michael,
    I agree with you mostly,… except the Donald part.
    Because, in my humble opinion, Donald Trump IS one of those crazies in the GOP, remember he’s a birther, he also evidently racist, because he makes racist remarks to pander to the racist wing of the GOP.

  4. i’m hearing from dnc ops, that the amount of Puerto ricans fleeing the island to florida, if they get out the vote, will turn the tide in floriduh. texas too, if all the hispanics vote, all kinds of fur will fly…
    the game is getting the vote out, as usual….

  5. I’m fine with that. May I say that in my first sentence I qualified the blame “as much”.

    Reasonable people can have reasonable differences, and I actually hear you and agree with your main premise.

    So is the dog chasing it’s tail, or is the tail instigating the dog?

  6. Republicon party is the party of hate. They hate everyone but old white males. Their hatred for minorities and homosexuals are legendary. They will keep on losing national elections due to their hatred of the groeing minority population.

  7. Michael, I agree with you. By making the Republican base single issue voters, the GOP now finds itself in the unenviable position of being unable to satisfy anyone enough to win an election. It explains why there is such a high disapproval rate even among their front runners.

    Boehner actually said that the entire GOP bases it’s ability to get elected by whipping people into a frenzy and then promising them things they know damn well they can’t provide – and even that doesn’t matter much if you have a credible scapegoat.

  8. This election is showing us that the face of America is changed. Women, African Americans, hispanics, immigrants, LGBT … these are the people who are going to elect the next president alongside the moderate Middle Americans across the spectrum of America. This election is not going to be won by radicals of the far right or the far left. The press gives an unsupportable amount of coverage to the freaks from the right and the left, but it is the cohesion of the rest of us who will put the next president in office.

  9. tRump looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. Fat, sweaty, red-faced, bloated. Dis somebody morph Donny with Rushy?

  10. hey republicans If you are planning to have this ignorant bigot as your nominee I’ll just quote the man who I admire most and say PLEASE PROCEED!

  11. Whether they vote in immigrant hating Voldermort or not, makes no difference. The entire Republican field of candidates are all about the same and will pander to the haters to get their vote. It’s a crapshoot for the GOP nomination.

  12. Republicans can underestimate the Latino vote at their own peril. Every year, 800,000 Latinos turn 18, and the GOP are VERY mistaken if they think treating them like this won’t come back to bite them in the butt. People don’t generally vote for politicians that call them murderers and rapists.

    Also, don’t buy the hype when people come online and say, “I’m Hispanic and I’m voting for Trump!” Latinos are generally quiet on English speaking sites, but on the Spanish speaking ones, they are SERIOUSLY hating on this guy, and who the hell could blame them?

  13. Obviously, all the GOPers have turned on Hispanic voters because they don’t care. They will simple continue to try to keep them from voting.

  14. if we get through the next 5 years and insure that more people know the repub are pandering to their still racist(not all)) base in the old confederacy

    republican will be a word that matches with the whigs – gone gone and more gone

    Whose going to save us – the younger generation who all have gay, black and other minority friends

    whig info note btw they supported the law to allow slave owners to persue and bring back their runaway slave (often to hang them)

    just as the nazis – if a soldier hesitated for a second re orders that put his life in jeopardy they hanged him and left him to rot Estimated total 10,000

    America only exectud one man pvt slovak, for cowardice

    btw the nazis were also racists – 6 million jews and 1 million gypsies to the ovens – technically they were not white

    the 26000 blacks in germany, and for good measure about 200,000 gays

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