Obama Uses One Word To Let Republicans Know That He Is Sick Of Their Obstruction

During his interview with Buzzfeed, President Obama used one word to make it clear how sick he was of Republican obstruction.


President Obama said:

The issue here is that nobody is suggesting that the nominee that I’m putting forward is unqualified. They are on record saying that this is a very well qualified candidate, and in that circumstance it is up to them in terms of their constitutional obligation, to have a hearing and have a vote.

Now, here’s the good news. Originally, they said that they wouldn’t even meet with the guy, and they heard from a lot of their constituents who said well, you know, this isn’t kindergarten. You don’t, just because you’re not happy with what’s happened you don’t do your job, and so now you’ve seen already 15 Republican Senators meet with Judge Garland. Those who have met with him, I think, have been favorably impressed. My hope is is that the closer we get to the summer and the more pressure that viewers are putting on Senators just to do their job, and get the guy hearing, give him a vote, then more and more Republicans Senators will recognize that the position they’re taking is not tenable.

President Obama let Senate Republicans know exactly what he thought of their behavior by comparing them to kindergarteners. Mitch McConnell has led his Senate majority to such a low point that they aren’t even children on the cusp of a maturity breakthrough.

Obama accurately described the Senate GOP as a group of small children who when confronted with the reality of the situation decided to take their ball and go home. Republicans are treating the Constitution like a promise to clean their rooms.

Voters are sending the message to Senate Republicans that their constitutional duties are not optional. It is unprecedented to hear a sitting President Of The United States compare Senators to children, but in this case, the comparison was completely accurate.

If Senate Republicans won’t do their jobs, Obama is going punish them by doing everything he can to end their Senate majority. It’s time for Senate Republicans to either grow up or get out.