Al Franken Erupts On Republicans And Calls Out Their Absurd Obama Obstruction Lies

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) looked Republicans in the eyes and called out the absurd lies that they are using to obstruct President Obama during a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Franken (D-MN) said:

First, it was we should let the people decide. Well, we would argue the people decided. The President has a four-year term. Scientists tell us that there are approximately ten months left in his term. But then I hear, let the people decide, and the presidential election should decide, but then I hear colleagues from the other side saying well, you know what? If the election goes the wrong way, I’d be happy to consider this nomination during the lame duck.

How absurd is that?

So, it’s let the people decide unless they decide on Hillary Clinton, in which case let us decide.

Do you guys talk to each other?

That’s what I want to know. I just hear such contradictory stuff coming out from your side.


Let’s at least be honest while we’re talking about this stuff. You can’t say I want the people to decide wait for the next president. Oh wait a minute, if we lose the election, then we’ll vote for this guy. Then we’ll have this. Will you at least admit to me that is contradictory?

Franken accused the Republicans of both double talk and misquoting Vice President Biden for their own obstruction. Sen. Franken added, “I used to make a living identifying absurdity. And I’m hearing a lot of it today.”

As Sen. Franken mentioned, Republicans are trying to have it both ways. Senate Republicans both want the voters to decide, but if the voters elect another Democrat to the White House, they also want to reserve the ability to confirm President Obama’s nominee.

The Republican argument for the obstruction of Merrick Garland is undercut by their own argument about confirming him in the lame duck session. What Republicans are arguing makes no sense. It is an absurd contradiction that only grows more absurd with each examination. Sen. Franken was shocked by the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans played dumb, and ignored the obvious contradictions in their own arguments.

The consequences of the decision to obstruct President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee have gone from bad to worse. Democrats are teeing off on the flailing Senate Republicans who are desperately tossing any nonsense that they think of against the wall to save their declining Senate majority.