Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester Warns That Next Time They’ll Kill Him

Instead of apologizing for punching a protester, a Donald Trump supporter is warning that next time they will kill him.


Inside Edition talked to John McGraw, the man who punched the protester at the Trump rally, who said that next time he may kill a protester:

When asked if he liked the rally, he said: “You bet I liked it. Knocking the hell out of that big mouth.”

And when asked why he punched the protester, he said: “Number one, we don’t know if he’s ISIS. We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American, cussing me… If he wants it laid out, I laid it out.”

He added: “Yes, he deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him. We don’t know who he is. He might be with a terrorist organization.”

The protester was a 26 year old African American named Rakeem Jones who most definitely does not look like an ISIS terrorist. Plus, it is extremely unlikely that an ISIS terrorist would come to a Trump rally to hold a protest and be ejected.

The statements of Mr. McGraw confirm that anyone who is not white at a Donald Trump rally will be viewed will be unwelcome and viewed with hostility. The media has sugarcoated and glossed over the violence at Trump rallies for months. Finally, an incident has occurred that even the Trump loving corporate owned press can’t ignore.

Instead of apologizing for his violent behavior, the Trump protester warned that lethal violence could be on the way. Donald Trump is riding a wave of racism to the Republican nomination. There is a reason why Trump would not disavow David Duke when he was asked to. David Duke and the white supremacists of the Republican Party are Donald Trump’s voters.

As President Obama pointed out earlier, the Republican Party created Trump by adopting the politics of racial division. The result of seven years of birtherism and racism is that GOP’s big tent has been replaced with a white hood.