Ted Cruz Blames Obama For Violence At Trump Rallies During CNN Debate

Ted Cruz blamed President Obama for the violence at Donald Trump rallies during the CNN debate.

After Trump had blamed the protesters for the violence at his rallies, Ted Cruz upped the ante and blamed President Obama.

Cruz said, “Listen, I think for every one of us we need to show respect to people. We need to remember who it is we’re working for. We’ve seen for seven years a president who believes he’s is above the law. Who behaves like an emperor. Who it is all about him, and he forgot that he is working for the American people.”

Ted Cruz told Republican voters that the violence is a direct result of the election of President Obama. Cruz said that Washington isn’t listening, so Republicans are angry. What Cruz didn’t do was disavow the violence. What Cruz didn’t do is as a member of his party take responsibility for the rhetoric that has led to the hate and violence.

Republicans have blamed President Obama for all of their bad behavior for the past seven years, so it isn’t a surprise that they would blame this president for the violence that their obstruction, hateful rhetoric, and disrespect of this president inspired.