Hillary Clinton Expresses Regret Over Tone Of The Campaign, And A Woman Shouts Not Your Fault


It was a classic moment at Hillary Clinton’s gigantic Philadelphia rally. As the Democratic nominee expressed regret over the anger in the campaign, a woman in the crowd shouted back, “Not your fault.”



“I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became,” Clinton said. “Not your fault!” a woman shouted. Clinton smiled.

The American people aren’t stupid. They have been watching. They know that one campaign is being led by a rage monster who lets out anger the way the rest of us take in oxygen. Hillary Clinton has had to deal with the Trump rage carnival all through the general election. If she was running against nearly any other candidate, the odds are that this campaign would not have been so angry.

It is difficult to run a sunny and uplifting campaign when your opponent is calling Mexicans rapists, insulting women, mocking the disabled, and accused of dozens sexual assaults. The American people don’t want an angry president. They want an intelligent and competent president who will get things done for them.

Donald Trump can scream about rigged elections until the day he leaves this earth, but negativity never wins, which is why the angrier Trump got, the more it helped Hillary Clinton.

The anger wasn’t Clinton’s fault, and voters will express their disapproval of Trump’s tone on Election Day.