Even Fox News’s Own Poll Says Hillary Clinton Crushed Donald Trump At Debate

The latest Fox News poll found that both registered and likely voters thought that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump at the first presidential debate by a crushing margin.

Here are the numbers:


Those are not good numbers. When even Fox News can’t deny the reality of Clinton’s debate victory, it only serves to make the Trump campaign’s reliance on bogus online polls as proof that he won look more pathetic and desperate.

To date, there still has not been a single scientific poll conducted that showed Donald Trump winning the debate. It is difficult to remember the last time that a presidential candidate’s general election debate performance was so bad that it was nearly universally agreed upon that he lost.

The only people who are claiming that Trump won the debate are the completely committed Trump supporters who take everything that their candidate says as gospel truth. What should frighten Republicans is that Trump’s hardcore base of support hovers around 19%-22%.

Donald Trump’s debate performance was terrible that even the conservative spin masters at Fox News couldn’t lie about it.