Trump Waste Of Taxpayer Money Sets A New Record With 4th Weekend Trip To Florida


President Trump will once again spend the weekend at his Florida private club, as his 4th straight taxpayer funded trip will set a record by spending more money on travel in a month than former President Obama spent in a year.

Ken Vogel of Politico reported that Trump is heading back to Palm Beach, FL to meet with donors, “The party’s biggest donors are gathering in Palm Beach for a retreat organized by the Republican National Committee, and the president has been announced as the featured speaker, according to people with knowledge of the plans. A number of senior administration officials will also attend the retreat, the people familiar with the planning said, a key draw for the donors.”

Taxpayers will now be paying for Donald Trump and senior administration officials to meet with Republican donors in Florida. It is not a coincidence that the RNC is holding the donor retreat on the weekend in the same city as Trump’s private club.


When President Trump makes his fourth trip to his club in Florida, he will have spent more money on those trips alone ($13 million) than former President Obama spent during an entire year on travel ($12.1 million).

Trump’s recently complained that the country’s finances were a mess, and he promised to cut government waste and get the government’s finances cleaned up. If President Trump is serious about cutting government waste, his first move should be to stop taking needless trips to his winter vacation home at taxpayer expense.

The RNC could have held their retreat in the Washington, D.C., but that would have forced President Trump to spend a weekend in the nation’s capitol.

While he plans to take health care of millions of Americans, President Trump is living like a king on the taxpayers’ dime. 43,000 Americans will die each year if the ACA is repealed, but Trump will always make sure that the government has the cash to fly him to Florida.