Jaws Drop As Poll Reveals Donald Trump Is Losing To Hillary Clinton In The South

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

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Donald Trump is going where no Republican has gone for 20 years. He is losing the South to Hillary Clinton.

The latest NBC News/WSJ poll contained a stunning bit of data:

More data showing that Trump is doing poorly with everyone but conservatives, rural voters, and those over age 65:

The numbers showing Hillary Clinton doing well in the South are surprising until one considers the fact that Clinton is leading in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. If she wins these states on Election Day, the former Sec. of State will split the South and break the decades old GOP stranglehold on the region.

The polls suggest that what is happening is more than post-convention bounce for Clinton. The broader electorate is beginning to tune in, just when Trump has self-destructed.

Democrats shouldn’t be planning any victory parties. In fact, these numbers should motivate Democrats to work twice as hard. The prize is out there for the taking, and in the worst case scenario, Donald Trump could lose the South.

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