Trump’s Propaganda Arm Goes Total Racist With Harambe Pic On Birther Story

Trump’s in-house propaganda arm used a gorilla on its homepage to illustrate its Donald Trump birtherism story.

The gorilla is Harambe, the 17-year-old Western lowland gorilla shot and killed in a tragic incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. Harambe memes have become very popular, but Fusion points out that the image of Harambe is often used as a slur against black people like Leslie Jones and Michelle Obama. And obviously, President Barack Obama.

To see the number of people that use “Harambe” as a slur against black people like Leslie Jones—or a Louisiana substitute teacher who posted a meme comparing Michelle Obama to Harambe that read “they shot the wrong gorilla”—makes it difficult to argue that there’s no racist history being engaged with here.

Donald Trump hired Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon to be his campaign CEO. Before that, Brietbart appeared to be working for the Trump campaign with stories slanted toward the now Republican nominee.

Bannon was charged with domestic violence in 1996.

Brietbart is known for their offensive images. Here’s one degrading Nancy Pelosi (nsfw possibly depending on what you do):

breitbart pelosi

Speaking of Donald Trump’s birtherism, there is no denying it is and remains a cheap shot made by a low-life racist who wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of his rich daddy. Donald Trump and his propaganda buddies at Brietbart are not fit to shine Obama’s shoes.

These are not decent people. These are uncivilized barbarians.

The Trump campaign and its affiliates seem determined to prove Hillary Clinton’s point that about half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable.

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