Petition Calling For An Investigation Of Benghazi Committee Leaves Republicans Reeling


A new petition calling for an investigation into the House Republican Benghazi Select Committee has put Republicans back on their heels as the American people are demanding answers.

The petition from The Agenda Project states:

The actions of Leader McCarthy should disgust every decent American. This is not a “gaffe,” it is a gross assault on the most basic structure and purpose of government. It has to stop. No citizen – Republican or Democrat, or Independent – wants a government official to use his or her constitutionally granted power (and taxpayer dollars) to attack political opponents.


Further, the Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi released a letter to the Chair, Trey Gowdy, which calls the committee “an unethical abuse of millions of taxpayer dollars and a crass assault on the memories of the four Americans who were killed in Benghazi.”

Americans deserve to know exactly what happened in the lead up to the Select Committee on Benghazi and who played a part in this contemptible misuse of government.

“Since launching our petition this morning, we quickly had several hundred people sign on to the petition in the first few hours and, with the rate of new signatures, expect that to grow exponentially throughout the day. We’ve already heard positively from several members of the House of Representatives who agree with our position and support launching an ethics investigation into this matter.” said Erik Altieri, Director of Communications for the Agenda Project, “No matter your political beliefs or party affiliation, this exploitation of government power stands out as an egregious abuse of taxpayer trust and dollars. It’s funny that the party who continually rails against ‘big government’ is more than happy to use the infrastructure of that government to pursue personal, political vendettas. The American people deserve to know where millions of their tax dollars have gone and who is responsible for these political witch-hunts.”

What House Republicans are doing is a misuse of the legislative branch of our government. The government belongs to the people, and the investigative powers Constitutionally granted to the legislative branch should not be abused for partisan political purposes.

Rep. McCarthy admitted again today that the Benghazi Select Committee is based on a lie. You can add your voice to the growing chorus of those who are demanding that House Republicans be held accountable by signing the petition here.

40 Replies to “Petition Calling For An Investigation Of Benghazi Committee Leaves Republicans Reeling”

  1. …wanna see Kochroaches runnin’ in every direction at the same time???
    …release thier darkest secrets…

  2. Personally, I think the House of Representatives should be abolished. It gives undue weight to states with larger populations, which flies in the face of our founding principle of “all men are created equal.”

  3. Just maybe McCarthy is a true believer in Christ, and unable to deceive the American Citizens, like the X-tains, or CINOs (christian in name only).

    Could this be true a repub. with a conscience???????

  4. That’s funny when its rural whites that is holding us back due to their superstitions and ignorance

  5. McCarthy accidentally turned the light on and the roaches are running for cover. I signed the petition and will ask my friends and relatives to do the same. This was an outrage before and now that it has been admitted, it needs to be dealt with harshly. The Republican leadership Boehner) from top to bottom (Chaffetz) need to answer for this. While they’re at it, an investigation into the bogus Planned Parenthood hearings needs to be conducted as well. Our tax dollars being used for political agendas is disgusting!

  6. No, not true. The first time he was bragging about it on Fox “News”. I guess he doesn’t realize some of us toon in (pun intended) to get a laugh now and then. He never expected it to actually end up on other news outlets. The second time he was just too stupid to keep his mouth shut.

  7. So far, Republicans in the House have squandered around $14 million on Benghazi investigations; voted 54 times to repeal Obama Care at a cost of more than $75 million; and shut down the U.S. Government at, according to Standard and Poor, a cost to this country of $26 billion.

    But hard as I try, I can’t think of anything they’ve done to help the middle class since the day President Obama took office.

  8. We will know they are truly backing down when they start blaming each other about who initiated the investigation in the first place, who authorized it, who allowed it to go on so long, etc. etc.

  9. Anyone else asking if English is McCarthy’s native language? The dude talks like he’s trippin’…

  10. Have you ever heard of the US Senate? That’s where each state gets the same number of representatives no matter what its size – 2. Second of all, the number of congressional representatives is based on the population of the state, and that’s re-proportioned every ten years after the census is taken. Each representative represents roughly the same number of people. Unless you want every piece of legislation voted on by everyone in the country as it comes up, you’re stuck with the two forms of representation we have, i.e., the House and Senate.

    Granted, the way Congress has worked over the last several years, there isn’t much legislating going on, anyway. But do you really want to go to the polls once a month or more? We can’t get people to vote once every four years, much less every month.

  11. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE. Investigate the fake-phony investigators.

  12. Since when does christianity have a darn thing to do with any person holding an office in Congress?

    Church interfering with State is the reasons things are as they are!

