Donald Trump Claims He Lost The Debate Because His Mic Was Defective

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:15 pm

Donald Trump is claiming that his debate performance was so awful because he was given a defective microphone.

Video of Trump in the spin room whining about his mic:

The mic was fine. It was the brain of the man who was speaking the words into the microphone that seemed to be defective.

Trump can’t blame a mic for the fact that he appeared to be unprepared for the debate, and lacked the stamina to make it through the full 90 minutes. By the final ten minutes of the debate, Donald Trump was spouting gibberish that made no sense to anyone.

Everyone could hear exactly what Trump was saying, which is the reason why he lost the debate. The excuses have already begun. There are rumblings in Trump world that Donald should skip the final two presidential debates.

Expect Trump to use the mic excuse on the campaign trail, and it should pop up on Fox News by tomorrow morning. Republicans may wish that the problem was a bad mic because the reality is that the GOP’s biggest problem is that they nominated Donald Trump.

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