Another Republican Bites The Dust As Bobby Jindal Quits GOP Presidential Race

bobby jindal quits 2016 Republican race

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) finally got the hint that nobody wanted him to be the next president and quit the GOP race during an interview on Fox News.


In a statement, Jindal said:

I cannot tell you what an honor it has been to run for President of the United States of America. My parents came to this country 45 years ago searching for freedom and a chance.

When I was born, we lived in student housing at LSU, and never in their wildest dreams did they think their son would have the opportunity to serve as Governor of Louisiana or to run for President.

They raised me to believe Americans can do anything, and they were right, we can. But this is not my time, so I am suspending my campaign for President.

Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth, and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity. We cannot settle for The Left’s view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.

Apparently one of the things that a brown-skinned son of immigrants can’t do is win the Republican nomination in 2016. During a year when Donald Trump’s racist platform towards immigrants has him atop the Republican primary polls, Bobby Jindal never had a chance. Jindal typified that desperation of the Republican insider governors who got the temperature of their party’s primary electorate all wrong.

The tea party governors who were supposed to be the Republican Party’s path back to the White House are almost all gone. Much like Scott Walker, Jindal was an insider governor who tried to play the outsider. Both Walker and Jindal seemed to change campaign messages on a daily basis. They could not figure how to navigate a primary where they were considered too establishment. In the end, both Walker and Jindal were too outside for insiders and too inside for the outsiders.

Jindal was the poster child for Republican presidential candidate desperation and his screaming about socialism and Democrats will not be missed.