Trump Wrecks Election Hopes By Turning Immigration Policy Speech Into A Klan Rally

Donald Trump’s immigration policy speech was so full of vile hatred and hot air that it virtually destroyed whatever chance he had left of winning the election.

Trump’s speech rehashed all of his scare tactics about immigrants coming to the US and killing white people. Trump repeated his widely debunked claim that immigrants come to the US and steal jobs for American workers and added the claim that immigrants in the country illegally are treated better than veterans.

Donald Trump railed about out of touch media elites and claimed that the people who are concerned about climate change are special interests.

Trump tried to frame the immigration debate as a matter of the “well-being of the American people.” Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton cares more about immigrants in the country illegally than those people who had loved ones murdered by persons in the country illegally.

The Republican nominee’s speech was ugly, and certainly turned the stomachs of the exact voters that Trump needs to sway to win.

Donald Trump lied and claimed that Clinton is promising Social Security, Medicare, and benefits for illegal immigrants. Trump rehashed the same strategy of negativity and ugly hate that caused his poll numbers to crash after the Republican convention.

Trump kept referring to his plan, but his plan consisted of repeating his pledge to build a “great wall” along the Southern border. He claimed that the leaders of Mexico don’t know it yet, but they are going to pay for the wall. Trump promised to build an impenetrable wall that will be both above and below ground beginning on day one of his administration.

The Republican nominee also promised to end catch and release, and instead he promised to remove illegal immigrants by moving them “great distances” so that they can’t reenter the country. Trump’s third point was zero tolerance for criminal aliens, which is a policy that the Obama administration is already using, but Trump claimed that nobody thinks about it.

Trump also claimed that Obama had allowed 300,000 “criminal aliens” into the country due to “political correctness.”

Donald Trump also promised to deport 2 million “criminal aliens” on the first day of his administration, and he blamed all crimes in America on immigrants.

Trump wasn’t done with the hate. He promised to create a special deportation task force among ICE to deport immigrants. The Republican nominee suggested that maybe ICE could deport Hillary Clinton.

Much like his Republican convention speech, Trump seemed hell bent on bludgeoning voters with a sledgehammer of hate. The Republican nominee also appeared to be trying to break his record for nonstop screaming.

By the time Trump got to point ten of his plan, all that was missing was a burning cross on stage behind him.

There was no pivot, no softening, or policy change. Donald Trump kept being Donald Trump. He offered nothing new, and instead went back to the same strategy that won him the Republican nomination.

The blunt truth of the matter is that Donald Trump didn’t give a policy speech. He held a Klan rally.

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