Hillary Clinton Rises Above Matt Lauer and NBC’s Hit Job And Shines In Commander-in-Chief Forum

Matt Lauer and NBC tried their best to turn the Commander-in-Chief forum into a hit job on Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic nominee rose above and shined.

Hillary Clinton began the forum and when asked what the most important characteristic is she expressed the need for judgment and temperament. Matt Lauer’s second question was about Clinton’s emails and why that isn’t a disqualifying factor. Clinton said that she has a lot of experience in dealing with classified material, and none of the emails sent or received by her had a top secret or classified header.

Matt Lauer brought up the favorite Republican conspiracy that her email system was hacked. Former Sec. of State Clinton said that there was no evidence that her system was hacked.

The first question was from a vet who asked how anyone who handled classified info could have confidence in her. Clinton answered that classified material is designated and marked….and what we have here is the use of unclassified system used by hundreds of people in the government to communicate information that was not classified.

She added that she used a separate system for classified information.

Clinton turned a Matt Lauer question around on her Iraq war vote and made her answer about responsibility and judgment.

Sec. Clinton was asked about future wars and said that she views the use of force as a last resort. Clinton pointed out that Trump supported intervention. More than halfway through Clinton’s appearance, she has not gotten to discuss foreign policy or veterans’ issues.

Lauer asked Clinton if she would use military intervention if Iran cheated on the nuclear deal. Lauer tried to cut off Clinton’s answer. Clinton stood her ground and actually got to talk about an issue.

Nearly twenty minutes in, Clinton got a question about the VA. She said she was outraged by the VA scandal and she wants to move the VA into the 21st Century. Clinton hit Trump for wanting to privatize the VA, and she vowed to hold a weekly White House meeting on veterans’ issues if she is elected president.

Lauer asked about the epidemic of veterans’ suicide and what Clinton would do to prevent it. She answered that she has an entire plan to deal with veterans’ mental health. She mentioned the stigma of that prevents vets from coming forward, and the problem of addiction among vets.

Clinton was asked by vet how and where she would deploy troops to fight ISIS. Clinton displayed her knowledge of ISIS and vowed not to commit ground troops to Iraq and Syria. She promised that no US forces would be committed to fighting ISIS.

Matt Lauer repeatedly tried to cut off and interrupt Clinton, but the Democratic nominee got rolling and blew past the morning host’s constant interruptions.

Clinton shined in this forum. She looked, sounded, and acted like a president. Despite NBC’s best attempts to make a veterans’ forum about anything other than veterans issues, Hillary Clinton showed America why she is the most qualified candidate for the White House in history.