Jane Sanders not trying to flip Clinton superdelegates

Jane Sanders Admits That Bernie Is Not Actively Trying To Flip Clinton Superdelegates

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:59 pm

During an interview on CNN’s New Day, senior Sanders campaign adviser Jane Sanders admitted that her husband is not actively trying to flip Clinton superdelegates.


When asked about trying to flip Clinton superdelegates on CNN’s New Day, Sanders said, “At the end, you know, we’re not calling superdelegates and saying will you switch your vote? Our thinking is that superdelegates are elected officials They came on with Sec. Clinton even before Bernie was in the race. It was a given that she was going to be the candidate, and we think and they’re going to see at the end if he has the momentum, if he has got the delegates neck and neck, even above Secretary Clinton and that’s possible, then they will be looking at the general election and saying who is the stronger candidate against the Republican nominee.”

The Sanders campaign has definitely assumed a more passive tone towards Hillary Clinton. They are hoping that they can pile up a string of impressive victories to end the primary that will cause the Clinton superdelegates to rethink their choice. However, the Clinton superdelegates have had a year to consider Sen. Sanders, and they haven’t flipped, so the odds are probably zero that they flip after the primaries.

Jane Sanders’ answer is a very clear sign that the Bernie Sanders campaign is systematically ending the fight for the nomination. Sen. Sanders has turned the focus of his speeches towards reforming the Democratic Party and the party’s message.

Bernie Sanders has a vital role to play in building the future of the Democratic Party. The next generation of Democrats could be Berniecrats. Bernie Sanders talks about the issues in a unique way, and if the Democratic Party is going to represent the concerns of ordinary Americans, Sen. Sanders will be a key player in making sure that those concerns have a voice to the highest levels of power.

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