Trump Is Deporting Thousands Of Veterans And Only Democrats Are Trying To Stop Him

A freshman Democratic congressman is looking for Republican colleagues who will step up and help the thousands of veterans that President Donald Trump has deported.

U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) is looking for Republicans in the House who will help him co-author legislation to help the thousands of American veterans that Donald Trump has deported.

Rep. Gonzalez told the Rio Grande Guardian:/

“I am looking for a Republican colleague to join me in this effort. It is the most American thing to do. To take of our veterans who fought for us. Many were highly decorated veterans that were in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of them came hope with high levels of PTSD. We didn’t offer them the mental healthcare they needed to transition them back into society,” Gonzalez said.

“These are folks who have never had any legal trouble in their life. They were discharged honorably. They get into a little trouble and they are deported.”

Gonzalez said that 1,400 honorably discharged vets had been deported to Mexico and Central America.

Prior to Trump, the Deported Veterans Support House had documented 301 veteran deportations for criminal offenses. Since coming into office less than two months ago, Trump has added thousands of vets to that total. The Trump administration has apparently expanded the criteria for deporting a veteran.

Veterans who were discharged honorably, and have not committed a crime, should not be deported. If a person risks their life to defend this country, they should be allowed to stay providing that they don’t break the law.

What Trump is doing is wrong. What’s even worse is that House Republicans are too afraid to stand up to their president.

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