MSNBC Is Now More Trusted Than Donald Trump As White House Credibility Completely Collapses

A new poll from Monmouth University reveals that the American people now trust MSNBC more than they trust President Donald Trump.

The Monmouth University Poll found that Trump’s attacks on “fake news” are helping the networks and hurting his own credibility, “Only 28% of Americans are more likely trust Trump as an information source compared to ABC news while most (53%) say they would tend to trust ABC more, with 15% saying they would trust both sides equally. When pitted against MSNBC, 33% trust Trump more while 47% trust the liberal leaning cable channel more, with 15% trusting both about equally. When pitted against Fox News, only 17% trust Trump more while 37% trust the politically conservative news outlet more, with 36% trusting both about equally.”

It is interesting to note that ABC and MSNBC are more trusted by respondents than Fox News. The one area where Trump’s attacks on “fake news” remain effective is with Republicans. For Republicans, the president is their primary source of truth, “The story is different, though, when isolating the views of Republicans. Americans who identify as GOP partisans are more likely to have confidence in Trump over any of the news sources tested in the poll. This is especially true for MSNBC – Trump is more trusted by a 66% to 16% margin – and ABC News – Trump is more trusted by a 56% to 22% margin. The president even has a slight, although statistically insignificant, 29% to 26% trust advantage over Fox News among his fellow partisans, with 44% of Republicans saying they trust both equally as an information source.”

MSNBC and ABC News are both fact-based organizations. In comparison to Trump, even Fox News is more contains more factual information than the White House on a daily basis.

Donald Trump tried to weaken the credibility of the free press, but his attack has resulted in this president being the least trusted president in history. Who knew that a president who tells endless lies would not be viewed as credible by a vast majority of the American people?

The problem for the nation is that Trump’s lying has undermined the credibility of the US government. When a real crisis occurs, and Trump has to unify the country, his task will be nearly impossible, because the one lesson that the American people have learned is that they can’t trust anything that Donald Trump says.