Bernie Sanders Supporters Raise $4 Million In 3 Days To Keep Political Revolution Growing

The political revolution of Bernie Sanders continues to grow as his campaign has moved west thanks to supporters who raised $4 million in three days.

According to the Sanders campaign:

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders drew more than 3,200 supporters to a rally at a high school gym here as he carried his campaign for the White House on Friday to rallies in Idaho, Utah and Arizona. The enthusiasm Sanders saw at Skyline High School in this Rocky Mountain city was matched by backers all over the United States who have donated more than $4 million online since Tuesday.


In the past three days alone the campaign received more than 150,000 contributions. Nearly 20 percent of the people who donated since Tuesday were first-time contributors. Donors, who on average gave $27, said they support Sanders because he cares about working families, not the top 1 percent.


Supporters also expressed appreciation for Sanders’ commitment to fighting America’s corrupt political system and for continuing to reject super PAC money despite heavy outside spending by Wall Street-funded super PACs in support of his rival for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Priorities USA Action, the main super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, spent more than $5 million in February and March alone.

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has always been about more than winning a presidential nomination. Sen. Sanders is trying to fundamentally change American politics through a grassroots political revolution. Sanders is bringing together millions of Americans who have been betrayed by a political process that has become overrun with special interest and dark money.

Success or failure should not be measured only by Democratic primary election results. Bernie Sanders has already changed the conversation in American politics. The Sanders campaign has not given up winning the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, but there is more at stake than a presidential nomination.

Bernie Sanders is leading a political revolution that won’t end in Philadelphia in July because Bernie Sanders has united millions around a common goal of taking government back from the billionaires and corporations and returning it to working Americans all across our great nation.

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