Paul Ryan Disgracefully Refuses To Condemn Trump For Claiming Obama’s A Secret Muslim

During an interview on Meet The Press, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan refused to condemn Donald Trump’s false and bigoted claim that President Obama is a secret Muslim.


Here is a transcript of the Speaker of the House refusing to speak out against Trump’s Obama lies:


How did he reassure you though? How did he reassure you? Why do you trust him? because you’ve asked him to tone things down. You’ve asked him to reconsider some things. And then you hear, “So and so did reassure you in private that he would possibly back off the Muslim ban.” And then he goes right on with it, and then some. He essentially accused the President of treason. And he went a little farther.


I didn’t actually hear. I heard about this.


I understand that.


I didn’t actually hear those comments. I’m a little busy, so I don’t read everything he says every day. But let me just say this. One thing I know for certain, Hillary Clinton is going to continue taking the country in the wrong direction. She’s going to make a once in generational choice in the Supreme Court that’s going to be a bad one where we lose sight of the Constitution.

And I do believe from speaking, and from his public pronouncements we have more common ground than not. And, yes, there are things that he has said that I don’t agree with. There are policies he’s pursuing that I don’t agree with. And in the legislative branch, a separate but equal branch of government, we will litigate those things in the future.

Paul Ryan’s argument comes down to a belief that no matter what Donald Trump says or does, he would better to have in the White House than Hillary Clinton because he is a Republican.

Speaker Ryan’s refusal to condemn Trump’s inaccurate and bigoted remarks demonstrated that while he claims to be a principled conservative, Paul Ryan is not a man of principle.

Ryan has shown himself to be a coward of the highest order. He is a man who lacks the backbone required of a true leader and has demonstrated once again that he is not worthy of a leadership position within The People’s government.

If the American people want to “fix” Congress, they need to go to the polls and remove spineless jellyfish like Paul Ryan from positions of power.