Donald Trump’s Visit to African American Church in Flint Goes Horribly Wrong

Donald Trump rolled into Flint, Michigan today for part III of his “I am not a racist” tour, in an attempt to woo more college educated whites to his side, but the visit went horribly wrong.

Trump launched into an attack on Hillary Clinton at the Bethel United Methodist, only to have the pastor interrupt him to tell him he was not invited to give a political speech.

The Pastor interrupted the Republican nominee, who had been invited to “thank” the church for what they had done for Flint but instead had launched into a full on attack on Hillary Clinton, “Mister Trump, I invited you here… not to give a political speech.”

A flustered Trump stumbled, “Oh, oh, okay, that’s good.”

Basically, Trump’s canned “Hillary Bad” speech wasn’t considered helpful:

If Trump goes to church, why doesn’t he know that you can’t give political speeches in a church?

The Pastor made sure everyone knew this was not an endorsement in any way shape or form for Donald Trump:

Trump’s 15 minute tour of Trump the dormant Flint water treatment plant that caused lead crisis also didn’t go well, as he thanked the “very, very good executives”:

Getting to the church wasn’t so hot either:

As the motorcade rolled through Flint…

The Detroit Free Press reported Ron Bieber, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO, had a message for Trump, “Less than 60 days before the election and now Donald Trump rolls into town for a photo op. Give me a break. Where the hell have you been?”

Contrasting Trump’s visit with Hillary Clinton’s visit, Bieber continued:

“She (Hillary Clinton) drew national attention to the issues. She put pressure on the governor to take action. Hillary Clinton has had Flint’s back every step of the way,” Bieber said, adding that if Trump really cared he should write a personal check for $10 million for the families of the city. “Donald Trump doesn’t give a rip about Flint … My message today is pretty clear, ‘Donald Trump, go home. You aren’t welcome in Flint.’ “

Trump couldn’t have made it more obvious that he was using Flint as a photo-op for white people if he tried.