Trump Falls Flat On His Face While Trying To Attack Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health


Donald Trump is desperately trying and failing to project questions about his own mental health on to Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted:


The campaign has already reached the point where Trump is taking claims that are being made against him, and applying them to Hillary Clinton. None of the tricks that worked for Donald Trump in the primary are working in the general election. He can’t come up with a stupid nickname to stick on Clinton. By my count, he is on his fourth one as he has taken to calling her the Queen of Corruption at his rallies. Clinton is so well known that Trump can’t define his opponent with a nickname like he could with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Trump hasn’t been able to drag Clinton into a tabloid-style campaign by putting her on the defensive. During the primary, one of the keys to Trump’s success was his ability to get his targeted opponent to defend some outlandish allegation that he made against them. The problem for Trump is that the right has been lobbying allegations at the Clintons for 30 years. There is little that Trump can say now that Republicans haven’t been saying since the 1990s.

The recent attacks on Clinton’s fitness for office are in response to polling that universally shows Clinton crushing Trump on the question of presidential qualifications. Instead of trying to boost the perception of his own qualifications, Donald Trump is using negative campaigning to bring his opponent down.

None of these attacks are working. In fact, they are reeking of mounting desperation. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a documented history of unstable and erratic behavior like Donald Trump does, but the truth is that Trump can’t run on the issues, so he is inventing distractions.

Voters are seeing through Trump’s smoke and mirrors and are watching an unfit candidate trying to spin in the most amateur way imaginable his biggest liability into a weakness for his opponent.

America is witnessing the slow cancellation of season one of the Donald Trump presidential circus.