Paul Ryan Shows That He Is Completely Terrified Of House Democratic Gun Protests

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan showed how scared he is of more House Democratic gun protests by setting up a sham vote on an NRA authored gun bill next week.

Bloomberg Politics reported:
Ryan told Republicans that a mental-health bill and a gun-related measure would receive votes, according to the person on the call.

The details of the gun-related legislation are still unclear, but the measure might not be enough to mollify Democrats, who have expressed significant frustration with Republican opposition to gun control measures after previous mass shootings.

“House Democrats will keep up our efforts to push for the majority to allow a vote on gun violence legislation, but bringing up a bill authored by the NRA just isn’t going to cut it,” Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said Thursday afternoon in a statement, referring to the National Rifle Association.

Paul Ryan, who claimed in a CNN interview that his refusal to allow votes on gun control bills has nothing to do with the NRA, is now only allowing a vote on a gun bill that was written by the NRA.

Republicans need to stop playing games because the American people aren’t stupid. Democrats aren’t going to stop their protests because he allowed a vote on a bill that was written by the gun lobby.

Speaker Ryan saw how effective the Democratic sit-in was, and he is absolutely terrified that Democrats are going to come back next week and shut down the House with another protest. Republicans know that they are defying the majority of public opinion on guns, so Ryan is setting up a show vote in an attempt to win the PR war.

The bad news for Ryan is that Democrats have already won, and they are not going to be satisfied with a vote on a bill that addresses none of the concerns of the American people.

It looks Speaker Ryan is shaking in shoes because Democrats are set to rock the House with more civil disobedience.