Trump Flees The Room And Runs From Reporters After Being Asked About Mike Flynn

A White House Executive Order signing event abruptly ended without Trump signing the executive orders after the president fled the room because a reporter asked him about Mike Flynn.

Video of Trump heading for the door as soon as CBS News’s Major Garrett asked about Flynn:

Justin Sink of Bloomberg tweeted:

Pic of Trump fleeing:

Picture of Pence picking up the executive orders for Trump to sign in another room:

The Russia scandal is getting closer to the Oval Office, and all of the sudden a White House that would fight back and call stories they disagreed with fake news suddenly has nothing to say when the topic of Russia comes up.

The mention of Mike Flynn’s name causes the President Of The United States to hightail it for the nearest exit, so please, Republicans keep on trying to tell us that there is no scandal here.

The picture of Donald Trump running away from reporters says more about the state of this administration than of the feeble defenses that Trump’s dwindling number of supporters will ever be able to mount.