Xavier Becerra Leaves House To Be A Thorn In Trump’s Side As California Attorney General


Rep. Xavier Becerra is leaving the House to become a thorn in Donald Trump’s side as the next attorney general of California.

Rep. Becerra (D-CA) tweeted out his statement:


This is a great move for Rep. Becerra as he is going from being in the House minority to the Attorney General of the biggest state in the country. It is already being speculated that Becerra will be a constant thorn in Trump’s side in the same way that the Texas attorney general has been a thorn in President Obama’s side via lawsuits and efforts to block federal executive actions.

On other fronts, Becerra should be a great attorney general for California. He has long been a progressive champion. The attorney general is the second most powerful office in California. The attorney general has broad powers to file legal action and defend California law.

It is easy to see how having someone as congressionally accomplished as Rep. Becerra in the attorney general’s office is going to come in handy after Donald Trump takes office. Becerra is going to be able to accomplish more from the California attorney general’s office to challenge the Trump GOP agenda than he would have as a member of the House.

Get used to hearing the name Xavier Becerra, because if Trump pursues his extremist agenda, the likely next California attorney general will be on the front lines of the opposition.