Trump Is Disqualified From Being President If He Was Tricked By Larry King

The Trump campaign’s claim that Donald Trump was “tricked” by Larry King into giving an interview that appeared on Russian television is so absurd that if it is true it should disqualify the Republican nominee from ever being president.

During the interview that appeared on state-run Russian media, Trump claimed that the Putin hacking of DNC servers was a Democratic conspiracy.

Video of Trump on PoliticKING with Larry King” for Ora TV:


KING: Putin recently said that the hacking of the Democratic National Committee emails was a public service. Do you agree?

TRUMP: I don’t have any opinion on it. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know who hacked. I’m not sure who. I mean, you tell me who hacked? Who did the hacking? But, I have absolutely no opinion on that. I don’t know, I haven’t heard that statement.

KING: U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies reportedly are investigating whether Russia launched a covert operation to disrupt the 2016 election. What do you make of that?

TRUMP: I don’t know. I mean I’ve been hearing about it, I’ve been reading about it. I think it’s probably unlikely. I think maybe the Democrats are putting that out. Who knows? But I think that it’s pretty unlikely. But, who knows? I hope that if they are doing something, I hope that someone’s going to be able to find out so they can end it. Because, that would not be appropriate at all.

The Trump campaign is claiming that they were tricked by King. According to CNN, Trump spokesman Jason Miller said, “Mr. Trump was never told it would be shared anywhere else.” Miller later said Trump wouldn’t have agreed to do the interview had he known it would be aired on RT.”

Here is the situation. Either Donald Trump and his campaign are so inept and gullible that they were tricked by 82-year-old Larry King or they are so incompetent that nobody thought to ask where the interview was going to be used.

No matter how it happened, the takeaway is the same. If Donald Trump is getting played by Larry King, then he should be disqualified in the minds of voters from being president. Trump and his team can’t handle a podcast appearance, so they definitely can’t handle leading the most powerful country in the world.

Anyone who gets played by Larry King should be automatically disqualified from any position of power.