Ticking Trump Time Bomb Set To Explode As NYT Hints They Have More Tax Docs

On CNN’s Reliable Sources, New York Times reporter Susanne Craig offered up a firm no comment when she was asked if the newspaper has more Trump tax documents, which is bad news for Donald Trump.


Host Brian Stetler asked Craig, “Are you sitting on more documents?”

Craig’s answer should terrify Trump and the Republican Party, “We’re doing a lot of reporting around this, so we’re going to keep going.”

Stetler followed up, “That’s a yes. You have more documents besides this.”

Craig replied, “Maybe a no comment.”

If the Times didn’t have more documents, it would be in their best interest to encourage people to come forward with information, but Craig’s careful answer suggests that the newspaper does have more documents and they are in the process of vetting the material that they have been given.

Trump isn’t going to make this story go away by attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband’s affairs. If the Trump campaign had any political sense at all, they would get out ahead of this story and release his tax returns. The slow drip, drip, drip of information is going to finish off what remains of his presidential campaign if they allow it to do so.

A candidate who had nothing to hide would have released the tax returns last year, but Donald Trump clearly has many secrets, and the biggest one of all appears to be that he hasn’t paid any personal income tax for decades.

There is more bad news in the pipeline as the 1995 tax return revelation seems to be just the beginning of the unraveling of Donald Trump.