Red State Idiocy: The 10 States Who Will Lose The Most Under Trumpcare All Voted For Trump

The ten states where people will lose the most amount of financial help with purchasing their health insurance under the Republican Obamacare replacement were all won by Donald Trump in 2016.

Check out this chart from The Center For Budget And Policy Priorities:

Out of the eleven states listed, Trump won nine of them by double digits. His only single-digit victories were in North Carolina and Arizona. Besides voting for Trump, these states have something else in common. They have had Republican leadership that undermined the Affordable Care Act and made health care very expensive.

According to the Center For Budget And Policy Priorities, “Consumers in 11 high-cost states would see their tax credits to purchase health coverage fall by more than $3,000 on average — or more than 50 percent.”

The deception was a clever scheme. Red state Republicans undercut the ACA, blamed Obamacare for the increasing cost of health insurance, won an election, and will now cut payments to help people buy health care in those same high-cost states.

Red state Republican ideologues may never catch on that they were played, but when these voters cast their ballots for Trump and a Republican Congressional majority, they were committing suicide by ballot.

Their votes were acts of self-harm and now millions of red staters, Democratic and Republican, stand to lose their health care if Trumpcare ever becomes law.