Eric Trump Freaks Out On CNN When Asked About His Dad’s Tax Returns

Eric Trump had a major meltdown on CNN when he was asked after the vice presidential debate about his father’s tax returns.

When asked if he had seen his father’s tax returns, Eric Trump said, “Of course, I’ve seen my father’s tax returns. My father pays a tremendous amount of tax. As a company, we pay a tremendous amount of tax. It goes so far beyond federal income taxes. How about real estate taxes? How about employment taxes? How about sales taxes? How about every other type of tax that goes into that? We pay a tremendous amount of tax as a company.”

What Eric Trump was trying to defend with excessive amounts of volume and anger is that his father doesn’t pay income taxes. Judging from Lil’ Eric’s outrage over the question, he probably also doesn’t pay personal income taxes.

The Trump campaign needs to stop pointing to all of the other taxes that Trump pays as an excuse because it only highlights the fact that he doesn’t pay anything in income tax. The income tax is viewed by the vast majority of Americans as a civic duty. It is one’s personal contribution to our society.

No amount of outrage at the media can cover-up the fact that a man who wants to be president has been avoiding a moral obligation to his country. Trump behavior feels morally wrong, because it is.

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