A Democratic Senator Delivered The Perfect Response To Trump’s NRA Speech

While Donald Trump was celebrating how easy it is for criminals to get guns at the NRA convention, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted out the names and pictures of 11 people under age 30 who died because of gun violence.

Murphy tweeted:

What the NRA and Trump never want to acknowledge is that there exists a middle path. It is possible to have sensible gun reform that does not impact the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding but take steps to make it more difficult for a criminal to get a gun.

It doesn’t have to be everybody gets access to as many guns as they want, or all guns are banned. Before policymaking was hijacked by partisanship, it was possible to come together to solve problems. The United States has a gun violence problem.

By turning his Twitter stream into a memorial for victims of gun violence, Sen. Murphy refocused the discussion. Policy makers should be talking about the victims of gun violence, and how one innocent life lost to gun violence is one too many.

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