  13. They have done nothing to help anyone: middle class, low income, unemployed, military, seniors, students, etc.

  14. I have heard so much about stupid things like this for years and WHY? We bitch about this or that term regulations, impeachment, gun control etc. And then do nothing. We reelect the same old people then bitch and say ” I didn’t vote for him/her” When will the voters have the balls to get these guys/girls out? But give it sometime and then we forget all about our so called leaders. Sorry we seem to forget they are to be for the people and not for themselves.

  15. No, he’s just dumb. It was intentional and he thought it would make him look good. Actually, now that I think of it, he isn’t dumb, he’s Republican dumb, and that is dumber than dumb.

  16. There really does need to be an investigation into this waste of the taxpayer’s money. They also really need to investigate the fraud that produced the Planned Parenthood videos, since it’s been proven that they’ve been put together as a lie, which means that their use in the House “investigation” would properly be considered perjury. They’re untrue, and are being used in a form of court, so the maker of them as well as those that chose to use them, have committed perjury.

    The Republicans keep claiming to be fiscally responsible, but they waste billions of dollars on their own agendas, that do NOT in any way serve the people of this nation, while cutting the taxes of their rich friends and corporate sponsors. Those involved should be impeached, and kicked to the curb, since they aren’t doing their job of representing the people of this nation. Those committing perjury in these “investigations” {witch hunts}, should be put in trial for their crimes…

  17. IF, and this is a very big IF, a rethug ever obtained a conscience it would be truly, a miracle. Just not part of their make-up never was, and never will be.

  18. I pretty much stopped signing petitions several years ago, when it became obvious that signing one will “invite” other sites to use my email address to send more and more.

    I signed this one, dammit. The use of our government and taxpayer money to go after political rivals is egregious!

  19. Yes Nomad, we’ll start seeing the circular firing squad again, just like after it became obvious that raiding Iraq served no purpose whatsoever, except to fill the pockets of both defense contractors and Republican politicians.

    The GOP chickens are finally coming home to roost.

  20. I wonder if the phony “investigators” Trump sent to Hawaii will EVER tell us just what they “found?”


  21. Since when do sociopaths have an emotional reaction to anything?

    The Republicans (i.e., the Party, not the voters) are not worried about this little blip on the radar. Their base (their voters) is not interested in any form of the truth, ever. They just want to see a good mean “game”, with lots of blood, where the side they root for wins.

  22. Molly, you KNOW why Obama got no help from them Republicans, giving him their backs and back of their hands—-Those scoundrels wanted HIM to fail as a President. Their aim was to make him look ineffective and “way over his head”, to then gloat with sneers, that “we told you so” this black dude is not up to the job. He proved them wrong a thousand times already, and they still try to make him look bad, failing to do so. Obama, I suspect laughs at them.

  23. Unfortunately, Betsy L., with gerrymandering the reigning party can diddle with those numbers of people so that the ones most likely to vote for them are all in the districts that carry more weight and they increase the chances of their candidates getting elected. The folks whose votes are suppressed or who don’t vote are lost in this arrangement and so the folks elected do not equally represent the constituency. Add to that the fact that immense amounts of money can be donated by the wealthy and large organizations and they don’t represent anyone but those few folks.

  24. Did you listen to McCarthy on Fox with Hannity.? Hannity cut him off before he could say anything more about what the GOP Bengazi-gate did to ,again, try to bash Hilliary and the Democrats. Their favorite pastime. Just like they did in 2009, during the Innaugural of POTUS BO ,intead of attending the Innaugural they all slithered in a Secret Meeting on how to bring down BO and screw the economy of our country. Where’s the DOJ, they should do a complete investigation into Both GOP Bengazi-gate Committee and 2009 Innaugural

  25. NOTE;
    Kevin McArthy for Speaker of the House

    2009 Innaugural of POTUS BO

    Secret meeting attendees;
    Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy_ Plot To Sabotage US Economy with Frank Luntz;
    The Guest List:
    Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
    Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
    Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
    Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
    Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
    Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
    Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
    Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
    Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
    Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
    Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
    Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).
    Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich

  26. I have no problems with either side being investigated by honest investigators. But let’s get real here. George W Bush had 10 embassy bombings during his time in office with 60 killed. This was not even discussed and no one made a big deal out of it. These ambassadors are in very dangerous regions and very bad things can happen to them.

    Bush also had 5 Million missing emails. Not one word was said about it!

    During the Lawyergate investigation it was discovered that the Bush administration used Republican National Committee (RNC) web servers for millions of emails which were then destroyed, lost or deleted in possible violation of the Presidential Records Act and the Hatch Act. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Andrew Card, Sara Taylor and Scott Jennings all used RNC web servers for the majority of their emails. Of 88 officials investigated, 51 showed no emails at all. As many as 5 million e-mails requested by Congress were deleted/missing. Not a word about it.

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