Insurrectionist Larry Klayman Names Obama 2015’s Muslim of the Year

Larry Klayman, who has been trying to orchestrate a coup against Obama for like…forevertook to World Net Daily, where all the rotten nuts gather when they call from the tree, and named President Obama 2015 “Muslim of the Year.” So the insurrectionist of the year says our president is the Muslim of the Year.

Never mind for the moment that Obama is not a Muslim (or that there would be nothing wrong with it if he were). Never mind the problem of determining just how Muslim the Islamic State is (or how Christian Klayman is, for that matter). He claims Obama is “someone who has cleverly through various means, radically changed the world order and most furthered the Islamic caliphate based on the death of all infidels to Allah.”

“No other Muslim has done as much, particularly given his power as president of the United States, to further Allah’s goal of a Christian and Jew-free world.”

I don’t know. It’s not Obama who is talking about Jews like they are “un-perfected Christians” or that they need to be converted quick because Jesus is coming. That’s your crowd, Larry.

Klayman even provided a “satirical” cover for the mock award:


According to insurrectionist Klayman’s clumsy attack,

No other Muslim has done as much, particularly given his power as president of the United States, to further Allah’s goal of a Christian and Jew-free world. The Holy Quran, as Obama likes to call it, teaches that this false god’s will must be obeyed and that all infidels must perish from the earth. As the inscription reads on a ring the “Muslim of the Year” has worn since college, “There is no god but Allah,” his actions and non-actions have paid homage to his real and only “deity.” Indeed, Obama can issue all the Christmas messages he falsely utters to the American people and the world – pretending to be a Christian for political expediency, subterfuge and dastardly cover – but after seven years of his presidency, “We the People” are no longer fooled. You do not have to be Donald Trump to see reality at this point…

I can go on and on, but space limitations “limit” me from providing even more proof why this most regrettable and dangerous commander in chief deserves the award of “Muslim of the Year.” While the embedded Time Magazine cover is parody and satire, the real-world facts behind this are not. And, the consequences are potentially deadly for Christians (and Jews and other non-Muslims) this Christmas!

Let us put our faith in Jesus and the Father to again save us all!

Right. The man who killed Osama bin Laden, under whose al Qaeda umbrella the Islamic State got its start; the man who has organized a multi-national coalition to attack the Islamic State.

Let me lay down some facts for Klayman: As part of Operation Inherent Resolve, as of 3:59 p.m. EST Dec. 22, the U.S. and coalition have conducted a total of 9,041 strikes (5,959 Iraq / 3,082 Syria). A total of 7,018 strikes have been conducted by U.S. planes.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are 150 airstrikes against caliphate targets in 30 seconds:

I put it to Klayman that President Obama has a strange way of furthering the caliphate. Sure, Rep. Peter T. King appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” and claimed that “After 15, 16 months of air attacks by the U.S., it has had minimal impact on ISIS, considering how long those attacks have been going on,” and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi agrees with King, so of course it must be true that Obama’s bombing campaign is ineffectual, at least to Republican hacks like Klayman and to the mainstream media.

This is the measure of Obama’s support of th Islamic State as of November 13:


According to Klayman, this combing campaign is a show of affection by Obama, a way to further the cause of Jihad. But let’s look at the facts:

• In 2014, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd, said, “Air strikes are intended to degrade the terrorists’ capabilities and achieve strategic gains — and have been very effective.

• In June, a Kurdish leader, Hussein Kocher, Commander of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), told ARA News, “The U.S.-led coalition has played a significant role in backing our (YPG) fighters against the terrorists. The recent airstrikes enabled our forces to make a remarkable advance in northeastern Syria.”

• Our military begs to differ with Republicans and back in August Pentagon spokesperson Commander Elissa Smith told VICE News:

“We have struck ISIL’s command and control, supply lines, fighters, leaders, and military economic infrastructure.”In Iraq, ISIL has lost the freedom to operate in some 30 percent of the territory they held late August [2014].”

No matter how you parse it, we are now not talking about somebody abetting the cause of the caliphate, but somebody steadfastly opposed to it, who, if he has not bombed the sands till they glow, as called for by Ted Cruz, has at least bombed the hell out of the group and made it possible for our allies on the ground, particularly the Kurds and Iraqis, to regain lost territory.

Klayman’s charges are mere hyperbole, further evidence that he lives in a world he cannot comprehend, or will not try to comprehend, at any rate. It has long been recognized that jihadism represents a civil war, or world war, if you prefer, inside the Islamic world itself. We’re merely caught up in it, largely thanks to Bush’s military adventurism in Iraq.

Larry Klayman is a birther. He is also the traitor who claimed the Bundy Ranch represented the first shots fired in a new revolution. He has repeatedly called for a coup to overthrow the president of the United States. And he is calling that president an ally of the Islamic State. Larry Klayman is a traitor. And a dishonest one at that.